Do you KNOW what it is?

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Radical Islam – DEFINED: (1) An overwhelming and all consuming fear that somewhere, somebody may be happy, and the compulsion to insure that they’re not. (2) A mechanism to keep women where they belong: In the bedroom and in the kitchen – in that order.

Nothing makes women happier and more fulfilled than making them wear black tents — in the summer — in the desert.

2 thoughts on “Do you KNOW what it is?

  1. Sounds like heaven on earth. Where do I sign up? And since I am not a woman, what do I care? That's their problem.

    I think I am pretty solid radical islamic material, don't you, LL?

  2. Work on your beard, turban, never cut or clean your fingernails, do NOT brush your teeth and don't bathe. Fire an AK-47 in the air when you are happy, sad or uncertain. If you can do all of that in addition to beating your wife with a steal rod on bigger around than your thumb (without having her slice your part off in your sleep), I'd say that you have what it takes.

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