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Did they find Something Camela Harris can do?

The Press knows that the Veep is weird.

(Fox News) Vice President Kamala Harris announced the launch of a “Task Force to Address Online Harassment and Abuse” Thursday at the White House. I wonder if she’ll pay as much attention to that as she has to her duties as US Border Czar?

Harris praised the task force in her remarks as a means for societal progress, saying, “No one should have to endure abuse just because they are attempting to participate in society.”

memo on the task force released by the White House condemned “gendered disinformation” and proclaimed the administration will be “developing programs and policies to address online harassment, abuse, and disinformation campaigns targeting women and LGBTQI+ individuals who are public and political figures, government and civic leaders, activists, and journalists in the United States and globally.”

Nobody knows precisely what her role as “czar” will be. She can’t be a spokesperson because of her annoying cackle and her juvenile pattern of speech. She may have been an adequate whore according to some, but she Peter Principled out right there.

At a recent event, a video showed her shooting a basketball into the hoop. The press lauded her athletic prowess. However, there are no East Indians in the NBA or WNBA – it was her sixth attempt, while standing right next to the hoop. To her credit, it was only 1 for 6. It could have easily been 1 for 1,000.

Harris, has committed a series of gaffes since taking office 17 months ago. The vice president’s approval rating has plummeted to just 39%, according to a recent Fox News poll. Again, where did they find these people who approve of her?



Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick

The Smith and Wesson 460V revolver, firing the 460 S&W cartridge, is one way to do that.

There is some recoil associated with firing the weapon, but it’s essentially a rifle cartridge in terms of velocity, striking power, etc. fired from a revolver with a five-inch barrel. You can get more velocity from a barrel that is two inches longer, but it’s more unwieldy to carry.

It’s a heavy handgun, more suited to shoulder holster carry than it is to belt carry unless you’re wearing suspenders. You can see my meaty peasant hand holding this handgun. It’s not suited for people with little hands or rat claws.

As Old NFO will attest, you can concealed carry it. I did that with him one day and asked him if he spotted the handgun. He did not, and I showed him. But again, it works better if you’re a big guy if you want to do that.


The Siege of Malta

457 years ago this week in 1565, the first major fortification of Malta, St. Elmo, fell to Ottoman soldiers after miraculously holding out for 28 days.

Malta had been the target of previous Ottoman invasions, as the seafaring Knights Hospitaller, the last surviving crusade military order, controlled the island and were a thorn in the side of Ottoman naval hegemony. On May 18th 1565, the Ottomans showed up on the island with over 30,000 soldiers, 200 ships, 50 pieces of heavy artillery, and 80,000 shots. The defenders had around 7000 men and only a fraction of them were professional soldiers.

The main focus of the siege was around a peninsula with several fortifications and harbors. St. Elmo was a fortress that sat at the tip of the peninsula and was garrisoned by 1500 men throughout the siege. Across the bay were the fortresses of St. Michael and Birgu, which were able to use row boats to support St. Elmo with supplies and reinforcements

On June 22nd, a large assault was ordered on the fort but the Ottomans were beaten back at great cost to the garrison. The fortress had held out for 27 days so far and many of its walls were destroyed and most of its garrison wounded. It was decided that no more efforts would be made to assist the fortress that miraculously held out for almost a month and inflicted thousands of casualties on the Turks. All men and resources would be dedicated to the next fortresses.

On the morning of June 23rd, across the bay, the Christians used looking glasses to observe what would likely be the final assault. After hours of fighting the Ottomans breached the defenses and massacred all the defenders they could find. On the rooftop a Knight Hospitaller made his final stand with a two-handed sword, slaying as many Turks as he could before being overwhelmed.

After 28 days of fighting, the garrison was wiped out, but they managed to inflict around 8000 causalities, almost 1/4th of the entire invasion force. The garrison’s sacrifice allowed the other fortifications to hold out for another 2 months until a relief force arrived and drove the Ottomans away. The Siege of Malta became one of the most celebrated Christian victories for the next 3 centuries.

This is a list, found through FOIA

How many films has the Pentagon funded all or in part? You have to ask yourself whether or not it’s propaganda and whether or not that’s cool. After all, you don’t just fight a war with bullets.


Identify the Tank

During WW2 this tank was captured, used, and then recaptured.

Now, take a shot at this tank.

27 thoughts on “Bouncing Around

  1. French Char B, captured and reused by the Germans, then recaptured ny the Free French. Nothing wrong with it save lack of speed and wrong tactical doctrine.

    The TD looks like a hellcat.

    1. It’s a Wolverine – (M-10)

      The first is a Char B1, so you got it right.

  2. Her new assignment will be to shut down conservative speech, I’m sure. We are all abusive, of course.
    It boggles my mind that Brandon’s approval is still so high. Not that it matters, with the demonrats ability to cheat…

    That’s a nice conceal carry, for sure.

    You all be safe and God bless.

    1. Nobody knows what Brandon’s actual approval numbers are. The swamp will defend him as long as they’re able because he brings them graft.

