Cow shoes used by moonshiners in the Prohibition days to disguise their footprints, 1924

If you walk through life, should you do it as a cow? I think not.


(why is “if” at the center of Life?)



This sort of reminds me of me, a long time ago… ok, if  I’d been in the Army, and I wasn’t. All the same, I think that a lot of people can relate. What use is a war if you can’t have a little fun before you die?





Does the Army have more fun than the Navy?

I attended a community meeting on Saturday. I sat in the front/middle because there were a lot of hard feelings and I wanted to be in the splash zone if things got nasty.  What’s wrong with that? The Chief Deputy Sheriff of the county where I live, looked at me as if he was worried. He was there to keep the peace, and sized up the people present. I got a kick out of his reaction to me… But I was the least upset. And in point of fact, I didn’t say a single word. Ok, I did say, “bullshit” once, but there were a lot of people saying that, louder than I was.

Community meetings, to test the mood of “We the People” are important.

It’s said – in the Northern Arizona Area – that the really hard ex-SF people live in compounds on patent land within the boundaries of  the national forest, and don’t wish to be disturbed. I think that the rumor is a bit overblown, but people do tend to leave us alone… until there is a public meeting and we have to leave our bunkers.



The Psyche mission is a journey to Psyche, a unique metal asteroid orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. What makes the asteroid Psyche unique is that it appears to be the exposed nickel-iron core of an early planet, one of the building blocks of our solar system.

NASA has selected SpaceX of Hawthorne, California, to provide launch services for the agency’s Psyche mission. The Psyche mission currently is targeted to launch in July 2022 on a Falcon Heavy rocket from Launch Complex 39A at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.


White Privilage

A rural mother and three of her children living in a field near the Tennessee River during the Great Depression. March, 1936.




Captioned Photo (blog header): de Havilland Sea Vixen FAW2

It was the first British two-seat combat aircraft to achieve supersonic speed, albeit not in level flight. It was replaced in the fleet by the F-4 Phantom. The British called it the FG1, but it was still a Phantom.

I wouldn’t want to go to war in a Sea Vixen. Neither would I wish to take one supersonic. The British Admiralty had a similar take on it:


    • I think that you could find a better solution, like overshoes/galoshas. But different strokes for different folks.

    • The milling companies did that to help people out. They were hard times and the people, awash in privilege because of their race.

      Just like I recall when living with my grandparents that their only stove was powered by coal, so you had to get up early, start a wood fire and get it hot enough to ignite the coal if you wanted to eat or be warm. And I recall warming the water that went into the wash tub to take a bath. And the outhouse, with the cold air rushing up as you sat down to do your business.

      Full disclosure, my grandparents suffered through the depression, prospered, and then moved to the country when they got older, just as I have. Fortunately I have a SubZ fridge, Wolf appliances, a soaking tub and a large walk-in shower at the Mine. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t recall those lessons.

      There is more to the story of my youth, but it doesn’t need to be rehashed here. Suffice that privilege exists and there may be places where you can attach it to race. But most white people are just people. Just like any other people.

  1. Did you bring your Claymore belt? The one that create distanse to other people around you, in case they get to close?

    • L-L was Navy, not USMC, so presumably he was suitably attired with a bit more flair and elegance.

      I got transferred into an Air Cav Troop for a while. They had a lot of flair and elegance and esprit de corps by the bushel. It was the best part of my time in the Army.

      • JohnD (Valueism) knows me personally. And John, I have to get back to Norway when all this foolishness is over for a vacation.

        WWW, there is indeed a certain elegance to the life we’ve both led.

  2. Thinking it was “The Look”, well practiced to keep people both guessing and afraid you’ll act on an impulse. Front and center…well played. Next thing is the Sheriff will give you a call for assistance in “certain matters”, because if he was paying attention he now knows who you are and likely what you’re capable of in “certain matters”.

    Great flick…saw it when it came out. Geez, getting well-seasoned.

    Used my no-flat wheelbarrow yesterday, albeit I wasn’t barefoot, had boots on. Showed my high level white privilege moving crushed stone around and laying up wall block…uphill, seemed both ways towards the end.

