The First Noble Truth – Unsatisfactoriness and suffering exist and are universally experienced.

The Second Noble Truth – Desire and attachment are the causes of unsatisfactoriness and suffering.


The Fall from the Bicycle

Jimmy Carter didn’t know what he was doing and was president at a time when everyone thought the nation was going down the tubes. He was weak. (who can forget the “killer rabbit” who attacked Carter? Joe Biden is in the same boat. We have endless domestic and foreign policy crises, and he’s just too weak and stupid to do anything about them.

Both men had failed outdoor excursions that put the final note on their presidencies. They were both weak. Biden’s slightly worse in the sense that he’s weak, old, and impossibly corrupt.


Everything “Woke” turns to dreck. But why?

PaulM sent this to me and it’s worth viewing.

Why it is that the Liberal Left of my youth reliably produced works of popular art, even works of genius, whereas the Progressive Left of the present day cannot make art, cannot tell stories, cannot even generate convincing propaganda using the intellectual property inherited or purchased from their forebears.

The Progs lack talent and so their only tactic is to destroy the works of others, scribbling graffiti over the creations other men made. The Progs hate life, and so their art reflects that hatred to the point that none can pen a convincing plot or realistic character.

Look at what became of Hollywood.

The “Woke” as these sleepwalkers absurdly call themselves are heretics who hate the transcendental world. It is not just the Christian religion they hate, or Western civilization, but anything that serves as a structure for moral order, anything that might check or hinder the mob rule in its passions.

The word heretic here is used advisedly. Heresy is any deviation from an organic body of sacred learning and practice which takes one element of that learning or practice, elevates or inflates it to an absolute in order to denigrate or jettison other elements. Heresy is always like a half-man who solves a quarrel between his left and right arms by having one amputate the other. Orthodoxy hence tends to be balanced, based on tradition, and contain compromises or even paradoxes between competing elements; heterodoxy is refreshingly simple or even simplistic.

Wokeness is Cultural Marxism, that is, the application of Marxist analysis of all human life into two elements, the oppressor and the oppressed, locking in a Darwinian and inescapable struggle for power, which is the sole underlying reality of all human institutions and passions. Marx himself used the economic institutions of his day, and the alleged conflict between labor and capital, as the basis for his Apocalyptic vision of world revolution and utopia; Cultural Marxists use alleged conflicts between races, sexes, classes, and between human decency and sexual perverts — with the perverts in the starring role as the oppressed and exploited proletarians —  to break down all peace between races, disrupt the family, abolish public decency.

The modern Woke have no vision. That was swept away in the nihilism and paradoxes they adopted once their faction, once the counterculture, became the establishment. The modern Woke are a strange and horrible combination of anarchist totalitarians, socialist plutocrats, jihadist atheists, racist anti-racists.

Pulling down monuments to erase the past is the act of the revolutionary once he has achieved his final stage, when, sensing victory close at hand, he no longer masks his purposes and no longer pretends that compassion is in his heart or utopia in his dreams. He destroyed for the joy of destroying and calls it deconstruction.


A Korean in the Wermacht at Normandy

In June 1944 a young Asian soldier surrendered to a group of American paratroopers during the Allied invasion of Normandy. At first, his captors thought he was Japanese, but he was actually Korean. He was called Yang Kyoungjong.

In 1938, at the age of eighteen, Yang Kyoungjong had been forcibly recruited by the Japanese to join their Kwantung Army in Manchuria. A year later, he was taken prisoner by the Red Army in the Battle of Khalkhin-Gol and sent to a forced labor camp. The Soviet military authorities, during a period of crisis in 1942, forced him, along with several thousand other prisoners, to join their forces. Later, at the beginning of 1943, he was taken prisoner during the Battle of Kharkov, in Ukraine, by Nazi troops. In 1944, wearing a German uniform, he was sent to France to serve in an Ostbataillon that was supposed to reinforce the Atlantic Wall from the Cotentin Peninsula, inland near Utah Beach. After spending time in a prison camp in Great Britain, he moved to the United States, where he would not say anything about his past. He settled in this country and passed away in Illinois in 1992.

In a war that killed more than sixty million people and was global in scope, Yang Kyoungjong, a reluctant veteran of the Japanese, Soviet, and German armies, was comparatively lucky. Yet his life story still provides perhaps the most striking example of how helpless most ordinary people were in the face of what would be historically overwhelming forces.

Korean citizen Yang Kyoungjong, who had been successively recruited by the Imperial Japanese Army, the Red Army of the Soviet Union, and the German Wehrmacht, was captured by the Americans in Normandy in June 1944.


