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Captioned: My spoiled youngest daughter, Emilie, and me.


Tomorrow is Palm Sunday


It means there will be a Sunday Sermonette but it won’t have anything to do with palm trees. Conceal your disappointment. There will be a fictional short and the usual assortment of trivia designed to amaze and entertain.


“There will be a magic show at zero-nine-thirty! Chaplain Charlie will tell you how the free world will conquer Communism with the aid of God and a few Marines! God has a hard-on for Marines because we kill everything we see!” (Full Metal Jacket)

The Navy worked hard to clear the beaches for the Marine Corps before they landed. Frogmen arrived long before the leathernecks, making it safe. The Navy sailed them to the beaches, let them sleep in Navy bunks, and fed them Navy chow. When Marines are sick or wounded, the Navy cares for them. The Marines seldom glorify the Navy for all it does for them. None of that will be discussed on the Palm Sunday Blog at VM.


The discussion of nuns spanking you on Palm Sunday will be suspended (looking right) because too many of you pervs would enjoy it. The larger question is whether hot nuns should be allowed in the orders. I say that they should not. There’s an expectation that they are lower on the LL rating scale than a five.


Jordan Peterson delivers the Saturday Sermonette, which differs from the Sunday Sermonette because of the day of the week. If that doesn’t make sense, it’s not supposed to.


Palm Sunday Feast

Does Palm Sunday require special food? I’m unsure about that, so I’m offering this as a potential solution if you’re looking for something different by way of a celebratory feast on the other-other white meat. I suspect that I’ll opt for the BBQ tomahawk ribeye, but you go ahead and experiment.


Bullet Points:

** “Moderation is another word for censorship.” – Musk   — More from Musk on developing a hardwired AI extension of yourself. Out there, but it could happen. Imagine the AI LSP giving a sermon while he’s home, asleep…yeah. Or my AI blogging while I’m watching CNN (kidding).

** Conquered peoples see their calendars altered, their feast days changed, their banners burned, and their monuments toppled. This also holds for those conquered by subversion rather than outright physical occupation.

** Corona Virus is making a come back. If you attend church, they’ll throw you into jail because of Corona Virus. And they’ll release you from jail because of Corona Virus. It’s woke.

** From CDRSAL – Fullbore Friday’s discussion of two operations during the Viet Nam War.

And if you’re interested in more from the Vietnam War, check out Mike Watson’s non-fiction account, “Hunting in the Shadows.” This is the story of an Australian Army officer who was seconded to support the efforts of the Republic of Vietnam in their clandestine war against the National Liberation Front. The story is told precisely as events unfolded without efforts to minimize or maximize. It’s a story of a brutal civil war, of a proxy war, of love, death, and revenge in a wartorn setting. Both the government of the Republic of Vietnam and the National Liberation Front (Viet Kong) engaged in systematic assassination as a matter of policy. Reading this book requires that you lens it in the context of people and events as they took place.

** (h/t Claudio) March 21, 2024: A Chinese biowar lab was discovered in Southern California last year, but the ensuing drip of news indicates it was extremely amateurish. The whole thing is puzzling, absent an understanding that China itself is rife with such labs. The situation is both less and more alarming for the United States. (more here)

Chinese are hyper-aware of how historically fragile their present unified state is. China has spent most of the past 3000 years fragmented into several contending states, or warlordism and anarchy. Stable unity has been the exception. The period of trouble when a dynasty falls is called the Fall of the Mandate of Heaven. Watching for and fantasizing about signs of this are common. Local Chinese leaders, currently civil government officials responsible for various political and geographic areas, economic interests, and so on, tend to carry this watchfulness to extremes. If The Fall ever happens, they can endeavor to prosper or at least survive.

** That is what I call STOL!

** To lie means to tell a plausible falsehood intended to deceive another. To gaslight means to tell an impossible falsehood, one that calls sanity itself into question. The term comes from a film of the same name, in which a sneaking husband connives with his trusting wife to dismiss the witness of her own eyes as a hallucination. He blandly and baldly denies all; she doubts her senses.

Ironically, the bald-faced openness of the gaslighting is what makes it gaslighting. Absurdity is promoted with a straight face or with earnest zeal. They know they are lying, we know they are lying, they know we know; when doubted, they raise their voices and double down, unleash floods of scorn and contempt, and accuse the doubter of their sins, but not his.

This last is called Ad Hominem Tu Quoque but should be called the Iron Law of Leftwing Projection.  It is a law with no exceptions. We see jackasses accusing civil adults of being jackasses.

** The best and worst places to be a doctor – evaluated here. The worst: 1. Hawaii 2. Rhode Island 3. New Jersey 4. Massachusetts 5. New York 6. New Mexico 7. District of Columbia

** Rep Byron Donalds outlines the money trail from a CCP-controlled entity that eventually found its way to Joe Biden himself.

