I’m sitting here and I am…

…waiting for Neil Young to rewrite “4 Dead in Ohio” to make it out that the national guard did a good thing and the protesters at Kent State were to blame because all they needed to do was comply instead of protest.


Castro’s Seed

The sexually ambiguous bastard son of Fidel Castro has a lot to live up to. It’s not unusual for a father to want to exceed what his father did. The Castro regime (1986 data) killed up to 144,000 people according to various sources. Some put the number at half that. Of course, nobody thinks that Trudeau will PERSONALLY kill that many Canadians. He needs a lot of henchmen, just as Hitler did, to pull off a Holocaust. Unfortunately for Canada,  they seem to be coming out of the woodwork to pin on a badge and beat up old men and women.

(Gateway Pundit) The police are moving in. Snipers are on the roof overlooking the peaceful freedom protesters.

I wonder if the next Canadian election cycle will be “free and fair”?


Living in the Era of Crack Equity

I can understand why President Brandon wants to excuse crack cocaine use as normal and why he would like to ship a crack pipe and a mask (made in China) to every American in the name of equity (at taxpayer expense,  of course). If the nation is all loaded on Schedule 1 Narcotics, they won’t notice the insanity of Jo & Ho.


1.66 billion km from Home

Photo, taken by Cassini (at Saturn), of the pale blue dot.

Sometimes it’s useful to reflect on a larger picture than ourselves.


  1. Great photo. Gives you an idea just how small the earth really is cosmically speaking.
    If that’s Justin’s attitude, he should set an example and return to France, if they’ll have him.

  2. The insular Canadian elites should be grateful for the peaceable protests. Those protesters aren’t callow college students. While handguns are scarce in Canada, long rifles aren’t. There is no shortage of Canadians who know how to use rifles. Elites living in their own world most likely don’t recognize that but I bet the police are very aware and will be vastly outnumbered in a shooting war. Would the Canadian armed forces get mixed into the fray? I doubt it.

    50/50 chance the elites will not pull their collective heads out of their asses and escalate the situation into a civil war.

  3. Re Neil Young, LL, I think you may be in for a long wait. The left is pretty well known for changing positions inconsistently. Who needs justification anyway.

    Pale blue dot, beautiful, I will need to get that made into a picture I can hang right next to the one of 10 Peacekeeper RVs screaming down toward the target at Kwajalein.

    Question regarding Mr. Trudeau, if he actually said that why on God’s green earth did anyone vote for him? I do not understand. Of course the Democrats are doing exactly what they said they would and the US populous is acting surprised. I guess civilization has just passed me by.

    Free crack pipes, well something has to replace the opioids nobody will prescribe anymore, might as well be crack.

    • There is a class of Canadians and Americans who love Fidel’s boy. He’s very woke, you know. He loves to wear costumes, and giggle. Hillary & Ho cackle. Maybe there is something to that which appeals to the progressive mind.

  4. That is not just Fidelito. It’s many of our “leaders” — only difference is that Castro’s bastard is dim enough to say it out loud in plain English. The proclaimed self-hatred of political leadership of the West is remarkable. Approximately half of the general population shares in that sentiment to some degree. To my knowledge, this attitude is remarkably rare throughout history. Because any people who hold such vehemently negative opinion of themselves cease to BE A People (duh). And in the turmoil of ceasing to be A People, many individuals simply cease to be.

    Getting to this sad state of affairs was not an organic, natural process. Very small groups of people, quite shockingly homogeneous, set this up through academia, popular culture, and lawfare. But we are also to blame, because we let them get away with it. As stupid and laughably ridiculous as “We wuz Kangs!” is, it’s a healthier world view than “Our ancestors were all evil and we deserve to suffer unto infinity as restitution.”

    I am not sure what the fix for all this is. The possibilities that I can envision are not pretty. But I’m really coming to understand how certain bad people came to power in the 1930’s and 40’s.

    • I have a difficult time understanding the anger that many Americans feel. Sure there are people who are born in disadvantaged situations (Dr. Ben Carson ex.) and have opportunities to improve their situation with degrees (all men dream but not equally). I’ve used whores as informers in my previous life and sure, they hate men. Who can blame them? However most of the elite university students are not in those situations – yet they seem consumed with hate.

