Defund Obama

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What if we just de-funded the President and Vice President and left everything else in place? 
1. Nobody would miss either one.
2. Michelle wouldn’t be stuck with the burden of being First Lady anymore.
3. Since we’re getting rid of both black and white, it wouldn’t be racist.
4. We could do tours of the White House and could sell sleep-overs in the Lincoln bedroom. Think about it. Using the White House as a B & B would help reduce the national debt and without Obama pushing for a trillion a year more than we take in, we’d be on the ‘road to recovery’.

5. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel could take over executive functions. He’s not too bright but he loves to party. And that may be enough until we can manage a new election for president.
6. Putin wouldn’t have his whipping boy anymore.
7. Without Obama, it would be “healthcare” and could go back to being the way it was before.
8. The Chicago White House would have to go back home and make people’s lives miserable back in Ill. (ill)
9. Nobody knows what Biden does anyway.
10. The Marines that hold the umbrella for Obama could go back to being Marines.

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