  1. Yang Kyoungjong was one lucky bloke. Awful lot of things can go wrong in an attempt to surrender.

    As for woke, it’s an ideology completely unable to create. It’s only able to subvert and destroy, antithetical to civilization. There is nothing good that comes of it.

    • The odds of successfully surrendering personally during combat are very close to nil. If you’re one of an army that surrenders you have a better chance of survival unless you’re surrendering to Russians or Japanese.

  2. “Pulling down monuments to erase the past…” Once all that is done all that is left is the present, as defined by the woke revolutionaries.

    • The negro mob that pulled down the statue of Lincoln on their celebration of slavery day was particularly telling.

      • The foot soldiers of the Black Liberation Movement. Inspiredby, amongst others, the Kente cloth wearing members of congress who celebrated St. George Floyd of the Fentanyl.

  3. The “woke” would be more palatable to me if they were even the least bit competent. Doubt any could organize a two car funeral yet they are calling our shots.

  4. “The modern Woke have no vision.”

    Absolutely true…however they will tell you otherwise, like they were God’s gift to humanity, and that all who came before THEM were idiots and to be dismissed. If you point out the fallacy of their misguided boorishness they assail you with epithets instead of sound argument, proving their shallowness. They are weak; weak-minded, weak physically, and weak emotionally. Worst of all, they are weak spiritually, not tethered to God’s dock…even a little bit.

    Peterson encapsulated it as only he can, like a velvet hammer: “Their low-resolution resentful ideology”.

    Look at yesterday’s stupidity, supposedly to celebrate emancipation. The day completely fails that these same morons pulled down Lincoln statues. They know nothing real, especially history, which is inherently messy and flawed. Yet we are tasked to rise above and strive “to do better”, to move forward. But the cancerous nudges demand we reverse course, wipe it all out and start from scratch…with no plan, only some utopian concept that fails rationale. These are the vapid “useful idiots”, and, sadly, potentially not salvageable. But hey, post another “selfie” and all will be right…for a second or two.

      • I am a man of vision, the Woke and I have nothing in common.

        Altho if this bravo sierra keeps up I’ll be “a man of constant sorrow”.

  5. Somewhat O/T [link to full article at end]:
    “The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted unanimously on Saturday to recommend that children 6 months and older receive COVID-19 vaccines.

    As proposed by CDC staff, and now approved by CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, MD, MPH, the recommendations call for a two-dose series of Moderna’s product for children ages 6 months to 5 years, and a three-dose series for Pfizer-BioNTech’s in those 6 months to 4 years.

    The vote tallies were 12-0 for both products, and the recommendations follow the FDA’s decision on Friday to grant emergency use authorization to the two mRNA vaccines for these age groups.”

    The only vaguely heartening thing is that so far the majority of the (6) comments are anti-vax. Nearly all the people I work with IRL are progressive to some degree, and even they are against vaxxing little kids.


    • Operative words: “Emergency Use Authorization”…as these “not-A-Vax’s have been labeled since day one, meaning ZERO liability for adverse reactions, including death. Pumping this “no challenge data” DNA Manipulator into the little ones…evil.

      “…would be better for [them] if a great millstone were hung around [their] neck[s] and [they] were thrown into the sea.”

      One can only hope.

      • The vax situation is out of control. If only Fauci had another couple of vaxes… And another three masks for a total of six.

        The plague is over, but they continue to pretend that it isn’t. It’s a version of the flu. You can get very sick but most people don’t and they develop immunity from having fought it off just like every other flu.

  6. Did you see The Atlantic did a puff piece praising Biden for getting up from his fall?? He’s a national hero for getting up by himself.

    I think everyone older than 10 has gone through enough to be national heroes by that standard.

    • I need a(nother) medal. One for getting up is just as noteworthy as most of the medals and ribbons I received from a grateful nation.

      What about a medal for getting out of bed in the middle of the night and taking a healthy whiz without a dribble?

    • As a wee child I was tearing along the sidewalk on my bike when I got my front wheel caught in that little “ditch” made by aggressive edging of the lawn. This turned to be not steer-out-able, so I separated from the bike and went headfirst into our privet hedge. My head nearly made it through the entire hedge, but the rest of me was stuck, so I had to claw my way out, retrograde. Went into the house with scratches all over my face. My mother took one look and me and cried, “What happened?”
      I started to snivel out my sad little tale, but as soon as she understood that I had gone nearly through the privet, my mother interrupted with, “Is the hedge okay? You didn’t put a real hole in it, did you?”

      So much for getting sympathy for falling off one’s bike. Apropos of nothing in particular, I’m not a big fan of the smell of privet blossoms, and not keen on edging the lawn either.

      • I’m proud to say that I’ve never, not once, edged a lawn. The benefits of edging are highly overrated, in my opinion.

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