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Red Mist (the novel), a collaborative SciFi work with Jules Smith, is complete and the editing process is near completion.

I received an e-mail asking when it may be out. That’s a slightly more complicated question because I am trying to get it published by an established publisher rather than going through Amazon/Create Space and just kicking it out as an e-book. It may indeed hit the ether as an e-book with a softcover option if that’s all that is available. I haven’t tried to publish anything since the plague hit and don’t know how challenging that might end up being.


Where Will it Land? – It landed…

I was hoping for the US Capitol Building, when Jo, Ho, and the whole gang were present but the Chinese aren’t that accurate and we’re just not that lucky.

And to be truth, the address to the joint session of Congress had a dozen or so congressmen present as Joe (the carcass) Biden read off his teleprompter.

The massive Long March 5B rocket body measures 98 feet long and 16.5 feet wide and weighs 21 metric tons. It splashed into the Indian Ocean.


The Latest Cyber-Attack

(Zerohedge) The largest gasoline pipeline on the East Coast, and the US in general, was shut down on Friday after its operator struggled to contain a cyberattack that threatened its systems. The 5,500-mile Colonial Pipeline, which is the single largest refined-products pipeline in the United States, halted transit as the company was forced to take “certain systems offline to contain the threat, which has temporarily halted all pipeline operations,” according to The Wall Street Journal on Saturday. It’s reportedly still offline into early Saturday.

The Washington Post reported that ransomware was used in the attack, citing two U.S. officials it didn’t identify. It wasn’t clear if the attack was carried out by foreign government hackers or a criminal group, the officials told the Post. In ransomware attacks, hackers typically encrypt an organization’s computer files and then demand a ransom payment to unlock the data.

There are solutions to these sorts of attacks. Mine may be viewed as extreme, but it would likely serve as a future deterrent. Find who is responsible, kill them, their families, and everyone they ever knew. It would suck to be you if you were one of those outliers, but it would also send a message.

Maybe that’s why I’m not in charge.




Two days ago, a friend of mine had his horse go loco on him and tossed him onto a rock, breaking 3 vertebrae in his neck, broke his humerus, broke 5 ribs (connected and floating), and a concussion. We had plans to go fishing in his new bass boat this coming week. I told him that the bass declared a holiday.

I told him the story about our mutual blogging friend, LSP, who was beaten up by a horse (an Arab woman) and he said that it wouldn’t happen to him. But it did.

Caution advised to all old cowboys.


What is a Firearm

(I refer you to SiG’s post) BARFE – ok it’s BATFE, but I spell it differently, just dropped their new regulations that state, in effect, that a firearm is whatever they say it is. Furthermore, all components, visible and invisible are a firearm. I know that you’ve been waiting for this sort of guidance.

According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, the holster may also be a firearm. Who knew?

Gnaw a pop-tart, go to jail.

It explains progressive school administrator’s actions in expelling a young boy for possession of a gnawed Pop-Tart that looked like a handgun, and the further expulsion of kids playing at recess, using their fingers and saying “bang”. It’s just taken a few years and the arrival of Jo/Ho for the BARFE bureaucracy to come out and make it official.

It’s very woke.


  1. I have an even better and easier way to solve the pipeline ransomware issues (and the power plant ones, etc.).

    Remove all the computer controls from the system. Stop being cheap screws with national security assets, and hire actual humans to do the necessary work. Pipelines and power plants (etc.) worked just fine in the 1950s w/o being attached to the internet, and were one million times more secure.

    As for the Batf*cks… we should really just abolish the agency, and jail it’s administration. Same for most Fed agencies, and not a few State and local ones. Then we could start over with a clean slate, and the new ones might not be vastly corrupt for a couple decades.

    What I really, really want to know, is exactly why anyone (even someone as stupid as a politician) cares about “ghost guns” in the first place. Essentially zero crimes are committed with these things, and I have never heard of a single murder / injury / attempted assault prevented through the intervention of a serial number?

    I’m sure that they;re all scared about “people making their own guns and we won’t be able to control the supply”…. but, um, there are already BILLIONS of guns in the us. That cat has been out of the bag for over a century.

    Buncha morons.


    • I heartily second the sentiment, although I would not refer to them as morons. They know exactly what they are trying to do. The true morons are the ones all a-flutter with the vapors who buy into this BS.

    • Serial numbers?
      On each of my home-made weapons, I mark an ‘8’ as a serial number.
      So… if you come across an errant anything with an ‘8’ on it, please make sure I get it.
      Thanks in advance!
      I hear of Country-Western musicians using a Fender Telecaster to counsel stage-hoppers.
      Preemptively, all my Telecasters carry an ‘8’ so OfficialsAndAuthorities can trace their felonious use back to me.
      This’s just another example of me being a GoodCitizen©!
      Speaking of ‘felonious use’:
      An after-school visit to any GuitarCenter musical-instruments store should be all the convincing anybody needs… OfficialsAndAuthorities simply must ‘back-ground check’ anybody with any level of ambition to perform in public.
      Anything less just won’t do!