Money went from CCP, to Hunter Biden bank account, to James Biden bank account, eventually withdrawn by Sara Biden, and then given to Joe Biden. This is how corrupt US bureaucrats/oligarchs launder money in exchange for policy decisions and State secrets. We have a paper trail confirming the sitting POTUS is receiving money from China… The United States is compromised.


Tanks, for the Memories

Light Tank M3E3 in 1942. This tank improved the Light Tank M3, featuring twin Cadillac engines. It was later accepted into production as the Light Tank M5.

The core reason behind the development of the M5 was probably the rapidly growing demand for radial engines, which were in short supply. Therefore, other sources were approached to have the tank production running in early 1941. In June, OCM 16837 authorized installing two Cadillac engines mated on a single crankshaft and hydramatic transmission and auxiliary transmission M3 (transfer case). Cadillac hadn’t been involved with wartime production until then. The combination of systems gave six speeds forward and one reverse and a very smooth steering. The M3E2 prototype was therefore tested with this arrangement on a 2000 miles (3200 km) crash course at the GM proving grounds. The results were excellent, and testing resumed at Aberdeen, aiming to gain the General Staff’s approval. Although this modification made the M3 2,500 lbs heavier (1133 kg), performance was overall preserved. The vehicle required a lower temperature starter and was quieter and more compact, freeing space inside because of the lower drive shaft. It also benefited from both simplified maintenance and training.



I’m watching my grandson play high school baseball. He fields and is the pitching closer. He’s a freshman (JV), and college scouting has come and gone. They can’t even approach him until his junior year. But a dozen or more MLB scouts are watching his game, and the varsity team from his school is playing at an adjacent field. MLB scouting is underway.

He attends a Tier One public high school in SoCal, and sports are almost treated like pro-sports. So they’re scouted heavily. Adjacent high schools are just as good, so the scouts are looking at a lot of players, evaluating them. In this game, my grandson pitched two innings to close: KKK-KKK (meaning strikeouts, not the social group). When I went to high school, my school was somewhere below the last tier, with useless coaching and so forth. I’m pleased that my grandson has opportunities that I didn’t have. Scholarship? MLB contract? Maybe in his future? His older cousin has a scholarship to UCLA, but everyone, including me, believes MLB will scoop him up and send him to a farm team. He’s a catcher who hits left-handed. In the last game, cousin hit home runs each time at bat against another high school kid who pitches lefty at 95 mph. All these boys played extensive travel ball, so they’re 10-year baseball veterans beginning at t-ball.


Mars looks like Arizona

The tell is a red sky.


Illegal Aliens

Illegal aliens attacked and overwhelmed Texas National Guardsmen at the border, but The Wall stopped them. First, I guess walls work well when properly monitored and staffed. Second, note the demographic of the mob storming over our border guards: almost all military age males, not families. Third, out of the estimated 300 illegals involved in the melee, only one family was granted entry as potential asylum-seekers. That is about one person per 80 to 100 who entered illegally.

Texas says it will prosecute those who attacked the guardsmen. It would have been better if they’d all been massacred by the guardsmen, sending a message to other would-be assailants, still wet from swimming the river (wetbacks). Oh, I know a cry would go up. The big, beautiful wall stopped them. I should be satisfied with that.


Identify the Armored Cars


EdB and PaulM were not available to repair it – from appearances.




Identify the Aircraft



Photo: Buffalo, NY

42 thoughts on “NOW, We Try It My Way

  1. Identify the Armored Cars:
    1. Rolls-Royce Armoured Car with Boys anti-tank rifle added
    2. Sd.Kfz. 233
    3. Sd.Kfz. 234/2 Puma

    Identify the Aircraft:
    4. Kawasaki Ki-10 Perry
    5. Bell P-63 Kingcobra

    1. Surly, you ran that table fast. I had hopes that the Ki-10 would slow you down. And yes, #5 is a Kingcobra not an Aircobra — I thought that maybe that would trip you up too but obviously not. Well done.

      1. I’m not sure why I thought the biplane was Japanese. Pattern recognition can be at a non-conscious level.

        As for the P-63, you do at times find something which at first glance looks obvious but actually isn’t. The tell was the number of propeller blades, P-39 having three while the P-63, and this plane, having four.

  2. Emilie Is a stone-cold beauty; she must look like her mother. 😆

    Byron Donalds! Ft Meyer is lucky to have him as their representative and I sincerely pray he decides to run for governor when DeSantis leaves office as Byron is a kick ass kinda guy!

    1. Funny, I’ve always taken credit for my girls (all four) being beautiful. I guess that my wife had a role in that as well.

