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The mainstream media are perplexed by Congressman Allen West (R-FL).

Congressman West says things (that we all think) like “Obama is probably the dumbest person walking around America right now.” AND he refuses to retract his statements…

A President of the United States showing real courage? Yes, to the MSM, it’s a joke and they point to metrosexual Obama as the model of what THEY feel a president should be. It doesn’t fly with Allen West.

I can only wish that we could clone Allen West about 500 times and then get them all elected to Congress.

12 thoughts on “Congressman Allen West

  1. Well it's straight talk like that which got him elected and hopefully keeps him there for quite some time.

  2. I really think that we would be hard pressed to find a bigger asshole than the host shown in this clip. I thought the Congressman's statement was very clear.

  3. …which all goes to illustrate that we all have our opinions no matter how much of an asshole we appear to be in stating them publicly.

  4. How I loathe MSNBC "news." The hubris of O'Donnell's assumptions about West astound me. Lesser men would back away from such hubris, so I appreciate West's stand and clear explanation. I'd lead a boycott on MSNBC, but no thinking person watches it anyway….

  5. O'Donnell is an arrogant know it all. He just can't accept any point of view different than his own.

  6. Think of a Chris Christie/Allen West ticket for the next election…. The liberals would find such plain spoken men completely unacceptable.

  7. West is, simply, a MAN… a species almost unknown in DC.
    It is said that when he once used a urinal in a DC building,two politicians at adjacent urinals gasped and said
    "What is THAT and where could I get one?"

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