profits create suspicion – failures earn subsidies

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The Obama Administration has wasted $86 billion on green stimulus with nothing other than 50 bankrupt green companies to show for it — including Solyndra, First Solar and Ener1. The disconnected voter base has no concept, nor do they seem to care. It’s become simply, “what government does.” And since roughly 50% of Americans pay no Federal Income Tax, it’s not coming out of their pockets.
The war on coal is an extension of this philosophy.

18 thoughts on “profits create suspicion – failures earn subsidies

  1. And they still won't care when this country collapses. Only when their benefits stop coming. America was strong only as long as we were a moral people. Politicians had to reign in their greed so as to to offend their moral base. No more…

  2. Since their base has NO morals, I'd disagree with Sig94… This is ALL about $$ to their backers, not what the country actually needs… and we DO need coal plants, since the econazis have shut down both nuclear and building any new refineries…

  3. These gigantic monetary flops are not well covered by the media. Media. There's got to be a better word for that lot.

  4. $$$ to backers, a portion of which is returned to them in the form of a kick-back. Welcome to Chicago, or America in the era of ObamaNation.

  5. 17 Trillion in debt = death of America. Our enemies must be thrilled. Our grandchildren will not be.

  6. The FBI is defunding operations, furloughing Special Agents, ceasing training, freezing transfers, and reducing its workforce by 10% – to try and cut $700 million.

    $1 billion is a thousand million. What if the FBI promised to recycle?

    (I do believe the FBI could absorb the cuts and is making the wrong cuts…but $86 billion has a lot of $700 millions in it….)

  7. It's important for the Obama Administration to fund Green Energy research despite the fact that so many of the business have gone under and the money, squandered. It's a kick-back base and a reward for supporters.

    Liberals have never been overly fond of the FBI. Certainly it's not "earth friendly" in the way that a windmill is. Simply not starting up one business, bound to fail, would likely solve all of the FBI funding problems, but that's not how Obama rolls.

  8. Excellent point now that I think about it, and those kickbacks are in the form of 'donations' so perfectly legal… sigh

  9. Soon we won't have enough to borrow more money, or to fix broken things or – God Forbid – to pay welfare. Riots. Napalm was made to break up riots.

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