Today,  I begin this way with Dougie MacLean as we mark the passage of time and gratitude for those we love. The USAF Flash concert (2013) from almost a decade ago is also worth listening to.

There have many momentous changes in the world, in our lives, and in the lives of our families. How will we deal with that in 2023? Time will tell, won’t it?



The Curtin Draws Back

The latest Twitter Files revelations started off with independent journalist Matt Taibbi discussing the FBI’s response to the first batches of Twitter disclosures.

“It didn’t refute allegations. Instead, it decried ‘conspiracy theorists’ publishing ‘misinformation,’ whose ‘sole aim’ is to ‘discredit the agency,’” Taibbi wrote, referencing the way the FBI dismissed censorship allegations as a conspiracy theory.

The latest batch of revelations implicates more government agencies than the FBI. In fact, the latest disclosure from Twitter, which came on Christmas Eve, suggested that the FBI acted as a “doorman to the vast program of social media surveillance and censorship.” Taibbi alleged that more government agencies were involved – from the “State Department to the Pentagon to the CIA.”

Taibbi alleged that the process is “far bigger than the reported 80 members of the Foreign Influence Task Force (FITF),” which was referred to in previous disclosures. Taibbi said that Twitter worked with so many agencies that the executives at the company “lost track.”

“Is today the DOD, and tomorrow the FBI? Is it the weekly call, or the monthly meeting? It was dizzying,” Taibbi wrote. “The disclosures state that “thousands of official ‘reports’ flowed to Twitter from all over, through the FITF and the FBI’s San Francisco field office.”

According to Taibbi, on June 29th, 2020, San Francisco FBI agent Elvis Chan wrote to Twitter executives, asking if he could invite an “OGA” to an upcoming conference. Taibbi stated that OGA stands for “Other Government Organization” and can be a euphemism for the CIA. ‘Other Government Agency (the place where I worked for 27 years),’ said retired CIA officer Ray McGovern.




There are four or five people that I follow on Twitter. Catturd is one of those.


This is how it needs to work in 2023. Be Neo.


Bullet Points

* What about a raise? (Fox News) Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday issued a new directive raising the maximum rate that lawmakers can pay House staff to $212,100 annually — $38,000 more than what members of Congress make.

* Cry me a river – Allysa Milano’s career wasn’t exactly the most impressive thing ever. She was in a couple of shows and makes a name for herself as an activist, and she is incredibly hot at 50, but she wasn’t exactly knocking them dead at the box office. Since her little attention grab with Elon Musk, however, things have gotten much worse. Milano took to Twitter, ironically, to cry that nobody will give her a job since she humiliated herself over an electric car to “make a point.” Milano supported the Nazis over an American company and then left her car running in a posh Soho neighborhood, only to have it catch fire. Now, she faces lawsuits from both Volkswagon and Tesla, as well as the owner of the Chevy, parked behind her when her “woke” car went up in flames.

The McDonalds in. Winslow, Arizona is hiring. They’d prefer if Allysa spoke Navajo but she could be a charity hire.

* Proceedings Photo of the Week: The Seawolf-class fast-attack submarine USS Seawolf (SSN-21) returns home to Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor, Washington, following a seven-month deployment. (U.S. Navy). – Are they taking credit for blowing up the pipeline? Just asking the question.

(U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Gwendelyn L. Ohrazda)


What time is it?



  1. Previously Howdy Doody time, now repurposed as the Biden “Administration.”

    An unemployed and broke Allysa Milano begging or perhaps streetwalking on a corner in Winslow, Arizona would indeed be such a fine sight to see.