      1. I brought the Pretty Korean Girl to my (late) parents’ house. She wandered around a bit, peering at the few photos of my parents when they were young. Then she turned to me and said, “So both your parents were good looking people.”

        “Uh, yeah, I guess.”

        PKG took a step back, put her hands on her hips, studied me for a minute, and made her pronouncement: “So what happened to you?”

        1. I had a Pretty Nepali Girl as a student in one of my classes. She was in my office for a conference on writing essays. On the wall is a copy of my Ph.D. diploma, framed above a photograph of the Three Stooges dressed as professors in cap and gown, thumbing a ride. It’s a reminder that I am merely an educated fool.

          PNG was having a hard time with the concept of middle names; they do not exist in Nepal, apparently. I pointed to the diploma where my full moniker is displayed as an example. She nodded sagely, then pointed to the photo and asked “Which one is you?” She thought it was my graduation photo.

          I solemnly pointed to Curly, of course.

        1. To the best of my knowledge, she’s never read my blog. She knows of its existence but doesn’t care.

        1. They’re a blend. The oldest girl (First in birth order personality) is the Alpha girl, but they all have attitudes. I’m puddy in their hands.

  3. I hate to think about how many of those military aged men have made it into this country and where they are now.

    1. We (as a nation) will rue the day we opened the gates and let the barbarians flood in.

      It still –0– days since an illegal alien murdered an American. Pedo Jo/Ho will take no responsibility. Fortunately, the scales will be balanced.

      1. If this was correctly defined as an invasion by military aged young men, doing so would afford an appropriate response by Border Patrol officers…the first three across the wore to have the air let out of them would stop this incursion immediately.

  4. Recently I met a woman who has a remarkable resemblance to the girl dressed as a nun. Same silver-grey eyes. Similar brows and lips for that matter. After a few minutes of conversation she said, as a non sequitur, “Yes, they’re real.”

    I didn’t know how to respond because she was (is I suppose) a remarkably busty young woman. What exactly was she referring to? “Assume the eyes. That’s the safer bet,” I said to myself. Out loud, “What, people think you’re wearing colored contacts?” Turned out that was the correct response. “Yes! I get that ALL the time!”
    She launched into an impassioned explanation. Apparently one of her grandfathers had the same eyes. (“They’re mostly gray, but sometimes they change color and look blue.”) Some sort of Scandinavian, grandfather was, perhaps Norwegian but the family’s not sure. The dark brows and lips came from a female Mexican ancestor. This was the sort of conversation (with a strikingly attractive girl) that I’d have been excited about (and therefore would have fumbled disastrously) in my early 20s. Don’t get me wrong. My old, stove-up, broken down* self still likes to talk to pretty girls (biologically hard** wired) but now I’m not concerned with the outcome, other than “I don’t wanna get sued.”

    How to respond to this brief genealogy through the lens of eye color? Monologue about Athena Glaukopis (grey-eyed (bright-eyed) Athena) goddess of the polis, and of the *science* of war? Tell her she’s “a 5’5” 130-lb double barreled self-propelled monument to miscegenation”? I settled on “Chatoyant. Ian Fleming would have described your eyes as chatoyant.”

    “What’s that, and who’s that?”
    “Fleming wrote the original James Bond novels. Chatoyant refers to gems and precious stones that change color*** depending on how you look at them. The light and the angle, that is. Like tiger eye.”
    She seemed pleased.

    * stove up and broken down are basically synonyms. Weird, huh? Like Zero (the good natured but stupidest troop in Beetle Bailey) asking Sarge, “Why do we scrub DOWN when we clean UP?”
    ** the joke is so obvious I don’t have to make it. Hurr hurr hurr.
    *** I left out the “cat’s eye” reflection part of chatoyant, I know. But TMI in the context, and besides, my incomplete definition was exactly how Fleming used the term.

    1. You HAVE to write these in some sort of Mike_C’s Great Adventures anthology….yer a helluva story-teller, like a good song with the hook in the first three notes that first line just grabs the curiosity. Seriously.

  5. Food issues.

    I’ll pass on the turkey testicles but the lamb fries at Cattleman’s Steakhouse in the stockyards in Oklahoma City are dang tasty.

    When in Jennings for the Swampstol, or any other purpose including just driving thru on I-10, C’est Bon in Mermentau is a short ten-minute drive east on Hwy 90. No boy-critter parts on offer that I know of, but you’ll be well fed anyway. Normally it’s crawfish season now, but the drought last year killed most of them off so they’re hella expensive this year. Darrell’s in Jennings and D.I.’s north of town are pretty good as well but C’est Bon is usually my first choice.

    You’re welcome.

    1. Those turkey balls are great. Being imported they’re actually chicken! (So says the label) at less than $7/pound it might be worth it. (For that special pot luck). Though I think I’ll stick to gizzard and hearts.

