Does America want Socialism?

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There are only a few socialist success stories out there. The Soviet Union collapsed and was replaced by a smaller, leaner, less ambitious capitalist Russia. China went full capitalist with a one-party (called “communist”) government. 


North Korea
Oh, and in the USA, people who want free government cheese are turning to socialism as an alternative to working and earning a living. I get it. Money for nothing and chicks for free. The Bernie supporters were legion and he caught it in the neck from Hillary. Now is their moment to reassert themselves, I guess. Their cry is to raise taxes, and while that resonates with roughly 50% of people who pay no federal income tax, it doesn’t play on Main Street.
People who love the way that socialism works need to live in one of the worker’s paradises for a while. The 40,000% inflation that Venezuela has suffered has been blamed on President Trump (of course). Venezuela can’t feed it’s people, neither can North Korea. Cuba — is Cuba. 

14 thoughts on “Does America want Socialism?

  1. Socialism is for those offended by the drudgery of working a job. Stifles their creativity, working does, and they need to be free to devote their time in a higher plane.

  2. WSF makes a good point. Devotees of the "higher plane" are often socialists.

    Hippies, for example, are all about the higher plane and they love socialism as much as they hate bathing.

    There's a moral in that.

  3. As Santayana pointed out, those who can't remember the past are doomed to repeat it. Again and again and again and……

  4. Yup. And some just presume they can do it better than how it was in the past..

  5. When you spend 8 years at Berkeley getting a PhD in womyn's studies or in black grievances, there is that wonder that the world is not beating a path to your door to get a six figure job. You're just going to continue living in grandma's basement.

  6. Everyone who worships the solstice is a socialist. I think that most lesbian liturgical dancers are as well. The guaranteed annual income of $100K per year that Cortez offered went over big in the Bronx. No show jobs are something that socialists really want.

  7. Einstein said that insanity was doing the same thing over and over and over and hoping for a different result.

  8. Let's sit back and look at this in perspective, LL: sponging, mooching, free loading and general parasitic behaviors are institutionalized American traditions. Are you bad mouthing America and its precious traditions again, LL?

    Next blog of yours, I suspect we'll see your hatred of apple pie rise to the surface.

    PS: and no, you can't use my Aunt Sally's apple pie to buttress your feeble defense.

  9. I guess the sad news is that socialism seem to be the way forward. Since more people will live in cities and the inner city people know little about what is going on outside their own sphere of interest they prefer government jobs and welfare, they will outnumber other people when it comes to votes. Since the industry will increase productivity and need fewer people and the capitalists prefer a borderless world where they get the best terms, they are friends with every politicians wanting the money for their own agenda. The politicians will also promise the inner city people what they want to hear to get their votes. We are lost and I guess the most fortunate and talented one plan for a future outside the cities where the battles will take place in the future to come.

  10. About 8 weeks from now, I'll be living in the mountains, far from inner cities and inner city people. Muslims avoid the place like the plague.

  11. No Show jobs are very big in that part of the country.

    Or so my cousin Vito tells me….

  12. And it will be a major life event and cause for much celebration when you finally exfil to Free America.

    It was for us….

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