Pharaoh in Carbonite

It’s nothing to get excited about. They owed money to the Hut.


The City by the Bay


Bullet Points:

** More on the Hunter Biden Scandal – The source of the interference with the IRS investigation, according to Gary Shapley, was the Department of Justice. It is the latest chapter in the story of “The Incredibly Shrinking Merrick Garland.” And you thought that Fat Leonard was a can of worms.

** The Supreme Court ruled in favor Thursday of a 94-year-old Minnesota grandmother who claimed that the state violated her constitutional rights when they seized her condo over unpaid tax debt, then sold the property and kept all the sale proceeds — which were far above what she actually owed.

** The LA Dodgers invited, then disinvited, then re-invited — offering a groveling apology — a campy, God-mocking, anti-Catholic group of drag nuns for the team’s homage to gay people on June 16. The group will receive a Hero Award for being dress-up nuns who try to do good deeds in the name of the devil. (more from PJ Media) How California of them.

** Washington Post:  “A Chinese government espionage group has hacked into critical infrastructure in multiple locations, including the island territory of Guam, a key U.S. outpost in any conflict involving Taiwan, officials warned Tuesday.

Though there has been no destruction of electronic data or equipment, the intruders could be laying the groundwork to disrupt communications between North America and Asia in the event of a military confrontation, according to researchers at Microsoft, which detected the infiltration”

** I pay taxes on money I make; then I pay taxes on money that I spend; and then I pay taxes on things that I own that I already paid taxes on with already taxed money, and it’s considered to be normal, not acts of madness.



  1. Jonathan Turley (at the link) says: “As a well-known moderate, many of us had hoped that Garland…”
    Garland a moderate? Wigga, please. Spelchuk keeps trying to turn “Turley” into “Turkey”. I have nothing in particular against Turley, but … situationally appropriate.

    That pharaoh isn’t wearing headgear. That’s the shape of his skull. Proof (proof!!! I say) of alien-human hybrids. Proof!

    • Speaking of Garland, WTF is with that guy’s nostrils? They are plain weird. I recently met a woman who had to have her nose reconstructed after waaaay too much Peruvian marching powder, and her admittedly F-up’d nose was less weird than Garland’s.

      • Might be onto something, a case study in Nudge v. Nostril, the more flared the more nudge-ee. Didn’t Madam Pelosi have similar, could simply be attributed to the angle as she looked down her nose at everyone not her.

      • You’d have to ask them. I honestly don’t know, but he has grievances. Maybe they’re a part of his ancestry? Maybe being breastfed until he was 13 upset something inside the guy? Who knows?

    • Pharaoh looks like he’s from Remulak… or France.

      What does the FBI have on Garland? ET reports that the Garland Report contains the Feebs fingering Garland as the instigator of FBI election treason… that would seem good blackmail fodder, except no action will ever be taken anywhere on that whole axis.


  2. that taxation racket: at least you were represented…. by crooks, but represented so you can’t complain. that one infuriates me most of all….garland reminds me of a henchmen of the wicked witch.

  3. Garland IS a henchmen of the sicked witch, no question about it.

    Mike_C, I rely on your expertise about these alien-human hybrid issues. We have seen proof from Saturday Night live to ancient Egypt.

    Taxes, it is a bit crazy isn’t it. We cannot rightly question the ruling class about these things though. The only question most want to hear is you asking them “Am I a vassal or merely a serf”. The answer depends on the contributions you have recently made to their coffers.

  4. Taxes…

    Lady of the House at the picket fence: “So as a tax assessor your job is to charge me for the privilege of living in my home which I purchased outright? I thought I was the the owner of this property?”

    Official Gov’t Mob Criminal Heavy: “Oh, you own it. But you just have to pay us to use it. And if you want to change your property you’ll need to ask permission and pay us more. same thing if you want to sell it or transfer ownership. You can’t destroy any part of the property. You’ll need permission if you want to have a fire or shoot a gun. Oh, and if we want it we’ll just come take it. But you totally own it.”

    How did we get here?

    Yeah, rhetorical. Yet the same applies to lawfully purchased and owned firearms, the bureaucrats undermine The Constitution at every turn, now running open-loop, all happy with themselves they have created a King George era power elite ruling class.

        • Governments of the present design all fall to an Escalation of Privilege bug, and that’s why Bills of Rights get bypassed and mean nothing. Consider: the Microsoft operating systems used to lock up more than once a day. Users suffered from that for decades because they kept rebooting them, instead of insisting that the bugs be fixed. You have market power over governments, and you can refuse to buy unless the bugs are fixed. Detroit cars of the 1970’s were so bad that Americans switched to Japanese cars. Is this government so bad that Americans will now switch to libertarianism?

          • I like our Constitution, created by our brilliant Founders only to be undermined and weakened by every scumbag reprobate in Congress over the last 100 years.

          • Describe that form of government.
            How would it’s constitution read?

            Exactly. Any flavor of ‘this group is slaves of that group’ is morally invalid on its face, which includes all known forms of government. Instead you would have liberty and justice for all.

          • Let’s list the government legal requirements to be employed as a computer programmer: no university degree, no professional license, no background check, no loyalty oath, no union, no special id card, no insurance, no nothing, zip, zero, nada. But at the same time, this political legal environment for high-paid white collar professionals was achieved without the sky falling, riots, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria.

          • How do customers insist that Microsoft fix bugs? Especially when so many customers bought cheap computers with cheap parts that Microsoft could, with some justification, point to cheap components as the source of many problems? Many other problems were more the applications’ fault. Apple had it relatively easy because 1) they had total control of the hardware, and 2) they had much stricter standards on apps that were enforced by Apple. It cost twice or more as much, but worked. Of course, for anyone doing real work, using a consumer-grade OS like Win95 or its successors was brain-dead. I had very few problems with Windows NT 4.0 or most of successors. Windows 7 and 10 are pretty bulletproof. However, I only used Windows at home for gaming and some things at work (Outlook, Word, Excel because corporate required it). At home I used Linux for anything serious, most stuff at work was on Sun Solaris or Linux.

  5. It’s bad enough to be preyed upon by wolves.
    But what I object to is the wolves telling me that I am the real aggressor while they are blameless victims, hated and persecuted For No Reason At All. I further object to be lectured at with sanctimonious condescension by the wolves. No, scratch that. Actually they are not wolves. They are jackals. Unfortunately the US has been a Tabaqui-ocracy since at least December 1913. We just hadn’t noticed for a few decades.

  6. All this aside, in honor of those who have served but fallen for our country…meaning Us, the Flags are up with requisite nighttime lighting for anyone who dares drive past the homestead to see that We The People is alive and well in ranch country.

  7. Taxes on the home – there was a photo floating around a while ago that was taken of a house built over a river a long, long time ago. As such, the house was not within the jurisdiction of officials on either side of the river so the owner didn’t have to pay taxes on it.
    Guam getting hacked – are they setting up to tip it over?

  8. As of late, things have been fairly quiet down at Eagle Pass, Texas when it comes to illegal alien crossings. I have seen videos of a very large alligator(ten feet and looks very well fed) in the Rio Grand there, along with several smaller gators. Where would a fellow go to get more gators? Maybe a zoo going out of business? Asking for a friend.

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