  2. I had horses for 25yrs. It’s been 20 yrs since the last one. I was recently thinking I may still be able to get another. Now I think I read too many Westerns.
    I enjoy your posts.

    • If I read a good Western, I inevitably try and convince myself that I need another lever-action rifle and a horse. I had horses when I was a boy, but they were country/mountain horses, not fancy horses with fancy names like Fauntleroy’s Wish. We had Fawn, Blaze, Big Red, Little Red and Bucky. They didn’t like carrying dead deer or elk but would do it. They didn’t mind pack saddles so long as nothing dead was on it. They REFUSED (I think that it was Fawn and Big Red) to carry a dead mountain lion). They’d walk behind me on a long lead while I carried out the dead cat…reluctantly.

      I think they were just waiting to see if the puma would eat me.

  3. “Maybe that’s why I’m not in charge.” Give it time.

    Three days of the Condor–“They’ll just want us to get it for ’em”.

    Those two parts could not have been cast better, but I gotta ask, who the hell did Robertson’s hair?

    Horses. Yeah, best to get that out of the way when you are young. Around age 11, I was riding my horse at a gallop bare back. He was just a little guy, about 700 lbs soaking wet, and about as willing and agreeable as you could ask for. He stumbled in a squirrel hole and we went down. He was none the worse for wear (another reason we named him Lucky) but I was knocked unconscious for 45 minutes and broke my left arm. I claim no lasting ill effects, however there are some who would argue that.

    BATFE regs. Yup, fresh paint on the barn wall.

  4. Horses are never to be completely trusted. That was a lesson from my father, who was the best rider I ever saw, and as good at dealing with horses as anyone you could hope to meet.

    • Sometimes they just get skittish. A flash of light from a car’s windshield or a bottle by the side of the road, or a snake (even a harmless water snake) will set them off.

  5. Looking forward to reading it! And that pistol is a damn hand cannon! The recoil must be rather ‘interesting’… 🙂 Not for those with weak wrists!!! 🙂

      • It shoots smooth. Really. It’s my daily carry. Some people may complain about recoil and it’s NOT a .45 ACP. But it is smooth.

        • The .460 S&W has a bit more recoil, but I have a 5″ barrel on that one. It’s still nice to shoot.

    • Recoil on the .454 snubbies IS “interesting.” I also have one, and I feel no shame in admitting that of the 20 full power rounds I purchased, I still have 10 unfired.
      However, the gun is perfect for my use – I can download the .454 cases to “mere” .44 Magnum +P levels, still more than enough for any critter I’m likely to encounter, and not be concerned about me or someone else in the family blowing up one of our .45 Colts with an overpressure load.

  6. “Maybe that’s why I’m not in charge.“

    I had a long chat with a friend yesterday. Some years ago her hospital went through a painful merger: money was lost ($millions/wk), jobs were shed egregiously, careers were destroyed, morale was in the toilet, and patient care suffered. But the consultants walked out with 5 years of the anticipated savings (if their plan had worked, which it didn’t, but they still got the money). Friend was a survivor, but is still bitter about how people were treated. She was particularly wroth over walking through the cafeteria one day and overhearing a table of black-suited early 20’s consultants. They were crowing over how many jobs would be cut (“we’ll make the adult and neonatal ICU nurses cross train!” — this is sheer idiocy, infants and adults are practically different species, but these BBA punks had no medical background, and I digress) and how much money they were going to make. (This is where the consulting fee = five years of costs anticipated to be saved came from.) She said she hoped those arrogant pricks would get theirs.

    I suggested that the only way such persons would get theirs was if someone inserted a long knife between neck and clavicle (remember, these parasites were seated) aimed toward the heart. A nice twist would sever the aorta, and it’s game over, consultant boy. Otherwise, insert blade in side of neck, edge forward, and cut carotid, esophagus, and windpipe. I don’t care if they’re literally a minute away from a trauma OR, that’s not getting fixed. My friend became extremely upset. “That’s terrible! Who are you to decide who dies? There are legal remedies!”

    Still a friend, but now I know better her mindset and perspective, and the extent to which I can trust her judgment. Incidentally, note well (Mr Agent person sir), I didn’t advocate or suggest killing anyone. I merely made the observation that persons of the class the kid consultants came from (or aspired to join) get hurt only by more powerful predators of their own class, never by the normal person. Also, this sort of thing has been going on forever; the social/aesthetic objection is the punk bragging about it public, in front of the very people he was screwing over.