    1. Madonna offered them to anyone who would vote for Biden – with those braces. Some are not so friendly

  3. A sharp dad. One must listen carefully when generating a face-saving rebuttal.

    More great history snapshots of something I never knew, which if not ignored can teach a lesson or two. I feel more well-rounded already.

    Biden and Harris are getting spotted 30 points in their respective approval ratings, and anyone in the leftover are getting paid.

  4. That is a serious concealed carry handgun for a serious carrier who may get in “situations”.

    1. Old NFO was shocked that I could carry it around him for an hour before I mentioned it and disclosed it. We were down at Ocean beach and I was wearing shorts and a Hawaiian shirt.

      1. I should invest in a shoulder harness. Those of us with large bellies find it hard, especially those like me that use suspenders and no belts.
        On a personal level I only carry when I’m transporting valuables. Back in the day selling cars I had something close at hand. You need to have a clear understanding of yourself. In my case, a very explosive temper and a very short fuse needs to be recognized.

        1. the shoulder harness makes the firearm handy. It’s worth your time to go to a holster maker and have them fit you for it. It will be what you want.

  5. Have a friend who likes large caliber revolvers so had an opportunity to do a side by side by side comparison a couple of years ago. I think it was the grip but I had problems shooting the 460. It twisted in my grip when I fired it something awful. Both the 500 Smith and the 484 Ruger were much more comfortable to shoot. My personal preference, of the three the Ruger came in first (it did have a re worked trigger), then The S&W 500 and the 460 was last.

    1. My Ruger Superalaskan Redhawk in .454 shoots mighty sweet. Different people hold handguns differently. and the balance of the particular weapon comes into play too. I have no problem with the 460V at all, but the Ruger is lighter to carry. I carry the Ruger at the White Wolf Mine because of bears and lions (oh my) that live here. The lighter .45 ACP and 9mm rounds MIGHT get you a one-shot kill if it’s placed well. The .454 is a far more lethal round – generally on par with a .44 Magnum. I like it better because I can carry .45 Colt loads.

      1. Correction, I just noticed that I typed 484 when it should have been 480. Good information about the 454, thanks. I knew that it was compatible with a strong enough 45 colt cylinder but had varying input on shootability.

        1. As much as I love wheelguns I have never had a desire to shoot rifle-power cartridges from one.

          1. You might like it more than you think.

            It’s all personal taste in the weapon, personal tolerance for recoil, etc.

          2. I shot the Smith 500 once.
            That was enough.
            I was talking to a guy about assisted suicide and he said that one way would be to leave a person a handgun and walk out the door.
            I suggested the Smith for surety. The recoil would go unnoticed.

  6. “No one should have to endure abuse just because they are attempting to participate in society.”

    I think she was just talking about herself.

    She and Lori Lightfoot are definitely the winners of the “alien synthoids in office” contest.

    Re: Propaganda. I think it’s fair enough. All we get from the “press”, entertainment, and education industries is propaganda, only seems fair for the Feds to keep their hand in, too.


  7. Pushups. Hahaha! Deliberately misunderstanding questions can be hilarious. (In a similar vein, as my Gross Anatomy lab partner once said to me, “Oh my God, you’re dumb By Choice!”. Only I wasn’t doing it to be a smartypants, I really didn’t know — or care about — the names of the bones in the foot.)

    Good reminder though. Need to start doing pushups, and all the rest, again. That “recent unpleasantness” last year really took it out of me.

    1. You were very sick. It takes it out of you. I know (poster child) all abut that.

  8. New job for Camela – cackle generator for a new sonic weapon. It may be banned by the Geneva Convention, though.

  9. Shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, with a CC? Magnum PI, call your office. It’s no secret the Biden staff (Dr. Jill) hate Heels-Up Harris and have been trying to sabotage her since day one. Almost all of her original staff have bailed, citing toxic work environment, she’s lazy, un-focused and a moron. She’s been given 3 or 4 jobs and hasn’t done dick on any of them. (Pun intended)

  10. Given the semi-permanent look of the hooch behind the M10 this one may have been used in an indirect fire role. With its longer range it would be effective in H & I fires. Tanks and TDs were used as such during the winter campaign in France when off road movement was hindered by terrain and weather. As an artillery officer in Germany many moons ago I had to give a presentation on the use of tanks in the indirect fire role. Fortunately, a buddy in the neighboring tank battalion lent me his manual which described how it was done.

  11. As to the mighty .460 or the Deagle in .50AE or any other handgun. This, this is why Constitutional Carry should be the law of the land. Can you carry it, as in lifting it up and actually using it? Then carry away, my sons and daughters. Because some of us live in high-humidity environments and having to wear multiple layers to conceal just sucks. Not to mention getting a license for a Constitutional Right.

    As the the M-10, looks like it’s being used in the artillery roll rather than anti-tank and troop-support role.

    And the Char is actually a Char B1 bis, the production version with the longer 35 caliber 47mm in a rotating turret.

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