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“In short, our gentleman became so caught up in reading that he spent his nights reading from dusk till dawn and his days reading from sunrise to sunset, and so with too little sleep and too much reading his brains dried up, causing him to lose his mind.”
― Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Don Quixote
Sometimes, I fear that this could apply to me, except that I have no intention of tilting with windmills unless this blog applies. 
In the book, our hero (Don Quixote) finds an old, swayback donkey and his mighty steed must have a name. “After he in his memory and imagination had made up, struck out, and discarded many names, now adding to and now subtracting from the list, he finally hit upon “Rocinante,” a name that impressed him as being sonorous and at the same time indicative of what the steed had been when it was but a hack, whereas now it was nothing other than the first and foremost of all the hacks in the world.”
When I read these words, I think about the current crop of Democrat hopefuls who wish to be knights, but are fourth stringers, riding about on hacks. And none seems more lost than the plutocrat and master debater, Michael Bloomberg. Bloomie has all the money in the world but lacks soul. Apparently, $60 billion won’t buy you a personality. And here’s where it gets interesting. I was reading an editorial article in The Financial Times today where they were saying that if Bloomie couldn’t buy success on the debate stage, he should cast his fortune to propelling one worthy to win.

“And so, having polished up his armor and made the morion over into a closed helmet, and having given himself and his horse a name, he naturally found but one thing lacking still: he must seek out a lady of whom he could become enamored; for a knight-errant without a lady-love was like a tree without leaves or fruit, a body without a soul.”

That’s right. They’re thinking, Hillary Clinton.
“She almost won last time, why not give her another shot?” 
The DNC can change the rules to allow her to take “new delegates” that are created with “new math”, and deny the odious Bernie Sanders and his army of bros. It can be done easily. New rules are something that the DNC excels at. 

16 thoughts on “The Old Gray Mare

  1. President Trump has been doing yeoman's work as the Knight of Mirrors.
    I am cautiously hopeful that it will be enough. I suggest all the mirrors be angled between the sun and the DNC.

  2. You could troll the inner city, pick up the first one that bit and she'd be infinitely better than the Witch.

  3. If the DNC were to cut out Bernie's delegates and allow Hillary in with new made up delegates, there would be a riot inside the DNC National Convention with many injured and possibly some dead. The MSM would be torn between loyalty and "good" videos drawing viewers. This would probably lead to many Democrats quietly voting for Trump.
    Retired Cop

  4. I understand what you're saying, but there are a lot of Biden/Hillary Democrats who are suggesting just that, and it's in print.

  5. Nevada and Da Bern reminded me of something, especially considering today is the anniversary of the USA Olympic (amateur) hockey team beating the Russian (professional) team. There is a scene in Miracle where the USA coach (played by Kurt Russell) looks over at the bewildered Russian coach who looks lost, and says "He doesn't know what to do, he's never been in this position before!" Classic.

    The DNC finds themselves in a similar uncharted territory quandary, and are "lost"…their map doesn't have directions for this part. But it is amusing to watch them and their shilling media completely change their tunes, turning on each other in the process.

    Will Sanders have another heart attack, effectively taking him out of the race "for health reasons"? Maybe…wouldn't put it past those cretins.

  6. Whoa, "…a body without a soul." And there it is, Bloomberg.

    I'm not an expert in demonology but at some point Bloomberg was a human, why did he sell himself to Mammon to become an "itself"? We can guess but we also see the result, a simulacrum, a husk, something that looks like a human but isn't.

    Will Hillary somehow make it better? Well, it's her turn, after all.

  7. Hillary would want to be VP and to have Sanders before a heart attack could be triggered. The Dems have their priorities.

  8. Bloomberg isn't a reliable Donkey. He was a Republican mayor of NYC. The only thing that he shares with the Democrat Party is their hatred of Trump. He could get elected and then change parties on them.

  9. I would not be the least bit surprised if the DNC ran a 'brokered' convention and screwed old Bernie out of his shot at the brass ring….AGAIN. And if that happens I think there is a very good chance that many of the most glaringly violent useful idiots on the left… the ones who like Bernie but think he might be just a tad too conservative for their tastes….will go absolutely apeshit and start
    acting out. The truly hilarious prospect is that most of these walking brain donors infest places like Portland, Berkeley etc. and it will be those bastions of liberal insanity that will see the assaults, arson and other festivities. One can only hope.

  10. It looks to have all the makings of a Socialist hoot-nanny. The problem with something like this (not a problem at all in this case) is it will be like half a dozen junk yard dogs fighting over an old bone… only to see it go to a different dog – possibly one who looks like Hillary.

  11. I'm wondering who the hell they have in reserve for 2024, when they won't have to contend with Trump making it obvious what a bunch of clowns they are…

    I mean, these guys have to be the "B" team, right?


  12. I think that they'll keep Hillary on ice for 2024 and Bernie will only be 85, so they'll bring him back too.

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