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Caption: An unreasoning fear of passing time.


Bullet Points:

** “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest of freedom, go from us in peace. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!” —Samuel Adams (1776)

** Old NFO wants you to polish your crystal ball as he asks, “What will happen?” It doesn’t require a clairvoyant to answer that question, though. We’ve been through this as Joe/Ho take up the chant, “Arab Lives Matter. (and use tax money to bail out the rioters)”  He asks, “When does it become ‘open season’ on the protestors? And which way will the police jump then?” Open season, either sex, no bag limit.

** The grass is green where you water and fertilize it.

** Secretary of State Antony Blinken recently appointed Zakiya Carr Johnson as the State Department’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer.

Johnson called America a “failed historical model.” She demanded the destruction of tradition “at every juncture” on the altar of antiracism“ and “we live and work within systems… deeply rooted in patriarchy, colonialism, racism, and otherism.” She also considers herself a feminist but with a racial twist who “embraces a ‘feminist’ leadership style, but one that “counter[s] White-centered feminism trends and narratives.” Predictably, white supremacy was singled out for special ire, “We cannot have equity without dismantling structural racism, patriarchy, and heterosexism … It will start with movements … that compel us to ask … uncomfortable questions. What does inclusion mean, for example, if White supremacy remains intact?”

** If Pedo Joe received 81 million votes last time, he wouldn’t be worried about President Trump.

** There is nothing that the democrats despise quite so much as the American flag.

** It’s time to go with all-electric semi-tractors and 18 wheel rigs to make America energy “carbon-free.” This guy explains how it will work for the transportation industry. Go Green!!

** Katzenbach v. McClung (1964). This case involved whether Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 could constitutionally apply to Ollie’s Barbecue, a small family-owned restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama. [Title II says you cannot be treated differently by a place of public accommodation because of your race, color, religion, or national origin.]

Even though Ollie’s was located wholly within the State of Alabama, and even though the federal government conceded that the restaurant was so small and local that it likely did not have a single out-of-state customer in the year in question, the Supreme Court nevertheless held that the restaurant was subject to the federal government’s control, because the restaurant bought its poultry from an in-state supplier who purchased some of his poultry from outside the state. According to the Supreme Court, the fact that some items sold by Ollie’s Barbecue originally came from outside the state was enough of a nexus to interstate commerce to justify the federal government’s control of the restaurant’s internal operations.

No decision — not even during the New Deal — had gone this far regarding expanding federal power over a small business’s internal operations.

** China’s Stealth Bomber – WASHINGTON — Whatever may come of China’s new long-range stealth bomber known as the Xi’an H-20, US officials are confident it won’t measure up to American designs, according to a DoD intelligence official.

“The thing with the H-20 is when you look at the system design, it’s probably nowhere near as good as US LO [low observable] platforms, particularly more advanced ones that we have coming down,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity in a briefing with reporters at the Pentagon today.

“They’ve run into a lot of engineering design challenges, in terms of how do you actually make that system capability function similarly to, like, a B-2 or a B-21,” the official added.

The H-20 is expected to be Beijing’s answer to American platforms such as the new B-21 Raider, though little is known about the Chinese program given intense state secrecy.

In March, a Chinese military official reportedly told the state-owned newspaper Hong Kong Commercial Daily that the H-20 would be unveiled soon, though the timeline is unclear.


Carpet Driver

(an Uber in Simla)




Identify the Aircraft



An experimental aircraft



Identify the Vehicle


Parting Shot


Loki’s Fire

Loki’s Fire

Five years have passed since the Norse Goddess Eir appeared in the red mist of the erupting Bárðarbunga volcano. Very little has been heard since she vanished from the safe house in Herefordshire, England.

The effect of neutrino research in China still results in volcanic eruptions, halting the planned forced expansion of the People’s Republic of China out of fear of forces they don’t fully understand. However, they’re making moves to remedy that situation through the recruitment of assets that can get them what they want. The Long March has been delayed but can never be stopped.

In the Manila underworld, where nobody is quite who they seem to be, Mike Vega works as an arms merchant against Chinese interests. He is removing meddlesome people in favor of those same interests.

French/Korean Sylvie Kim, working as an agent of the Chinese Fourth Bureau of Guojia Anquan Bu in The Philippines, has a mission too: Mike Vega.

Ilya Sergeivich Zavrazhin, an upwardly mobile operative of the Russian SVR, is under orders to beat everyone to the punch.

It is a land of chameleons embracing each other, where the laws of cause and effect are confusing, and the outcome is far from predictable. None of the actors genuinely believe in Norse deities returned to Earth or in Loki’s Fire.

But that’s about to change.

50 thoughts on “Chronophobia

  1. Katzenbach – the natural follow-up to Wickard v Filburn. Don’t know if it was chronophobia, but I met a gal once upon a time who had her days planned out so she would never have even five minutes of free time, and this was for months in advance.

  2. Hope everyone had a good day.

    ANZAC day evening here.
    Went to local dawn service and breakfast at Returned Services League, met up with various people I know.