    • I have some split wood that needs to be racked today. I wonder if I just walk out there, if the wood that I cut and split will just miracle itself onto the racks – because I’m white?

      • “Think and Stack Wood”, new white privilege self-help book. Nope, happy to say the wood needs your direct attention…you’ll feel better after it’s done..and 400mg of Vitamin I. hehe Snowing here, thinking it’ll melt by itself so I don’t have to plow and shovel…again.

        My dad came from less than as a first gen immigrant’s son, my mom’s mother grew up in a dirt floor cabin in upstate NY, her father was a [real] traveling salesman when, back then, pro baseball wasn’t paying enough. He was also an inventor, created a tank turret shroud on the dining room table, then a better hospital bed “cubicle” track system…in a converted auto repair shop (aluminum extrusion was a “new thing”). Became successful through years of hard work and manual labor (track was hand bent on a table he built out of an old cabinet saw). My uncles joined the business, took it further, and when they wanted to retire at 70+ a competitor bought them out for “the best in the business”product line.

        When my parents got married they used to tell us “We didn’t have two nickels to rub together.” With mom’s support at home, dad worked his “privileged” white rear-end off, went to Rutgers Night School for seven years to earn a degree (architecture), and became successful in design and real estate development. But never forgot from whence he came, passing those hard learned lessons and skills onto the four kids and any younger folks who knew him, including the young secretary they hired on day one in the mid-80’s, who later became Exec. VP. Gave her an opportunity when others didn’t.

        Will never forget their example…starts with the parents.

  3. Dolph is actually a real scientist as well as an actor. Don’t remember exactly , but earned doctorate in chemistry or something. Meme I saw was comparing Dolph and Bill Nye , the loudmouth non scientist actor.

    • BS Chemical Engineering, KTH (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm)
      MS Chem. E., Univ of Sydney
      Fulbright Scholarship, MIT

      Never completed the Fulbright because he ended up in NYFC “boydguarding” Grace Jones. But when you get the MIT campus tour, they point out “Dolph Lundren’s bench” in the gym. At least they did when I got the tour in the mid-1980’s.

      • I’m sure that Dolph could have done a passably good job at bodyguarding…and engineering. The two things are not mutually exclusive. One can be a scientist and a warrior. Most aren’t.

        • He’d be an interesting guy to chat over a beer, wicked smart but “normal”. Last I heard still maintains his body/mind health regime.

  4. White Privilege
    Saturday my sister and I were quests at a gathering. Our cousin was hosting his relatives so we were outlaws, except for he and his daughters. One story came out about our maternal grandfather. His widowed mother came West from Iowa by wagon and he, age three, walked the distance with her behind the wagon. Along the way he was snake bit but survived.

    My mother graduated from high school. She had one dress to wear all through school.

    My father’s family survived one winter on beans and horsemeat plus what they could poach.

    • My grandparents survived on poached deer.

      I ate frogs (raw) once because I was hungry in a military setting and had to cache/dump the excess weight. Naturally, if I didn’t have all that white privilege, I wouldn’t have found the frogs to eat.

  5. Similar shoes are often still used by illegals and polleros alike in order to fool the Border Patrol, although they have been largely replaced in recent years by surplused Mexican combat boots wrapped in foam or blankets.
    The privileged white folks there look poor enough to be some of my kin. Although I think my kin were a bit more meticulous about keeping their clothes mended, even if they were darned with thread spun out from the remains of their other clothes. Darned West By God Virginny hillbilly and coalminer pride they had.
    I really have no comment on the planetoid, not unless we’re going to stuff an ice comet down inside, melt it down and flashpoint that ice, use the resultant nickel iron shell as a battlestation for our solar mirror space laser, and name it Troy.

  6. Does the Army have more fun than the Navy? I imagine it runs about the same. In some places you manufacture your own fun.

    • An idle mind is the devil’s workshop, Jim. You can come up with a lot of stuff if you have time on your hands and a wicked sense of adventure. Better if you have some sort of “status of forces agreement” in effect that transfers transactional (complete) immunity.

