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The King’s Shropshire Light Infantry 1865 – 1912
The British Army stopped going to war wearing red before the onset of hostilities in the First World War. Some regiments still wore navy blue patrol uniforms, though. Officers wore swords, and horse cavalry was considered essential – in 1914. We always prepare to fight the last war.
Keep that in mind as I shift gears for you.
Australia is for sale, and as the graphic illustrates, there is still some land left, even though the choice pieces seem to be owned by China. (Australia’s northern neighbor)
There’s not much manufacturing left in Australia compared to the way the nation ran things fifty years ago. It’s cheaper to import foreign goods. Foreign fuel and even foreign food, though Australia could be self sufficient.
America was putting itself in the same position and while we’re not out of the woods, you have to give a lot of credit to President Trump for having the vision to renegotiate American trade. Sadly, not every nation has a President Trump who is willing to put their own nation first.
I like Australia and get on well with Australians. But when everything except the Simpson Desert is owned by China, who will the New Australians be?
And both the US and the Australians are preparing to fight the last war. Not the next one.
Meanwhile, crack open a Fosters and put a shrimp on the barbie because everything is fine down under.

4 thoughts on “Down Under

  1. That's a really disturbing map, LL and it'd be interesting to see an African equivalent. Imagine the benevolence of the Dark Continent's new yellow rulers and the same goes for Australia. Good luck with that.

    Blue Patrols? Sharp.

  2. Perhaps they can use the Routt County, CO model. Mid 70's, the Japanese roared in buying the ski mountain and driving up real estate prices. About eight years of the county commissioners taxing the hell out of everything they owned, the sold out to a bunch of Texans.

  3. The Chinese have a much larger presence on the Dark Continent. They've dumped a ton of money into China to drain it of what value is under the soil. They're a lot like locusts. Like Blue Locust when he sees you set a porterhouse steak on the counter to rest after it comes off the BBQ.

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