The cult has its own hymns now. Your. children or grandchildren will be singing them proudly at their school’s assembly as they graduate onward to even greater acts of devotion.


Democrat governors are mobilizing military forces to perform civilian functions in private institutions. This is the actual definition of facism. If you don’t like it, you’re a domestic terrorist. Sorry, but the IRS will need to freeze your bank account.

It’s about your Black Jesus.

Imagine having a Trump picture in your school?



  1. Boy, talk about indoctrination and personality cultism. I puked slightly and had to wash my mouth out with salt acid… A reason number 5,789,234 to remove your children from government schools with that type propaganda. Too bad that doofus wasn’t standing in a puddle of water and a slight break in the insulation when he plugged it in.

  2. Public education has always been about indoctrinating the young to be ideological warriors, at least in my lifetime. Also, in my lifetime, every generation has rebelled in one way or another. Resist authority!, for instance. Beatnicks, hippies, etc. Somewhere towards the end of high school the difference between what they are taught and the reality they begin to see causes them to question what they have been taught.

    • Education should be about providing the young (and old, too) the tools that allow them to think. We are not born with language(s) – it’s learned behavior and it is culturally based. Math has less culture, but again, it is learned. 2+2=4. It can also be discovered because there are constants such as Pi. The Avogadro constant is the proportionality factor that relates the number of constituent particles in a sample with the amount of substance in that sample. Its SI unit is the reciprocal mole, and it is defined exactly as NA = 6.02214076×10²³ mol⁻¹.

      So my point is that foundational information such as language is heavily influenced by culture, but scientific constants are not cultural in the same way. Both need to be taught.

      Then there is cultural propaganda. Something altogether different. The differences can be very subtle. I tried to teach my daughters to THINK. Sometimes I think that I did too good of a job…

  3. I once saw a presentation by an Indian (dot not feather) teacher explain that the English educational system was developed to fit the needs of the vast British Empire.
    People could be sent anywhere “…the sun did not set” and be plugged into the workforce with little training.
    Kind of like making interchangeable parts for guns, but with people.
    He made a lot of sense.

    One of English teachers i high school once told me that it was his job to teach me to think…things are different now.

    • It’s true that the education system generates clones after a fashion. We replicate versions of ourselves biologically, sometimes it becomes obvious that DNA limitations are present in our offspring in the same way as they were with us.

      HOWEVER, our ancestors (everyone alive) were successful enough to live long enough to reproduce, so there is something to be said for that. Do we want to keep the ball rolling? It’s a question worth asking.

      • That is the problem with the propaganda factor. I don’t know how it can be controlled for any length of time as a practical matter. President Trump tried to get the federal government OUT of the business of education. Allowing education to be managed at the lowest common denominator is the only way to mitigate propaganda – and even then it’s not going to be eliminated.

        My two older daughters are in the education biz. The oldest one will quit and homeschool if vaccination of children for the plague becomes mandatory. Or maybe a move to Arizona? She’s still chewing on that one. We have a lot of very detailed discussions when it comes to the how and why (very granular discussions) of education. The second daughter is more idealistic and wants to change POLICY in education on a large basis. (sigh) I feel that she’s tilting with windmills but I love her and her sisters to distraction.

  4. my highly educated engineer neighbor is all-in on ev’s and wind power. an engineer, yet he won’t see that windmills use more energy to produce than they will ever return, among other reasons not to use them. he brushes away the fires and severe environmental issues with ev’s as well. its a religion he’s joined and no logic will dissuade him….and yes the anti-columbus cult wears blinders to the murder and slavery the “indigenous peoples” practiced on each other. i am glad that science is finally recognizing the fact that the norse preceded them to the americas.

    • It’s time to embrace small modular nuclear reactors as the logical power source of the moment. Wind energy is fine to run a pump that brings water up to the trough so that the cattle can drink, but it’s not the power source to run a civilization.

      • Sometimes I wonder if running a civilization is what they have in mind. The rest of the time, I’m convinced it’s Idiocracy.

          • I hate to jump the gun but the topic for next Sunday’s Sermonette (coming attraction) is de Tocqueville, Montaigne and Bertrand de Jouvenel.

            They predicted an eternal power struggle of the elite power of society, in any society, to maintain and expand itself, in one of two forms: the first is by combining with the lower ranks against the middle, and second by combining with the middle against the lower.

            In political parlance the word whig, was slang for horsethief; and the second tory, was a word meaning highwayman.

            In America, we prefer the jackass, and the elephant, selected by political cartoonists as images of a stubborn fool and a clumsy and dull-witted behemoth. And the Parties, proud of those symbols, adopted them completely.

  5. Wasn’t the modern “Public Education” system envisioned by Woodrow Wilson? I remember reading about him wanting a two-tiered system similar to the old German or Prussian systems where some people only went up to high-school, while selected others would continue on to college.

    The high-school graduates would be taught enough to be useful workers, while the college-bound people would go on to “greater” things.

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