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The Arizona Audit

After long last, the Maricopa County Ballot Audit results were reported to the Arizona senate. As expected, the number of phantom votes, duplicate ballots, ballots with missing signatures, or ballots without a proper chain of custody far exceeds the margin of victory for the purported victor of the ballot count.

Those alleging voter fraud have been entirely vindicated. You will not hear this from any mainstream media outlet, nor will normal search engines find this news. The unwary will never hear of it.

For the record, a recount counts the number of ballots that came. An audit discovers whence they came. More here.

If your candidate receives a number of mail-in ballots from empty lots, or from out of state, the count of ballots does not change, but the audit shows how many unlawful ballots have been included in that count.

If the unlawful ballots exceed the margin of victory, the election cannot be certified in good faith. more here

In this case, the audit found:

  • 3,432 more ballots cast than voters listed as having cast a ballot.
  • 277 Precincts show more ballots cast than people who showed up to vote (VMSS) for a total of 1,551 excess votes.
  • 9,041 more mail-in ballots returned than they were mailed out.

Biden’s margin was 10,457.

In addition, election data was unlawfully deleted, and ballot images were “corrupt or missing.” Remember, this is not even the whole state of Arizona, but only Maricopa County.

The county officials destroyed records they were required by law to keep, erased computer logs, and refused a lawful subpoena to turn over routers and other evidence showing that the voting machines were connected to the Internet, meaning that the voting machines could have been (and certainly were) remotely manipulated to hoax the final count.

That aspect of the fraud, electronic ballot switching via the internet or insecure voting machines, has not yet even been investigated.

The degree of nakedly insolent defiance of lawful subpoenas by the officials being investigated is damning. Even if they had been as innocent as lambs of the underlying crime, the cover-up is a crime independently.

With one voice, the mainstream media reports that a leaked draft of the report shows that a recount of the vote shows Biden being the winner in this county, with more votes than previously tallied.

This headline was accompanied with snarling smears and invective against Trump, against the voters, against America, calling him, and us, vile liars, saying that the evidence of voter fraud (which was clear enough to be visible from the moon) did not exist and that concerns about election integrity were baseless, the accusations made without evidence, the audit was bogus, and that election was the most secure in the history of infinite space and eternal time.

(This, from selfsame voices assuring us that the 2016 election was hacked by Putin to install Trump as an evil superspy in the White House, the selfsame Trump who restored the US military to fighting strength, shut down the Putin’s pipeline to Germany, and curtailed Putin’s ambitions in Eastern Europe and the Near East: All gains undone by Biden with the first few weeks of his residence in the White House.)

It is still shocking to me, albeit it should by now not be, that the falsehood is so brazen, so insolent, so vituperative, and so ubiquitous. Even news sources I would otherwise have thought reliable are reporting this fake news.

The plan is simple enough: flood the zone with so much fake news shouted so loudly and shoved so vehemently into the forefront of news chyrons and search engines, that the unwary will never even hear a rumor of the truth.

The chances that Biden won in any one of the four swing states were he was below 50% of the vote (Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin) on election night, suddenly to find uncounted ballots all of which were 90% or 100% in his favor, are roughly one in one quadrillion. Imagine one followed by fifteen zeros. The chances that he won in all four of those swing states is that number raised to the fourth power.

The chances that a draft of the report was put into the hands of the mainstream media: zero.


It’s just an idea for a hat.


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  1. The way a presidential election is really run doesn’t require the “widespread voter fraud” that the media uses to distract people. It simply requires small differences in a numerically tiny number of precincts. Just enough to turn those precincts and the state total.

    The results from the Arizona audit prove to me that it was fraudulent and I have no doubts that the same applies to Michigan, Pennsylvania, and the others, down to the Georgia Senate runoffs in January. The responses to the audits all along do the same; after all, if they were really confident was above board, wouldn’t they want it shown to everyone just how perfect everything is, instead of doing everything short of assassinations to prevent or stop the audit?

    • You nailed it.

      The problem is that Biden was fraudulently elected as were senators and down-ticket people as well. What will be done about it?

