Donations and Gun Control

Blog Post

I have a neighbor who is a proud supporter of President Obama and who shares his vision for the new Obamanation. Ok, he’s not my immediate neighbor. My immediate neighbor is a police officer who, like me, is armed to the teeth. The neighbors across the street are likewise armed. There’s always one whacko on every street and “AL” is ours.
Having been inspired by WoFat, who reads this blog, I’m thinking of distributing fliers throughout the ‘welfare section’ of town:
I am a proud socialist and supporter of President Obama’s program to divest the workers of all they have to the shiftless. I am totally unarmed – and I believe in absolute gun control. Therefore, you should feel free and take whatever you see inside my house or outside because (a) I’m defenseless (b) I’ve pledged my trust in Obama’s plan, which means I’ll put my money and my family’s security where my mouth is.

Once looted would the state-controlled media tout him as a poster child for the great society that’s a-commin?

My son-in-law is a police officer in town. I’m not asking him to comment on whether or not the police should bother responding to any complaint from “AL”. Would it really be a crime if his brothers came and emptied his home. I mean, it’s socialism in action isn’t it?
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