98 Rock

The “98 Rock” on Wake Island. Ninety-eight American POWs were blindfolded and machine-gunned on 7 October 1943. One person lived and carved the message “98 US PW 5-10-43” on a rock near the spot where his comrades were buried.


The Contractor (film review)

The feature film brings Chris Pine and Ben Foster back together after Hell or High Water.

Pine plays Third Special Forces SFC James Harper, who has been taking hard drugs to deal with a painful knee. After having done this for years he is tested for drugs, and based on the film the Army doesn’t subject operators to piss tests. He’s lucky he wasn’t in the Navy. Anyway, he has a lot of bills and his buddy and former mentor Mike (Ben Foster) pitches the Private Military Company where he’s been working. Rusty Jennings (Kiefer Sutherland) runs this operation and tells Pine that he can trust him. The money is good, the jobs are quick. As Mike says, “We’re all just mercenaries in the end,” giving the opening act of “The Contractor” some weighty dramatic material that the rest of the film doesn’t fulfill.

You know that director Tarik Saleh will make the Muslim scientist at the bioweapons lab the good guy if you look at who made the film, so the plot is revealed before you turn on the TV.

The film is ok. If you have better things to do for an hour and a half, do them.


The meat in the Brandon Bonanza is a cut-up housecat.


AOC Resists

AOC said she grew up in a socially conservative and religious environment where women wearing red nail varnish and red lipstick were frowned upon and considered “loose” and “ungovernable”.

She claimed to use red nail varnish and lipstick only after graduating and leaving her home, also as an act of resistance on the campaign trail.

Both the content and style of presentation would have made an excellent comedy sketch. In fact, adding a laugh track to the video would make it more effective.

Later AOC posted an image of her red-clad nails, with the caption: “I’m gonna be a problem now, AS WE SHOULD BE. Now to get a local bite to eat.”

This was AOC’s way of telling her followers that she had toiled for the resistance for which she deserved a meal.

Who says that you can’t put red lipstick on a pig, and red polish on its trotters?


  1. I thought Sandy went to a fancy school. Am I wrong? But whatev, nothing says Barrio Latinx Freedom Fighter like a member of Congress with nail varnish.

    Dear Lord.

  2. “The Contractor”…I like Chris Pine, movie was a bowl of popcorn escape from reality. Im thinking that instead of shooting your way into “the bad guy compound”, why not save the ammo and just bomb it into next week.

    98 Rock – Harsh reality very few can understand the magnitude, including me. But I do have empathy and intellectually understand the importance to honor those who gave the last full measure at the hands of the enemy.

    Everyone needs their marketing schtick…AOC is a tool being used by the Democratic Socialists bums so needs her clown makeup.

    Cleese is very wise, and bold enough to say it. Jordan Peterson has a new video series, “Dragons, Monsters, & Men”, looks incredible. I’ll add this from my brother earlier today, Peter Hitchens, Why the Left Think They Are Better (3 1/2 min clip):


  3. “Loose women” Today it means that they’ve had more partners than my glock has had bullets. In the old days everyone carried revolvers. AOC can’t understand why that makes one undesirable.

    • Clearing barrels are said to be useful to the morale of the troops. I have no personal experience to relate.

  4. After Wake fell, 100 civilian contractors were left behind to be used as forced labor. In late 1943, the Japanese commander thought the Americans were going to attempt to recapture the island and executed 98 of the contractors. He was hanged after the war. In taking Wake Island, the Japanese lost 343 soldiers. The marines lost 52 with 20 wounded. A big moral booster at the time. Semper Fi.

  5. John Cleese. As apt a statement as I have ever read. Stealing it to repost on Falsebook.

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