    • Allysa made her fifty-year-old self an albatross and apparently it doesn’t feel good to be canceled. She’s well past her acting prime as a cute girl, which is all she played/pretended to be. Maybe she could join Greta Thunberg on the rubber chicken circuit, pounding the pulpit for more electric cars. Hers blew up, so she’ll need another one…

  2. seawolf? idk, did anybody see a jolly roger flying as she came in? looks like somebody repaired damage to the conn…. wing it? yeah, that and prepare the battle space as best i can. barbed wire and tripwires will play a part. might take the harley out tomorrow if its as nice as the weatherfools say. start the year out right. they have been missing the hi/low by 10 or 15 degrees daily the last couple weeks. weird. have a safe and happy, or at least happy, new year everybody.

  3. Has McCarthy said he’ll be obtaining and releasing Pelosi’s tax returns? Turn about being fair play and all. Maybe Schiff, followed up by all their staffs.

    Seawolf. I don’t recall and Med deployments from the West Coast. What do all the satelite photos show of the area for the weeks prior to the explosions? I would suspect the UK or Poland, they have both motive and means.

  4. Dems: “We need 6 years of Trumps taxes so we can upgrade and streamline our outdated process of analyzing presidential taxes, which is a congressional obligation.”
    SCOTUS: “Okey-dokey. We believe you and we know you won’t do anything nefarious with the returns.”
    Dems: “Suckers! We just wanted them to release to the media so we could sling more shit against the wall and make Trump go on the defensive again. Death by a 1000 cuts.”
    SOTUS: “Next case!”

  5. HOW DARE YOU!!! Allysa deserves everything she’s got coming to her for being an uneducated liberal idiot. Happy new year LL and everyone on here. I’ve really enjoyed the topics and opinions from everyone. Except the posers who try to infiltrate the blog. For you posers out there listen to one of your favorite puppets…HOW DARE YOU!

  6. Auld Lang Syne

    The other day I was updating some contacts and realized (again) that I have more than a handful of dead people in my phone. And no, they are not getting deleted. Call it stupid; or foolish; or sloppy, saccharine sentiment; or self-centeredness — all of those are probably true to some extent, but silly as it sounds, I don’t want to take them out of my phone because so long as they are there, it’s symbolic — to me at least — that they are still, in a small way, present in my world. (Now there are a few — very scant few — that I’d love to be able to remove, but I don’t want to go to jail 😉 )

    Dougie MacLean’s performance put me in mind of the following passage from Lois Bujold’s SF novel Memory. [SPOILERS]

    The setting is that Miles Vorkosigan, until recently LT Vorkosigan, Imperial Security, has been discharged from the service, less for doing something abominably stupid, but more for lying about it in his official report. Miles was clinically dead, then revived, but left with unpredictable seizures, as a result of which, he now has a driver, Martin, the teenaged son of his housekeeper. Martin is marking time until he is old enough to enlist, in a few months. Miles and Martin are on their way to a remote backcountry community in the Vorkosigan District.

    “So what’s to do in this Silvy Vale place?” asked Martin. “Friends? Scenery?”
    “Not . . . exactly. When I was about your brother’s age—I’d just graduated from the Imperial Service Academy, in fact—the Count-my-Father stuck me, that is, assigned me to be his Voice in a case that was brought before the Count’s Court. He sent me up to Silvy Vale to investigate and judge a murder. An infanticide for mutation, very much in the old traditional style.”
    Martin made a face. “Hillmen,” he said in revulsion.
    “Mm. It turned out to be more complex than I’d thought, even after I managed to tag the right suspect. The little girl—it was a little girl four days old who was killed, for being born with the cat’s mouth [MC: harelip]—her name was Raina Csurik. She’d be getting close to ten years old by now, if she’d lived. I want to talk to her.”
    Martin’s brows rose. “Do you, uh . . . talk to dead people a lot, m’lord?”
    Martin’s mouth crooked in an uncertain, we-hope-this-is-a-joke smile. “Do they ever talk back?”
    “Sometimes . . . what, don’t you ever talk to dead people?”
    “I don’t know any. Except you, m’lord,” Martin modified this slightly.
    “I was only a would-be corpse.” Give yourself time, Martin. Your acquaintance will surely expand in time. Miles knew lots of dead people.
    But even on that long list, Raina held a special place. After he’d peeled away all the Imperial pomp and nonsense, exhausted all the vying for promotion, waded through all the idiot regulations and dark nasty corners of military life . . . when it wasn’t a goddamn game anymore, when things went real, and really scary, with lives and souls too going down the flash-disposer for it . . . Raina was the one symbol of his service that still made sense.

