Defining Percentages

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George Zimmerman, not
Hispanic enough?
The race hustlers who would have benefited from a guilty verdict against George Zimmerman are gnashing their teeth right now, thinking of what they can do to incite a riot. But the media circus surrounding the trial has left many of us in a quandary.

How much negro blood must course through a person’s veins before they are considered “black” in today’s world. It’s not a white issue, as one would naturally suspect, but a black issue — and possibly the most racist issue in the nation today.
George Zimmerman looks Hispanic. He has a ‘teutonic’ name, courtesy of his Jewish ancestors, and he’s 1/8th negro based on media reports. Nobody cares that he’s half Peruvian. The media and the US Department of Justice go with the surname and have pronounced him, white, because it serves their purposes.
If you haven’t heard about the Zimmerman self-defense case and the not-guilty verdict, you must have been hiding under a rock because the media are swimming in it. Treyvon Martin, who is a higher percentage negro than Zimmerman allegedly attacked him and Zimmerman shot him in an act of self-defense.
Everyone seems to be arguing about who is black (enough). They seem to want to bring back terms such as mulatto. The mainstream media wants to brand Zimmerman as white, even though he’s of mixed race and Martin as black even though he’s of mixed race. 
In order to get to the heart of the matter, the media would seem to be suggesting that we return to insulting terms such as: 

  • Sambo – Three quarters black
  • Mulatto – Half black
  • Quadroon – One fourth black
  • Octoroon – One eighth black 
  • Quintroon – One fifth black
  • Hexadecaroon – One twelfth black
Many find those terms offensive. However to satiate the media’s need to identify people based on the fraction of negro blood that flows through their veins, President Obama should hereafter be referred to as a mulatto, George Zimmerman as an octoroon and Treyvon Marton as a Sambo.
Yes, it’s insulting and it should have had NOTHING to do with the trial of Zimmerman. It has nothing to do with evidence presented. And a jury found Zimmerman not-guilty. So that ends the matter.

One would think that after electing a half-white/half-black American president TWICE that the media would be able to get over it. There is no glass ceiling for people of mixed race. Yet progressives cling to their assertion that affirmative action is still needed and race is a major defining factor in America. If so, it is THOSE VERY PEOPLE – Progressives – who make it so and keep fueling the fire.

4 thoughts on “Defining Percentages

  1. The responses so far from the usual race baiters and the MSM simply verify that the trial had little to do with finding the truth for them . . . They wanted a lynching.

  2. It remains to be seen whether their relentless pursuit of this end as you described will succeed. I don't think that Zimmerman's problems ended with a not-guilty verdict.

  3. I don't understand the pseudo-intellectual process that goes on inside of their heads. Then again, I'm sure that they don't get me either.

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