    1. There are unmanned Razors running around Mars. If Musk shows up, you know that he’ll bring a Tesla.

  6. Turkey Testicles-a restaurant in our small tourist magnet here in the Texas Hill Country has turkey testicles on the menu. It’s a place frequented by liberals from what I call “ilttle Moscow on the Colorado River” (Austin), so it’s not part of my orbit when eating out. After years of playing psychologist to male cattle and goats (directing their attention from ass to grass) , I’ve managed to avoid testicles on any menu.
    In addition to the gourmet offerings for tourists, we locals are thrilled to be included in the middle of totality during the upcoming solar eclipse of 8 April 2024. Our level of concern of 75,000 viewers showing up in our rural area, temporarily ballooning our rural population to over 100,000, borders on feelings experienced by the inhabitants of Baghdad as Genghis Khan and the Mongol Horde approached in the late 1200’s.
    The local port-a-potty fleet owners will have a financial windfall.

    1. S.E.- Go somewhere else…it’ll be a zoo with all manner of the General Public creating havoc; breakdowns, campers coming off their hitches, traffic jams for miles, selfie-stops…on and on. Went up to Lysite, WY, invited to an outta the way private homesteaded ranch (acquaintances) to view it (pretty cool where we were…but…as The Danes say, “Now we’ve done that.”). Should have waited an extra day to leave…once we got to Casper it was a complete cluster trying to go south…accidents galore, people overheating…the whole none yards. Took the back roads…got home 8 hours later but sorta avoided most of the idiocy.

      OR—stock up on “really expensive” bottled water, $10 a bottle should help defray the aggravation.

  7. but “…those conquered by subversion…” lose their vision/sight as well
    they’re unable to see the process (they’re too close to it?) as well as the end result despite “studying history”

  8. >>** Conquered peoples see their calendars altered, their feast days changed, their banners burned, and their monuments toppled. This also holds for those conquered by subversion rather than outright physical occupation.<<

    The loser does indeed lose….

  9. First blush (literally) thought that was your daughter as a nun (similarly shaped face), until I saw the eye color…then thought it Ms. Johansson dressed as a nun. If I may step out here…your daughters – and I mean this as a gentleman and complimentary – absolutely won the beauty lottery…then passed along the athletic genes (as an old ballplayer I love to hear about talent coming along). Certainly lucky sons-in-laws, and for sure, a proud papa.

    Rep. Donalds needs to chat with Sandy Cortez, show her “the proof” a crime (treason really) has been committed since she did not want to believe Bobulinski in his damning 1st Person testimony.

    Peterson is SO SPOT ON (as usual) I need a transcript. Thinking for our small Easter Gathering with friends, somehow twist that into a decent message…something like, “while we have Hope In the Risen Christ, for ourselves, hope is not a plan…God can’t steer a parked car.” Something along those lines.

  10. I beg your pardon for being so far off-topic, but …
    The original reports (RT and Sputnik) of the “suspected perpetrators (Crocus City Hall complex) who were apprehended as they were trying to flee the country across the border with Ukraine” noted that they held Tajik passports.
    This latter fact has disappeared from the Russian media; unfortunately I did not copy the entire paragraph at the time.
    Being somewhat over-pedantic I guess, Tajikistan sits on the western border of China, if this has any relevance whatever, since passports can be manufactured or sold to whomever.
    People are beginning to hint that our boys (even Vladomir Vladomirovich’ FSB) may have had a part in it; I question that.
    In any case, like in the the Hamas attack, my deepest רחמנות to the families of the dead and hospitalized.
    Again, my apologies.

  11. Congratulations on your grandson playing baseball!
    He is sailing into uncharted waters with regards to college level sports. N.I.L. (Name, Images, Likeness) and the “Portal” are the new games in all college sports. Non-professional players, e.g. college kids, can now make millions of dollars by endorsements by selling their N.I.L. alone. The “Portal” allows a player to go from one university to another and play immediately instead of “red shirting” a season.
    It sounds strange for a high school kid, but getting advice from a sports attorney might be worth it.

  12. “It would have been better if they’d all been massacred by the guardsmen”
    Vandals storming the gates.
    What in the world is the usefulness of unarmed military?
    There’s a reason machine guns are useful … I understand landmines are effective as well
    But I guess the military needs new recruits and the Democrats need more than 81 million voters in 2024

    Seems I get less tolerant with passing slip down the slope

  13. There was a young nun at the grade school my brother and I went to.
    The motherhouse is in Monroe Michigan nearby.
    My brother was walking down the street and met that now ex-nun.
    I don’t know how they recognized each other.
    They talked a bit and somehow during the conversation she mentioned “Old Pruneface” another teacher we had..
    “Yes, we all knew that’s what you called her.”
    Bro said the one he was talking to was still a good looker.

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