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#Me Too

There is an article at Legal Insurrection that mirrors everything that I’ve seen. I’ve told friends, “you’d need a screw loose to hire a woman.” I stand by that statement and my company, which consists of independent contractors, does not include women. I do work with men of all ethnicities. In the areas where we often go (we don’t operate in the USA), a woman, alone is a rape target. Why put a woman in that situation? The third world is not politically correct.
It’s funny to watch USGOV send women into places to serve in posts, best served by men. No Mexican general or admiral will give an American woman the time of day, unless they are receiving sexual favors. That applies to all of Latin America, all of Africa, The Middle East (with the possibly exception of Israel), all of Asia and the Asian Subcontinent, and Russia. 
Sorry women, it’s just reality. In many parts of the world that the liberals and progressives seem to favor, women are chattel. The much of the Muslim world their daughters are sexually mutilated while they are still girls, their women are denied education and the ability to do anything without a male chaperon (because they’d be raped if they were out, alone). It’s a pretty horrible situation. Latin America is better than that, but by degree. Yes, some elite families in Mexico City or Rio send their daughters to private schools and they get jobs in daddy’s corporation but it doesn’t extent to the common people.
USGOV and many corporations are being held to an American/Canadian and European standard and it causes disfunction. Not my problem. If they want something to get done, they can hire me.

The Fourth Estate

The term Fourth Estate (or fourth power) refers to the press, and news media, both in explicit capacity of advocacy and implicit ability to frame political issues.

I don’t have much in the way of praise for our current crop of journalists. Some of you may leap on me like sabertooth tigers on a wounded mastodon for generalizing. I’ve known journalists who are adrenalin junkies and are hot after the next big story. They live to report the story and do not want to BE THE STORY. Some of them become “war correspondents” and risk their lives to tell the story fairly.

But a lot of them are lazy bums, sexual deviates and charismatic charlatans who have never held an honest job in their lives. There are a lot of those same well-funded young people take liberal arts courses and receive their PhD in journalism studies so that they can teach it. Most flecks would resort to being bar stewards in knocking shops if they were fired from the paper or the university. I can’t change the truth.

Then we come to Lawyers
I can’t trash journalists without at least mentioning the legal profession. We hear a lot these days about Creepy Porn Lawyer, Robert Mueller and the scum who circulate inside the Beltway. Lawyers are almost always their own worst enemies as a profession.

Lawyers of today occupy positions that were taken by priests, shamans and necromancers in epochs past. Priests told potentates what was right and wrong. Lawyers tell people what is legal and illegal – in a world where “right” does not exist.

The CIA was started (Gen. Donovan) by a lawyer and the place is filled with them. You can’t swing a dead cat around your head with out hitting a lawyer or a shrink there at Sodom-on-the-Potomac. There is a learning point to all that.  Donald J. Trump surrounded himself with attorneys. He wasn’t careful enough in his selection.


If you’re in trouble you call a cop, a doctor, a lawyer or a priest. Most people don’t call journalists. Not first anyway.

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  1. In the car biz I hired,and promoted, people who could get the job done. Only a handful of women lasted. The one's who didn't were a gigantic PITA. One I promoted is now a three term State Legislator. One of the hardest working people I've known, she was incapable of working a car deal without putting some kind of kink in the deal whether needed or not.

    Can't say women were any bigger problems, just harder to fire when they were a problem. People working on a commission are basically independent contractors and not of the mentality of wage drones, bless their hearts.

  2. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that women aren't as smart or as hard working. It's just that the potential #me too accusation of anyone in the organization is not worth the trouble. No women, no trouble.

    Picking the right people is key. Paying directly for performance yields better results.

  3. I don't have a problem with anything you said. Maybe it's just me.
    I was stationed on Okinawa when Kuwait happened. They asked for volunteers to go to Rhyad or however it is spelled. I did not volunteer because of how they view women. Simple enough to me.

    They women who did volunteer and go, came back changed. I feel for them. They were somewhat upset that I didn't go, but I was not.

  4. > Most people [when in trouble] don't call journalists.

    Of course not. They're too busy live-streaming themselves on their phones. Who needs the journalists?

    @LindaG: One of my best friends is genetically Pashtun and a cultural Muslim, in the sense that she fasts during Ramadan and keeps to halal meats. Otherwise she is entirely Western (and a huge Hillary devotee) in attitude, dress and behavior. Her dad is too ill to go on the hajj, and mom wants to make the hajj for him as his proxy (hajj al-badal). However, as a Muslim woman, mom cannot do this unaccompanied because she cannot travel about The Magic Kingdom unaccompanied by competent (male) authority. My friend was on a tear about the stupidity of this. I just nodded sympathetically rather than point out the obvious. After about a minute or two my friend said, "I know what you're thinking." ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Islam hasn't changed that much since its inception and the leadership is not much changed since the illiterate pederast led his hoards on jihad back around 600 AD. The values of the faith remain rooted to norms in 600 AD.

    600 AD was not a shining moment of enlightenment in the Middle East, in Europe, in Asia or in the Americas, where Aztec priests were carving hearts out of living chests and offered as sacrifice to the Sun god.

    Why anyone would want to reenact the prejudice, brutality, cruelty or xenophobia of Mohammed in our modern world defies my understanding. But they do.

    They don't line up to get their hearts cut out on the tops of pyramids in Mexico for shits and giggles these days. Why would they embrace Islam?

  6. "If you are in trouble call a cop,..

    Uh, no.

    There is no human condition so terrible that the arrival of a police officer cannot make it worse.
    Irish Proverb

    It depends on the cop.

  7. I like the 2nd infographic, sound maternal advice. Then there's journalists.

    They can be a hard and unpleasant crew though I'll wager the monkey on lawyers being worse. Of course priests are awesome.

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