    The last local WW2 veteran died two weeks ago age 101.

    Others like some of my uncles who caught every tropical disease possible died in their 40’s and 50’s.

    I don’t think I am that old (will admit to being over 60) but realised today I am older by years than 5 of my relatives who were in WW2 and died young. Two of them were 14 when they enlisted, one was 16 and two were legal age.

    1. RCC, is there perhaps a reliable book you might recommend about WWII written from the ANZAC perspective? I’m sadly ignorant of anything but the wide brush-stroke generalities and would like to remedy that.

      1. WWW

        There are a lot that were published locally so not sure how easy to find in the USA.

        Australian Army had about 730 000 people in it overall. About 10% of the population. Approximately just over one million people were in uniform out of 7.3 million.

        The NZ (New Zealand) part of the war is another chapter again.

        You could try Gavin Long, The six years war: Australia in the 1939–45 war (Canberra: Australian War Memorial and the Australian Government Publishing Service, 1973)

        J. Robertson, 1939–1945: Australia goes to war (Sydney: Doubleday Australia, 1984)


        1. Thank you for the recommendations. I was surprised to find them both available used thru Amazon for reasonable prices and shipping.

          1. Boron, I was not familiar with addall and thank you for that recommendation as well.

  3. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Northrop A-17
    2. Vultee XA-41
    4. Convair XB-46
    Identify the Vehicle:
    4. Chevrolet WB 30 cwt 4×2 Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) patrol truck

    1. Okay, now that the Vultee is identified, I am not sure I was ever aware of it to begin with.
      IDK if that is better or worse.

      – Kle.

  4. IDA-
    1. Northrop A-17
    2. Vultee XA-41
    4. Convair XB-46
    Identify the Vehicle:
    4. Chevrolet WB 30 cwt 4×2 Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) operating a .55 caliber Boys Anti-Tank rifle

  5. >destruction of tradition “at every juncture” on the altar of antiracism
    Huh. So yesterday was a long and stressful day (though the important stuff went well) after less than 3h sleep. The last 90 minutes of the “workday” I was trapped with a co-worker who Would Not Shut Up but insisted on walking with me to Penn Station (even though she wasn’t catching any train) and then “keeping me company” until my train arrived. In the course of complaining about Every Damn Thing and speaking contemptuously of 90% of co-workers, yet, This Person (TP) got onto how she hated to fly. Okay, fair enough. I got in a sentence. “I hate Dulles; Reagan National is so much better.” TP went off about the physical layout of Dulles for several paragraphs.

    When she finally stopped to breathe I said, “it’s not the physical plant for me. TSA the last I flew out from Dulles made a point of harassing Whites.” (For the record, brown or black foreigners were treated decently. There were no East Asians the time I was waiting to be processed. Their own kind got royal treatment and even some hoots and high fives. Fat dumpy solo White women were treated like the brown foreigners. But White families with young children were searched up the wazoo. And the Dulles TSA openly laughed about it.)

    TP brayed laughter. “Harassing Whites? Well, I can get behind that!” As I said, I’d had a long day and the bullshit filters were completely full. I looked TP in her light blue eyes (which match her does-not-tan-goes-straight-to-sunburn complexion) and ground out, “How is TSA negroes abusing Whites — for being White — any different than ‘racism’? Or anti-Semitism?” TP looked briefly panicked then began muttering some justification. I didn’t say what was on my mind, namely, “You may not consider yourself White, but to those obviously racist TSA negroes, you ARE White. Or even some sort of uber-White.” I shouldn’t have said even the part I did (TP is an erratic and dangerous person), but as I said, “bullshit filter’s full”.

    And now that I’ve complained about TP complaining (yes, I see the irony; I am a man of many flaws, but lack of self-awareness is not one of them), time to put the phone down. Plane’s about to take off. Oh. But to finish the story: at Dulles I wasn’t abused, but I was processed with near silence (shocking considering the demographic) and dead-eyed flat glares. Then again, I’m pretty sure I was radiating cold murderous hatred, so it’s not surprising.

    1. Penn Station huh…and you got our unscathed (well, except for TP’s foolishness)? Major h/t for calling her out on it, pushback is necessary when people say stupid things.

      1. Yeah, Penn Station. But wait, there’s more! Right now I’m in San Francisco, less than a block from the Chinatown Gate, as it happens. Apparently this is Blue Hive week for me.

        Anyway, the sad thing about TP is that she’s highly intelligent, very competent at the technical parts of her job, and actually an interesting conversationalist, IF she can get out of her own way. Unfortunately, TP is extremely insecure, which causes her to act out. Which makes people not like her. But she ascribes people being cool or outright hostile to her as because of generalized anti-Semitism, and not anything about her PERSONAL actions. This may be true in some cases, but because she’s already “determined” the reason people don’t like her, there is no possibility for introspection or self-reflection. It’s very sad. I feel bad for her. Such a waste.

