CIA SAD Operator Douglas A. Zembiec in Iraq. He served as an undercover embed with the US Marines until he was killed in Baghdad in 2007. Were Iraq, Afghanistan, and the other more recent US adventures abroad worth it?

I leave it to you to judge, dear readers. There has been a lot of “our” blood and treasure expended by our kings and oligarchs on “our behalf”.

Of course, if our masters are to be believed, the clear and present danger at the moment is the men and women who were sent abroad to do their bidding. What do we make of that?


Identify the Aircraft


Yearly road deaths per million people across the US and the EU. This calculation includes drivers, passengers, and pedestrians who died in car, motorcycle, bus, and bicycle accidents. 2018-2019 data.


How many scientists are there for every million inhabitants?



Companies in 21 states and D.C. would face a higher corporate tax rate than in any country in the OECD under the House Democrats’ reconciliation tax plan.  Jo/Ho swear that these corporations will not pass the taxes on to you. Read their (filthy sewer) lips.


Take care, the logs get slick when wet.

I’d like to lead a Congressional tour of the forest staircase.




When I was a kid…


  1. #mystery plane: Sopwith Camel, very probably the F1 variant; introduced late in WWI around mid-1917. Finally, it provided the Royal Flying Corps with a measure of air superiority which it had been sadly lacking before. The Camel was seen as a quite dangerous airplane in the hands of a novice pilot; killing at least as many Allied pilots as Germans.

    • Many of the over-powered radial engines had a nasty ability to loop in the direction of the prop (and sometimes engine) rotation. Good pilots could use this looping capability to yank the plane out of position.

      Was the major cause of so many deaths on take-off and landing.

  2. Sopwith Camel F1. Had a couple of plastic Airfix 1/72 models of this aircraft hanging from my bedroom ceiling when I was a kid. Also had a Fokker Triplane and a Bristol Fighter in the same scale.

  3. Sopwith. Here’s an interesting video–

    Testors. Certainly built my share of WWII aircraft models as a kid, but never got into painting them. Nice sales pitch on the box. At some point, the 8th Air Force figured out there was little point in carrying a couple hundred pounds of dry paint when everyone knew who and what you were, and pretty much where you were headed. Except for unit markings, ships were left in bare aluminum. Here is a photo from late in the war. Only the trailing ship in the background still has it’s O.D paint.

  4. “There has been a lot of “our” blood and treasure expended by our kings and oligarchs on “our behalf”.”

    Perfect statement. These morons operate by, “Even if it only saves one life it’s worth doing __X__ (fill in the blank with anything idiotic). Covid Lockdowns, forcing not-a-vax, crippling American Forces, freedom robbing measures…pure evil-doing “on our behalf”.

    An extended ice storm at the Capitol on those marble steps would suffice for the woodsy walk. Half of Congress is over 70…a bunch of old creaky cretins way past their warranty might have a tough time navigating to their next lobby lunch. Good thing about the fence is they’d pile up against it, keep ’em from rolling into the street. Wouldn’t want them to get run over now, would we?

    Just heard a PSA…from the FBI, desperate to spackle-over their rotten image.

          • Recently in Routt County CO ten agents terrorized and elderly couple and arrested their caretaker son. After hauling him to Denver, they kicked him out on the street at 4:30 am with $3.

            What pisses me off was two Routt County deputies accompanied the FBI and stood by while windows were broken, the elderly man with dementia was forced to sit in his underwear, and his son, while not resisting, was tazed several times. Gutless sheriff.

          • Geez! Was over there yesterday (Steamboat), what the heck has gotten into these thugs? “Oh sorry, our bad. Have a nice day.”

            Guess this was too little for CNN to be filming real time.

  5. “the clear and present danger at the moment is the men and women who were sent abroad to do their bidding. What do we make of that?”

    Obviously that was a rhetorical question, but many of our “elites” are psychopathic paranoiacs full of the will to power and eager to exercise preemptive revenge to get back at us for the things that they would do unto us were the power dynamics reversed. I think this is why the “I just wanted to be left alone” meme has such resonance, as it is the polar opposite of the attitude of our “elites”. The allies and footsoldiers of our “elites” are not necessarily evil at heart, many of them truly believe they are “repairing the world”. But. Their world view is hopelessly warped, wherein they automatically equate victimhood (both actual and claimed) with moral virtue.

    • From a Swedish ex “green” banker turned forest dweller farmer only to have big wind come in adjacent to him trying to ruin his peace and quiet (because to them “nobody lives there and won’t care if we wreck the place while spouting how “sustainable” we are”):

      “But we noticed when big corporates are involved in “doing good” it overruns its own goal and the big interests make directions that become stupid. It’s not overpopulation, it’s not the unwillingness of people but it’s simply the order of thinking… “

      It’s in the “thinking”, and it’s usually warped by their small bubbled world view.

    • Mike_C the woke are dripping with moral virtue and with charity toward lesser people (us) who are just not bright enough to catch the vision. Get your vax, two boosters, and shut up.

      PS Wear a mask.

  6. Sorta bi-plane related–

    Just got text and video from our daughter from work (Arlington, TX PD). She just got to chat with a WWII Navy vet who was a radarman aboard the USS Pennsylvania. She was part of the PD detail that escorted him from his retirement home to the municipal airport, where his family has arranged a ride for him in a restored Stearman for his 97th birthday.

  7. RIP, Mr. Zembiec. My condolences to your family and friends.

    Is that a sock over the goggles? Any idea what the tube launcher is behind him?

    Between the weather and the long stretches of open road, with no medical facilities nearby, I can see why Wyoming has the rate it does.

    Testor’s was the Gold Standard for model paints when I was growing up. Their “Model Master” line is still available, and their MS colors are exact matches to the real thing. I used it to touch up some display models when I workd at Hughes, and people were amazed I was able to get matching paints.

  8. I’m sure they do, just never thought of using them for that.

    Doesn’t seem to look like a Gustav; there’s no forend grip. The green color seems to be a bit off, too. Almost more of a “Soviet Green”.

    Captured weapon, perhaps?

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