      • We had fun the occasional sailor who wander by a float bridge operation. We used port, starboard, etc. except when a sailor was present, then it was left, right, back,etc. “Hey! Don’t get mud on our floors”. Most freaked out but a few caught the joke and waved with a economy of fingers.

  7. This is a great Monday Message. Now I need to post some Apocalypse Now vids.

    Congrats on your public meeting restraint.

    • Come in low out of the rising Sun and about a mile out, put on the music.


      I use Wagner…

  8. Hey, there’s a few heifers round my way that wear shoes just like that! You’ll be amazed at what some people will do for hard liquor, LL – it takes the “if” out of life!

    • Sometime they’ll do it cheap for a screw top bottle or even the good box wine. Sometimes they understand what a first growth vintage is and you can get into trouble.

  9. more than a few sf types in the backwoods here, and at least a couple of compounds set up for hard times. at least one seal group, with 8 family units. i think they aim to dominate, not just survive.

    • They’re prepared. Two is one, one is none.

      There are two kinds of people, trained and untrained.

  10. Yep, outhouse and wood stoves were still in use when I was growing up. My grandmothers on both sides told stories of growing up in the 1880s and living through the depression. NOT pretty stories.

  11. Sooo… What was the meeting about? You left us hanging as to why your deadly self was in a county meeting and the sheriff was all nervous-acting.

    • There is a proposed excise tax on people who live in the County – and in the National Forest, having to do with fire protection of people who are not living on federal land and who the County has some abstract duty to protect – and they don’t. It was not well received.

      • Lemme guess. Many of the County powers-that-be are related, and get mucho dinero under the table from those that do receive service.

        If I’m wrong, then I’m wrong, but that’s how things seem to work in rural counties everywhere.

        Glad you are able to scare the powers-that-be. Someone needs to.

        • Most of the counties in Arizona are Republican or lean Republican unless the bulk of their populations live on reservations. Coconino County, where I live, is democrat because Flagstaff (about 100 miles from me), the county seat, is home to Northern Arizona University and it’s very liberal, drawing students from across the US. The Sheriff, a political office, draws his support from his base. Thus if you wish to rise above the rank of sergeant, you swear fealty to the donkey – at some level.

          All politicians want to put their hand in somebody else’s pocket. It’s their nature.

          The forest area where I live, is a vacation destination for many people in Arizona. Yesterday the high was 58 at the mine, and in Phoenix, it was thirty degrees warmer. That’s the typical swing. I don’t blame people for wanting to vacation here. It will be 70 here today and over 100 in Phoenix.

          The county south of us, Gila County, has their county seat in Globe, about 125 miles south of where I am. So there are distances involved, and the reach of government is not that great. When they do reach here, there are people who stand up and that weight is felt in these sparsely populated places.

          I wanted to surprise MRSLL, who returned home yesterday from a trip, with KFC. I had to drive over 3 hours R/T to the nearest location, in Cottonwood, to the west, Yavapai County (heavily Republican) to fetch it. She had been craving it, and I wanted to do something nice

          Life here is different than in heavily populated America. The distances are great. Not Alaska great, but for the lower 48, they are significant. Even the democrats in AZ tread softly on the issue of firearms. It’s more common than not to see people open carrying here.

          • Wouldn’t trade the lifestyle for anything, especially right now. Always wanted to live in between. MrsPM and I deliberately looked for something “just right”. After two years found the right place. No trash service or pizza delivery, etc., requires planning and driving. Fine with us.

            The buffer from the insanity seems more critical than ever. Curious how many will turn their vacation properties into full time…well, for the first Winter anyway.

            H/t for being the “Hub” for MrsLL, takes effort when living out a ways.

  12. Hey, LL – how far did you have to drive before you got to a “community”, so you could have a meeting?


    • There are “cabins” (many are 6,000 square feet) in the greater area where I live. Often they are only occupied for one week a year. Maybe two. One of those cabin communities has a small building, a community center. The only cell tower for miles near it. So I didn’t drive far.

      There is no retail here, no commercial buildings, but there is a small building where local meetings can be held. It’s rented out for various occasions. There are people who live in the area who play cards (Euchre) there, and things like that.

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