        @Larry re names for white people. Fair enough. I agree. For example, I don’t care if someone thinks of me as a Chink or speaks “anti-Sinotisms”. But I do strongly object to government employees abusing their official positions to engage in race-based harassment. That’s in general, across the board. And I object doubly to racism practiced under color of authority by those who whine the most about racism.

    2. Northern Arizona is home to the Navajo, Hopi and a little further south, the Apache. Yes, they have names for white people and I don’t care. For 95% of them, their lot is hard. Many are born with fetal alcohol syndrome and life on the rez for people who are born there into that culture is exceptionally difficult. It’s very difficult to escape the place the culture and in some cases (as with fetal alcohol syndrome) from the damage done in utero. At the same time, I’ve found them to be polite people with a deep sense of family. I like them, but I’m not one of The People. I’ll always be an outsider. So be it.
      If I have a point, it’s this – an industry has grown up coddling to negroes for votes (The Great Society) and it’s become toxic in some places. Not where I live in Northern Arizona. Certainly not among the Navajo, who consider Africans to be savages worth no attention at all. The industry is toxic for black people because it excuses rudeness, ignorance and all around bad behavior.
      I am not one of those white guys who hangs out at the rez, but I interact with them when I go to the store, out to eat, etc. They’re good people taken as a whole. They don’t want to be mocked anymore than I do. They’re not aggressive toward me nor me to them. My experience with inner city black people is different and it’s backed up by mountains of crime stats. There we are.

    3. last time I was waiting on the line at La Guardia (some time ago), I found I was accidently eavesdropping on a conversation between two black TSA checkers – in Arabic; sounded more like North African Arabic to my ear (definitely wasn’t Lebanese/Syrian, but, then again, I’m not at all fluent; I may have let their melanin influence my judgement);, but it definitely wasn’t NYC-learned Arabic.

    4. TP – as in Toilet Paper? After reaching the station I would have had an immediate need to hit the men’s room and camp out there. Yammering idiots make for a bad day.

  6. Star Trek- “Baked potatoes”? My first thought has been and always will be: “Jiffy Pop”.
    “The grass is green where you water and fertilize it.”…and brown where you pee on it. (my mentality this morning)
    As for the other “stuff”…after watching the entire 3+ hours of the Rogan-Carlson “chat”, all I want now is a well-placed meteor to flatten DC so we can start over. There can be no other way to clean house an get the Cesspool Cabal off their tragectory to destroy The Constitution, and by extension, America. The 3-letter agencies are entirely un-elected but running our country off the cliff and need to be completely eliminated, start from scratch. SISU MAGA ™

    1. PS. Ollie’s BBQ…the owner needs to find out what local official scumbag got a bone in his pulled pork. The Fed’s working this hard to trounce this particular business and its owner is coming from something, ain’t just happenstance. “Get off my BBQ lawn, you bums!”

    2. I am listening to the Rogan-Carlson “chat” since you mentioned it the other day.
      So many times (am 30 minutes in) I was amazed at the progress Carlson has made in his spiritual journey, and the ignorance of Rogan concerning the same (and “evolution”).

      1. Yes…and we are in a massive spiritual war that I have no answer as to how to remedy. Prayer is necessary, but God can’t steer a parked car, we have to do our part…and right now I am at a loss at to the POA to rid us of the cancer ruining America, most of it in DC and Statehouses, some in local offices. Wait until you get to the end bits, enlightening while helping us realize we are not the weird ones, we are on the Right Side of Good v Evil.

      1. That’ll work with less destruction…like a Neutralizer, which is exactly what is needed. Neutralize them, from doing more harm. 7 months is a long time to sow chaos.

      2. Ps. It’ll be quieter also, altho my initial thought of a meteor strike is to give a proper visual to the others whop think We The People work for them to “knock it off!”…yet seeing the Useful Idiot “Kill The Jews” Demented Screamers getting a free pass doesn’t seem anything would change their addled minds, which are fully owned by Satan.

      1. Hadn’t thought about Hudson and Landry for years…with all the airline safety issues in the news, how ’bout “Ajax Airlines’…’proud bird with the cast iron tail’

  7. OldNFO
    there is no wy this will end happily (or not) until lead begins to fly
    the local/state/federal police will side with whomever pays them
    tho I am beginning to wonder if hx will rhyme this time ’round
    many Jews in the USA have the same mindset as their ancestors who did not escape 30s Europe: there are, however, quite a few today who remain quiet, watchful, and prepared

      1. There’s still no cash in it for you from the current “administration”…unless said rooftop was in Iran or “occupied Gaza”…or DC.

  8. Why would US officials be sure that the Chinese designs won’t measure up to ours, when the designs they are using are our designs? And I’m sure the big guy got his 10%.

    1. The possible reasons are manifold:
      Hubris; so wrong
      History; Soviet stuff was mediocre, so must theirs be.
      Actual intel; probably wouldn’t announce that
      Misinformation; to make them uncertain/to keep us calm
      Knowledge of Chinese incorporation of our stolen tech and how we’re still struggling with it so they also must be ….I like that
      Any combination or all of the above.

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