      • Unfortunately, nothing. The audit is just more proof we’ve gone past the tipping point.

        Welcome to the FUSA, comrade. By the way, your bunk request has been denied….

          • The new Bunk Selection Lottery System (BS-LS) is being run using Dominion machines, a spike at 10:00PM on lottery day could put you over the top of your closest competition.

  2. Any bets on whether or not the individuals responsible will ever be punished for breaking the law or for that matter even be removed from the position of responsibility?

    • “whether or not the individuals responsible will ever be punished”

      I am put in mind of those timeless words of wisdom from Wayne Campbell:
      It might happen. Shyeah, and monkeys might fly out my butt.

  3. The day after results were released Goggle “News” featured MSM articles proclaiming the election was valid and no fraud found. No wonder BZ calls them American Mainstream Maggots.

  4. I can see an argument now that says since it only takes a few key counties to change the outcome of an election, we should make it a nationwide popular vote. Actually, it SHOULD be a capital offense with a televised death penalty for anyone who cheats (in any way) in an election.

    • Deal with them with extreme prejudice, Oldvet50.

      If there was a nationwide popular vote only California, Texas, and New York would matter. The other states would be ignored and it would lead to problems.

  5. There is nothing new in all of this, by the way, other than it is more in the open. Those people who control the newsmedia now are mostly the same as those who said things such as the following, below. (These are from Wikipedia, so if anything, have ALREADY been toned down to suit the prejudices of our masters and to reflect their glory up toward their noble and shining countenances.)

    Here is Edward Bernays, double-nephew of Sigmund Freud and unrepentant professional propagandist.
    Bernays touted the idea that the “masses” are driven by factors outside their conscious understanding, and therefore that their minds can and should be manipulated by the capable few.

    Here is Walter Lippmann, lionized as “The Father of Modern Journalism” by (of course) other journalists and social-science academics. [Lippmann] wrote in 1922 that a “governing class” must rise to face the new challenges [of the 1920s]. Lippmann also called the notion of a public competent to direct public affairs a “false ideal.” This disparaging view of the average man was reflected in his assertion that mass man functioned as a “bewildered herd” who must be governed by “a specialized class whose interests reach beyond the locality.” The elite class of intellectuals and experts were to be a machinery of knowledge to circumvent the primary defect of democracy, the impossible ideal of the “omnicompetent citizen”.

    So, know your place and go chew your cud, you herd animals. Your intellectual betters have made your decisions for you, and you are all the better for it, even if you are too stupid and stubborn and prideful to admit it.

  6. SiG beat me to it. And yes, that report is damning, and funny how the MSM only reported on the PART with the totals, NOT the PART with all the issues noted…

  7. “the falsehood is so brazen, so insolent, so vituperative, and so ubiquitous”

    Like… wow.

    I’m not sure we’ll recover from this any time soon. Is the corruption baked in? Seems so. And, apparently, no one has the gall to kick back for truth. Army? No, rainbow. Navy? Gone trans. Airforce? Exercise in lesbyterianianism. Police Force? Defund. Judges? Bought and paid for shills. And on.

    Looking over the horizon, what emerges from the chaos? Perhaps the erstwhile Eastern Bloc’s a hopeful sign, but I feel something worse is happening here. Anyway, won’t bang on.

  8. One of the things I promoted on my show Saturday was that we have to stand against the onslaught of lies that seek to turn our opinion and convince us that what we know is not true.

  9. The voter fraud doesn’t even really matter.

    How many States changed their voting rules by illegal, unconstitutional fiat order, w/o legislative

    The entire election was invalid, as it was conducted illegitimately.


  10. I can say first hand that this all fits to what I saw “on the ground”. My daughter is a student at ASU and we received not one but two absentee ballots for her at our home. Since there was no time to mail them to her she went and voted in person. If you do the math, that’s three times sixty five thousand, or about a quarter million votes in the hands of indoctrinated college students.

    • It’s fraud on a MASSIVE scale and if we let it stand the democracy is gone, will be replaced by the oligarchs we see today behind the fraudulently elected officials, pulling their strings and ultimately to revolution.

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