      • Children of privilege, used to getting things their way. Why bother with being humble?
        Receiving years of mis-education.
        I’ve noticed a lack of self-examination in the things they say versus what they do.
        Remember that line “I want to make a difference”? Then they run headlong into reality and can’t stand not getting their own way, so they want to throw a tantrum and start breaking things.
        Perhaps some have seen the private corruption compared to the great publicity given to elites?
        Some combination of these, and other things?

  5. Assault semi’s have to be black (‘B’lack?), makes them more dangerous.

    To the universe we are but a mere spec, insignificant, yet to God each of us is uniquely significant…just depends upon ones vantage point.

  6. yes, the po po are moving in. at windsor they ran headlong into a row of canadian veterans between them and the truckers et al. checkmate, at windsor at least. suddenly the hour by hour reports out of ottawa have ceased on youtube. our truckers are gearing up. you can bet dhs/fibbies are ramping up the dirty tricks. if this thing kicks off, and there’s no thermonuclear conflagration, this will be it. win or lose, live or die. liberty in the balance, forever. the grand experiment lives or dies with us, here, now. are we going to let it die, without a fight?

  7. Weekend thoughts?

    I’m grateful for all that I have, family and friends, and a comfortable life. We went out for dinner last night at the Sonny Lubick Steakhouse to celebrate our 12th anniversary. It’s also about 14 years since we met, so that added to the event. We weren’t masked, nobody else escept the satff was, and the “emergency order” regarding face coverings expired at 23:59 last night, so something else to be grateful for. At least for now.

    And TLG is over for the night, so the joy of a happy, healthy 4-year old is with us.

      • Indeed. “All true wealth is biological.”

        And the true blessing is to understand that one is fortunate, and to be able to feel gratitude for that.

    • The handful of times we’ve patronized Sonny’s for a special dinner it has always been excellent. Good choice.

      About time the county mask mandate was discarded, I’ve been engaged in a months-long exchange with the county health director explaining the ridiculousness and actual harm masks do and to please drop the mandate so people could breath and interact as God intended. A win is a win no matter how it happens.

      12 years…well done.

      • Thank you, gentlemen.

        @Paul – Yes, Sonny’s is a gem here in FoCo. Expensive, but the food is excellent, the service superb, and we enjoy the ambience.

        @LL – Sometimes I feel like the guy the Talking Heads are singing about….

      • My money gets spent in Weld County. There are businesses in Larimer, Adams and Boulder County I like but, voting my wallet, is something I can do.

  8. The Windsor protest’s still on and the bridge is blocked while the Left rages at the slowness of their Stasi to enforce the injunction — “isn’t this contempt of court?” howled one enraged Mask Marxist.

    In the meanwhile, Ottawa raves on.

    Maybe this’ll result in a Causescu moment.

  9. According to my Cuban acquaintances, the Castro Regime killed far more than 144K. Much more. Because it (killing the population) is one of the only things communist/socialist regimes are good at. Deaths directly by action (such as bullet to head, bashing, hanging, burning etc,) deaths by inaction (starvation, lack of clean water, lack of medical care etc,) deaths by other means (died while trying to escape etc.) Many more than 144K. Many many more.

    We’ll never truly know because another one of the only things communist/socialist regimes are good at is rewriting history and losing troublesome records (as we are now seeing in These United States.) And the US agencies we should have been able to trust to give us (the Free World) correct answers has been playing footsies with the communists/socialists while fighting the communists/socialists. No idea how much actual factual information was lost during the Clinton era (which extended to 2008, as too many of the three-letter agencies fought hard to not make Bush II look good or competent) and the Obama era (which continues today, because the same agencies fought tooth-and-nail to make Trump look bad, and are now still working for Barky directly or through his puppets.)

    As to Trudeau, until the power of the progressive socialists in the big cities, and the progressive socialists that rule the First Nations People, is broken, nothing will happen. Just like nothing will happen here in the USA until the power of the progressive socialists in the big cities is broken. Which won’t happen now that the progressive socialists won the redistricting fights in all of our states (funny that. places that lost population big-time still managed to hold onto or increase their representative powers. where’s everyone talking about that? (crickets, sounds of crickets…))

    • Spot on Value. Having no other “play”, they resort to class warfare, believing they are better than anyone else solely because of where they sit. They have it backwards, they are the enemy of the people.

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