Norks – Rolling the Dice Again

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North Korea will launch another ICBM this weekend. I’m not sure whether or not they’ll shoot it over Japan. The last time they did that, nothing happened to them, so why not? They’ll keep pushing the envelope, confident that the US is fearful of doing anything to them. They hold the South Korean population hostage to their actions.
Chinese leaders still have not acknowledged the legitimacy of the North Korean missile threat to South Korea and its need for anti-missile defenses. While most international attention has focused on the North’s long-range missiles, the threat to South Korea is from the vastly larger arsenal of short- and medium-range ballistic missiles. 
Chinese Foreign Ministry press spokespersons never seem to get or, perhaps, accept questions concerning Kim Jong Un’s statements about forcefully reuniting the Korean peninsula.
Geng Shuang answered several questions about China’s position on imposing additional sanctions on North Korea.
He said, “Foreign Minister Wang Yi already stated that the Chinese side agreed with the Security Council’s making further responses and taking necessary measures.”
“We have said many times earlier that the response and measures the Security Council will make and adopt following North Korea’s sixth nuclear test depend on the outcome of the discussions of Security Council members. China has not the final say, nor does a certain Security Council member have the final say.”
“As for some concrete measures that you mentioned, we have also said multiple times that the Chinese side hopes that the response and measures that the Security Council will make and take should help realize the non-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, maintain the peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula, and promote the peaceful resolution of the Korean Peninsula issue through dialogue and consultation.”
“The Chinese side will take part in the relevant discussions at the Security Council based on this position in a responsible and constructive attitude.”
The US has proposed a total embargo of oil shipments to North Korea; a ban on textile exports from North Korea; a freeze on financial accounts that serve the government and termination of contracts for North Korean workers. The US also seeks UN backing for stopping North Korean-flagged ships at sea.
China is unlikely to support the US draft Security Council Resolution without significant modifications. Russia is even less likely to accept it. Nevertheless, Chinese leaders know and have admitted that the Security Council must take additional measures. China’s concurrence has the effect of channeling international outrage through the Security Council, heading off new sanctions by individual countries.
North Korea’s chief delegate to the Eastern Economic Forum said North Korea would counter US sanctions with powerful countermeasures of its own. Maybe the long awaited missile strike at Guam?

12 thoughts on “Norks – Rolling the Dice Again

  1. *sigh*
    I would rather not have a nuclear winter this year.
    But the NORKS do seem insistent on wanting one.

  2. They think that we lack the resolve (guts) to do anything – though they know we have the capacity, they've judged us to be a paper tiger.

  3. It's odd how people consistently misjudge America's will or ability to fight. Hitler, Bin Laden, Fat Kim and on. It never ends well for them.

  4. We'll know the trajectory fairly well soon after it's launched.

    We have ships in the area that can knock it down.

    If it's headed somewhere we don't like, we'll blow it out of the sky.

  5. Neither did it work out the way Tojo thought that it would. Pearl Harbor started the war and Hiroshima/Nagasaki ended it. The little monster with the bad haircut doesn't read history.

  6. I agree with LindaG. I also think that the fat boy seriously underestimates Trump. Especially if anything is shot off between today and Monday. Trump is a New Yorker, born and bred, and made his bucks in real estate. If Kim blows up anything this weekend, he may well get waaay more than he bargained for. After all, everyone is watching FL, and not paying attention to the fat kid.

    I know we have ships/boats that have stuff on board that could shoot down whatever the fat boy sends up, but what scares me is what weird funky stuff he may come up with.

    After all, no one would ever have thought of sending airplanes into buildings prior to 2001.

  7. With respect, lots of people thought of sending planes into buildings before 2001. A good read that covers that is Daniel Hill's autobiography A Life of Blood and Danger. Hill was a good friend of Rick Rescorla who played a key role in saving thousands on 9/11. Hell, *I* thought of sending planes into buildings; I just didn't talk about it.

    But I agree with you about Fat Kim underestimating DJT specifically and the US in general.

    LL: a couple of perhaps naive (and definitely lazy) questions.
    1. What could the DPRK bring to bear against the ROK exclusive of nukes? What is Seoul in range of, apart from missiles? Also wasn't there something about reservoirs that could "do a Harvey" on Seoul if their dams were blown?
    2. We've heard some desultory speculation on EMP over North America. But would an EMP over the Korean peninsula be favorable to the Norks if it came to otherwise conventional kinetic unpleasantness?

  8. Yes, and when he's nothing but a bit of dust on the breeze, glowing faintly, college students will wear shirts with the in-bred face on them.

  9. Oh, there are lots of things that the little monster could, and will likely try to do. EMP's would screw up his dream of owning the healthy, wealthy and productive South, so I don't think that he'd get around to doing that to the ROK. By the time he'd launch that, he's going to be degraded.

    You're a doctor. Think of all of the viruses that they could have weaponized. Yes, it may just as easily wipe out the Norks if they're not inoculated properly. Chemical weapons, blistering agents in particular are really nasty. Chlorine gas is wicked and really easy to make, but it dissipates. If you fire it from 50,000 shells at the same time, it would get somebody's attention in Seoul. I think that the NBC trio is the standard drill. The question that I can't answer is how exotic they've gotten with that really nasty stuff like anthrax?

    There's a dam down south by Daejeon that they could blow up and there'd be some water damage, but how long would it last in winter when it's cold enough for that water to freeze? What's the military impact? That's why Korea is a winter war. The valleys are all composed of rice cultivation and it's muddy. Tracks work better when the ground is frozen. Likewise chemical weapons don't usually work as well during the wet and windy winter. They disperse too rapidly.

  10. From page 344 in the 911 Report you will find "The case of Aircrafts as Weapons" with examples of known initiatives discussing the problem.

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