    That was dark. Sorry. But be of good cheer. The dramatis personae come out alright in the end. And dark as too much of this world we live in is, I choose to believe that we too will come out alright in the end.

    • Tried replying, and the comment got stuck in some bit bucket somewhere after being labeled as spam.
      In case it doesn’t show up: The Mountains of Mourning….very memorable.
      The lighter side of Miles was seen on Jackson’s Hole with the teenage werewolf.

    • A wholy excellent series, right up until the last book, where she goes kinda wokeish, dammit. Sigh.

      I read the Vorkosigan series about once a year. They are that good. Annoyingly in that the author did not write them in chronological order so if you want to read them in chronological order you have to follow the timeline she provides or can be found on-line.

      • “[Bujold’s Vorkosigan books] are that good.”
        Yep. Not really for the science fiction, nor the plot of the military bits, but because of the insights into the human condition. Interestingly, John Ringo (of all people) agrees about the latter.

        Most of the Vorkosigan books are available “free” here:

        Background on this is that Baen (the publisher) used to (might still?) issue CDs, containing all the prior books in a series, with the purchase of the latest hardcover book in the series. The CDs were free of DRM and it was honor system. Persons, maybe even Baen itself — I forget — put up the CDs online. Bujold asked that the CD of her books be taken down. This was done, mostly, but this Polish site was overlooked. Anyway, authors obviously deserve to be paid for their work. So I *have* purchased her books, but after I’d read them.

        @Beans: I have not read the last “Admiral Jole” book. On purpose. I have the feeling that I would not like it. Which is a pity, but sort of like how there is only one Matrix movie, and only two Terminator movies, if you take my meaning.

        • Admiral Jole is okay. It wraps up a couple major characters into a happy life, which is basically the whole purpose of it. Remember that the Vorkosigan books have as much following in the romance novel world as in the SF world.


        • The human condition – I liked the line saying that we chose a mate during a time of life that involves maximum ignorance and confusion.
          I’ve read several books by L. E. Modesitt. They seem to have the same basic story of a young person discovering the uses, limitations, and pitfalls of power. The characters and their interactions were interesting enough that the same story, each placed in a different setting and time, was not a problem for me.

  7. Didn’t Allysa play a cute teenage witch and then tried to hex Justice Kavanaugh? Her spells didn’t work then and they’re not working now, apparently. Satan, it’s said, has a nasty habit of abandoning his own.

    • She casts hexes like many people eat potato chips (with dip) while they waiting for dinner. I’m sure that she is still hexing, but the imps of Hell have decided to move on to AOC, Ilhan Omar, and more fertile ground. Allysa has joined the ranks of the disgraced and ignored like Liz Cheney and the fat, old, and obnoxious Whoopie. Based on her reaction, it wasn’t the end that she had in mind for herself.

  8. Remember when Allysa posted pics of her and her family wearing masks made from crochet yarn with the caption, “We’re doing our part, we believe in science and shame on all you anti-maskers!” I knew then she would be comedy gold for the foreseeable future, and she hasn’t disappointed.

    • She’s always been a cheerful 5 watt nightlight in a room full of 75-150 watt bulbs. And sometimes her brain is actually turned on.

      But not most times.

      For every Shatner, whose social media is a hoot and who seems to understand his place in the world as kind of a never-ending joke (he even jokes on himself) there are 100 idiots like Allysa.

      She is another one, like Cher, Kathy Griffin, Madonna and Gaga, whose followers consist mainly of brain-dead females and gay males. But at least Cher has talent still…


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