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I’m still out and about, but the blog must go on.
Ok, there’s nothing requiring a blog and there’s nothing that says it must go on. I just wrote that out of a sense of the dramatic.

I’m on a salad binge at the moment, but it’s not what you think. I’m not on a vegetarian bender because I love animals (who are competition for my food). I’m a vegetarian because I hate plants.

Tomorrow, back to the ribeye.

Kindle allows me to download books to occupy down-time and that’s what I do. I just downloaded, “Children of Time” a science fiction book by Adrian Tchaikovsky. I don’t know whether the book will be any good or not. You sort of throw the spaghetti against the wall with books, don’t you? Unless it’s something by Jim Curtis or one of the greats, you take your chances.
There are things moving at the White Wolf Mine. The clouds (above left) herald the labor and the improvements on the property. This is a photo from earlier in the week (below). The masons are hard at work laying block retaining walls to fortify the place. Yes, I understand that a .50 BMG will punch through that as if it doesn’t exist. But we all have to live within budgets. The steel roof and the structural steel won’t make the place EMP proof, but it will help – for those of you who are concerned for my welfare. I would have turned my office into a Faraday Cage with Tempest approved gear (a SCIF) but there’s not much secret that needs to be hidden from snoopers.
The photo (left) shows the steel machine chewing up a path for the second driveway (drive-through garage). Do I need 2 driveways? No, but I thought that it would be cool.
The weather shows clear, no precipitation for the next 14 days with highs in the 50’s. At this rate, the team will go to town on construction. 

41 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. I do like your dramatic side, Larry; you wouldn't be the same without fun, frolics and devilment.
    Salad? In winter? Oh yeah.. you don't have winter in CA, do ya. This, my dear, is the time for beef stews and suet dumplings. Get a grip and wolf up! 😉

  2. Jules: beef stew and suet dumplings? Not in that part of the world. Try double-meat Whataburgers and maybe some McDonald's french fries (best in the world). Just FYI: McDonald's has salads on the menu as well, not that anybody ever orders one.


  3. As all that earth gets moved about, is anyone checking for previously overlooked minerals?

  4. Trying new authors can indeed be a crap shoot. Some work out, others are I'll never revisit. I've read some stuff by that Curtis guy. Not bad at all. I've also read a couple by somebody named Lambert. He's okay too.

  5. Nice looking mining compound. The team's looking forward to explosive action, roaring fires and some hardcore sci-fi. Towers are important too, but Rome wasn't built in a day, I understand that.

  6. As Pharoe told Moses (or was it Yule Brynner telling Charleton Heston?), 'So let it be written, so let it be done!'

  7. French fries (chips) are better if they're fried in lard. And I'm with you on the burger needing extra meat. I thought that it was just me.

  8. It would be better if I had slave labor, because these guys work for union scale. What is best in life? Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women!

  9. Salad? The thing about salad in a restaurant is simple. It is not cooked. A California restaurant salad sounds like Hepatitis on a plate.
    Get a grip, man- find a nice fillet. Beef is just condensed vegetables anyway.

  10. But McDonald's fries are only good hot. Once they start to cool off, the taste gets worse rapidly.

  11. Exactly! And then tell everyone you are a vegetarian when you eat your steak. You just prefer your vegetables second hand. You let the cow do all the work!

  12. You can see the White Wolf towards the blue sky in the picture. It must be more than just a coincident, more a sign of a prosperous future.

  13. I like McDonald's fries to be fair but Larry is right, they'd be way better fried in lard and coming with suet dumplings. Rumour has it that there are more calories in the Maccy D's salad than in their cheeseburger. FAIL.

  14. Agreed about the lard. There was a BBQ joint in Kansas City that did their fries in lard. They were fantastic.

  15. There's a joint in Tijuana that cooks fries in beef drippings. Sort of an uber lard. They're to die for…both literally and figuratively, but if you're going to go, why not?

  16. I would arrest you and throw you in the dungeon for bad taste and smearing my flag with shame.

  17. LindaG is spot on: cold McDonald's french fries are terrible. They have to be fresh out of the shortening (not grease, there's no grease at McDonald's).

  18. Been that way since the 1960's, LL. Had a buddy in high-school that worked for Burger King. It was always "shortening", and woe betide the person that called it "grease" or "fat".

    And if you wiped up a spill of grease with a rag, you were out the door.

    You always cleaned up a spill of "shortening" with a "towel".

    PC must go back further than we thought……

  19. When you build your dream home it's not about needing, it's about wanting.

    Make sure those retaining walls are sealed with french drains. We had a couple houses around here that ended up with mold.

  20. LL: yes, shortening and not grease or fat. My first job was at McDonald's circa 1971: my tyrant-team leader ('Evil Lou') scolded me severely for calling it grease and I was told under no circumstances to call it that, per Evil Lou's commandment: 'there's no grease at McDonald's: it's shortening, got it?.' And Evil Lou stood about 6'7", was well over 300 pounds and very likely knew a thing or two about grease/shortening. That was almost 50 years ago, way before the political correct movement.

  21. Juliette, we taught you lobster backs a lesson in 1776 and again in 1812. Are you sure that you want to go at it again. Because you know that I'd wear British flag underwear…

  22. I wonder if Evil Lou is still above ground? Somehow I doubt that he survived the 'shortening' and carbs. If he did (through some miracle of science) survive, he needs to be disected and studied.

  23. I've been assured that those measures will be put into place, but I will check twice to make sure that it happens. Thanks for the heads-up.

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