Did the LA Times Suddenly Grow a Conscience?

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Obama now blames poor job numbers on congressional inaction. Wait! His party runs Congress


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For quite some time now, this blog contained comments on how the Democratic Congress has been running the US Economy onto the rocks with worthless, porkbarrel stimulus spending, pay-offs to political cronies and corrupt labor unions, etc. Now I have to do a reality check because the Los Angeles Times agrees with me.

barack hussein obama, liar, charlatan and socialist spouts recovery while he lauds ObamaCare, a government take-over that swallowed 16% of the national economy. Now a majority of Americans have called for a repeal of ObamaCare and the fool in the White House thinks he can make a few appearances, read a prepared speech or two and convince us that it’s not raining while he’s pissing down our backs.

Unemployment numbers are on the rise – with no end in view.  Businesses brace for another round of tax increases.  I heard barack hussein obama on the television explaining how he was going to pay for ObamaCare by paying small businesses to cover employees. obama isn’t paying for anything. He’s talking about borrowing MORE money from the Chinese or anyone else who will float our paper to pay for ObamaCare, which only a small minority of Americans want.

Yes, ObamaCare was popular with ILLEGAL ALIENS (obama constituents), and the chronically unemployed, and with politicians who EXEMPTED THEMSELVES FROM IT. But most Americans don’t want it. And we don’t trust barack hussein obama because he’s a liar.

6 thoughts on “Did the LA Times Suddenly Grow a Conscience?

  1. The progressive machine is in full regroup mode as it tries to reinvent itself to look more palatable to the masses. The "machine" will gladly cut off a piece of itself (Rangel, Waters, or whomeever) for the greater good of the movement. Part of that "machine" is the progressive media. So no, I doubt they grew a conscience, they're just about to grow another foot or two in the nose as they fabricate more spin to suggest the progressives aren't so bad, but that it was just a few bad apples…

  2. I think you're right – Mr. seeing blind person. The radical left know it's about to get it's butt kicked and they're scrambling to reposition.

    But it's too little, too late.

    And they still have their poster child, barack hussein obama (still vacationing) whipping up a storm of public resentment.

    barack hussein obama only really gets into trouble when he speaks without his teleprompter. So long as his handlers control what comes out of his mouth, it's milk toast. When he says what he thinks, the progressives loose another four or five points in the polling numbers.

  3. Hi LL, I'm glad more and more papers are waking up from their hopium and kool aid stupors and reporting the TRUTH.

    Maybe chairman ghettObama will say more stupid stuff while he's on his 100th vacation this year.
    Does that clown ever stay in the WH? Well, we should be glad he's not there, causing more mayhem, but still, it's very galling when he and his hag are galavanting around every other week, and I haven't taken a vacation in 10 YEARS!

  4. I agree with Hoping The Blind Will See. The Dems are trying to cloak themselves in a new look, giving false impressions, while having the same exact philosophy under that cloak.

    Obama is on a mission to get as many people as possible dependent on the government. Unfortunately, his plan is backfiring as citizens are pissed at his utter incompetence.

  5. I've often seen wild animals gnaw off their own leg when caught in a trap and facing inescapable doom.

    Backtrack Hussein Obama is becoming the leg that the Left is trying to gnaw off to save face and their political lives. The closer November comes, the fast their going to chew. When he came to Texas recently, the Democratic candidate for Governor wouldn't even see him.

    Hopefully, the stink of what they've done won't be so easy to escape come election time.

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