    As it happens, I got bumped to first class one day on a flight and ended up sitting to one of the senior consultants (a woman in her 40s) on that merger. We got to chatting. She was very open and frank. “When I look back on it, I’m pretty sure we did more harm than good. Some of us had good intentions, but we are financial experts, not medical, and we didn’t understand the systems we were messing with. We needed medical expertise on our consulting teams.” Maybe that person was merely more slick, but I have no particular animosity toward her. Those punks in the cafeteria though, grinds my teeth even though I never met them personally. But I know well the type.

    So that’s why I’m not in charge either.

    • You would go for the clean kill. You’re nice like that.

      I don’t know if McKinsey & Company are the worst. There are a lot of swamp creatures that emerge from that black lagoon. There are lots of lagoons, and they are populated by clones. None of them deserve the clean kill. I’m ok if you finish them A nice twist would sever the aorta, and it’s game over. But I need to knee cap them first.

  7. Your poor friend. That’s a lot of damage to his skeleton. I’ve had broken ribs (once) and it was no picnic. I’ll pray for his speedy recovery, LL.

  8. Did you tell your horse-riding friend he could have just said he didn’t want to go fishing? A lot less painful.
    I pray he heals well.

    If only you could be in charge..

  9. Good luck escaping from the electronic publishing clutches of Amazon, let us know when/where/how to purchase please.

    I read, Sig’s article and I think the proposed rule is doing exactly what BATFE intends; make the rules so obtuse that they can mean anything that the BATFE wants them to at any particular point in time.

    As for the pistol…well I admit to lusting over one in .484 Ruger just the least, tiny, little bit.

    • It’s not a sin to lust over a(nother) handgun. There’s nothing explicit in the Bible that forgives it. You’re not supposed to envy your neighbor’s ass… Now if that woman’s ass has a fancy holster with a handgun in it, you might be on shaky ground.

      What do you think, Lonestar Parson?

  10. I had my former GF’s appaloosa throw me going uphill at the run. Bucked once to get me loose, bucked again and threw over his head. # vert. t1 t2 and t3. 4 ribs, 3 off of the right side, 1 on the left and my right collar bone. Renamed him Alpo.

    • Funny but not funny.

      I’ve been tossed a few times, but I was younger with bones that bent. One fall was a very bad one and I came home covered in blood because head wounds will do that.

  11. Worked on a farm/ranch in southern Kansas after college in the mid 80’s. My boss and his buddy pastured some cattle outside of Shidler Ok. Rode drag when we rounded them up, because I was a college boy, and somebody needs to eat the dust. When we separated the two herds, they put me on foot at the end of a runway, and the cowboys ran them at me one at a time while the bosses tried to determine whose cow it was. I was only run over once when they couldn’t make up their minds. The cowboys invited me up on the big house porch to dine with them. They asked me where I learned how to do that? I told them I had Holstein’s try to run me down since I was born.

    • Cattle are not that bright. Once you’ve worked with them, you eat them out of revenge and for the steaks. I spent a high school summer pulling them out of the quicksand on the Green River (UT/Colorado) you had to work the river or they’d get stuck and die.

  12. A friend’s son works for Colonial in Louisiana. We got the heads up Saturday that the gas supply was turned off. I used my gas cans to fill every small motor and my motorcycle up. I then topped off the wife’s car, my truck, and 4 gas cans. I have two and a half weeks before summer break. I will be ridding the motorcycle unless it is raining till the gas is flowing again. The wife goes through a tank every 2 to 3 weeks. Regular was $2.50 a gallon and 7 months ago it was $1.89.

  13. YOU should be in charge. Ineptitude has become so rampant…heads should roll.

    As my expert rider wife says, safest place is in the saddle. Out for an evening ride on my newest who was relearning how to be a horse. Coming back up to the draw, open grass area, he gets to bucking hard, lost a stirrup, last buck tossed me. Was fine until I hit the ground, found a stiff gravel mound. Pretty sure I broke a rib or two, was tough to breath. Never felt that before (age does that, less bounce). Caught him up, busted reins, and he was wired. Worst ever 1/2 mile walk home. Later when I was mostly mended took him back out and checked the area…had been a fresh lion kill not 40 yards off that evening. My wife’s horse, a Lusitano, coulda cared less. Like life, get bucked off, get back in the saddle. Wrecks happen, it’s what you do after that matters.

    Congrats to you both on the new book.

    • When you write a book, “you” always think that it’s good, but the eye of the reader can be fickle. There’s always somebody who thinks that it sucks. Even if it really doesn’t. I can’t read reviews. I just can’t.

  14. Sorry about your pal, no joke, and looking forward to Red Mist.

    The MIC and their media shill puppets are saying Russia did it. You know, because a country with less gdp than California wants to go all in to war with the US.

    And so, we edge yet closer to the precipice.

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