The Mueller Report (revisited)

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Though it’s really not news, you all know that Robert Mueller made his statement and won’t testify before Congress. It’s all in the report. No collusion, no obstruction. It’s difficult for a Washington insider like Mueller walk the tightrope between his Democrat benefactors and President Trump, who they hate above all others. 

And for those of you who voted for President Trump, make no mistake, they REALLY hate you with unrestrained passion. And that represents a vast swath of America, referred to as fly-over country. They’ll eliminate the electoral college so that all decisions about your welfare will be made by your betters… the same people who delight in killing babies and who want to eliminate automobiles (except for the elites), airplanes, other-than-engine-powered ships, and cows.
Now, presumably, Mueller will retire once again into private life, a martyr to political machinations. The Democrats don’t love him any more than the Republicans do.
And Pelosi won’t be able to stop some sort of impeachment show, which is no departure from what they’ve been doing. It will fail and will push President Trump into a victory in 2020 as the law of unintended consequences kicks into high gear. Maybe the donkeys will lose the House in 2020… and that would be fun.

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  1. They hate me? How can I live with myself. Let's see, I picked up a fifth of Bushmill's today and perhaps glass of that tonight, neat of course, will help cheer me up.

  2. Mueller stated that his investigation "couldn't clear Trump"…. CLASSIC commie attitude. In America we are innocent until PROVEN guilty. But the commie demonrats don't work that way. To them Trump is guilty and will always be guilty. And both the Demonrats and their complicit media whore accomplices will continue to speak and act under that assumption… matter what the facts show.

  3. Some interesting hypothesizing going on over at Borepatche's place–

  4. We can pray they do. But if they lose the house, the Republicans better do something this time.

  5. That is the problem in a nutshell.

    There are few, if any, people in Congress who care about any of the things important to people like us. Primarily, they care about their own wealth and power, and fitting in with the in crowd.

    There isn't really much of a population there that could be realistically called "Republicans", much less "Conservatives" or "Constitutionalists".

    What we have instead is:

    Deranged Marxists and various other Enemies of America.

    Leftover Democrats who are still Marxists, but not totally over-the-top.

    1980s Democrats (most of the "Republicans").

    Not-quite-Democrats, but will never rock the boat.


  6. Good catch on the "have you stopped beating your wife?" semantics. Nor can Mueller's investigation prove that I'm not the reincarnation of Genghis Khan….

    As to being hated, you got that right, Larry. Over the last several years I've come to learn just how MUCH some people hate me based solely on my politics. I don't hate those individuals back though. Not from being a good Christian or anything, but simply because those persons aren't worth the effort it takes to really hate someone.

  7. "Dig into the piece, and you’ll find just what many artists think of not just Trump but anyone aligned with the Right – “these people are monsters.”"
    Excerpted from:

  8. Mueller testifying under oath? I imagine the GOP'ers would have some highly embarrassing questions starting with his staffing.

  9. Good point, hatred defines them, as it does their infernal magister.

    Watch in wonder as the satanic logic costs them 2020.

  10. You drowned your sorrow as best you could. I ate a steak, in my efforts to save the planet. One less cow to bring on Armageddon

  11. YOU don’t deserve all of the love the liberals shower down on you by way of advice. They are your betters any they allow you to pay them taxes…a form of unending love offering

  12. We are dangerous monsters who cling to God and guns —- the sort of people who neither need no want advice from progs.

  13. A pox on my betters, I say.

    I hope that doesn't get me in dutch with the mandarins that seek to take the steak off my plate so that I don't destroy the earth, how evil of me. I declared that aforementioned pox in only the most loving of terms, I hope they understand that.

    Unrelated note: I am a Porterhouse guy, because that particular cut of meat gives me mostly top sirloin which a guy can sink his teeth into, and a small portion of tenderloin, also good stuff. Additionally, both Porterhouse and T-bone have that big, meaty bone that must be gnawed clean once the steak knife has been put down.

    But that's just me being evil again.

  14. Your efforts to cleanse the planet by gnawing the bone will be noted by The Great White Father who will treat you almost as well as he treated the Indians, who used to roam the land you now claim. Keep those taxes rolling in, showing your unabashed devotion.

  15. I suspect that the House will switch parties again in 2020; personally I'm more worried about the Senate switching also – with many seats up for grabs and a tiny majority, it is a real possibility.

  16. "One less cow to bring on Armageddon" Actually, it's one fewer cow.

    Paul L. Quandt

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