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Samuel Colt made them Equal



Mexico Has Strict Firearms Laws

How is that working out?


Thomas Edison with his second phonograph, photographed by Mathew Brady in Washington, April 1878

Genius recognized.



The Navy vs Space Aliens

It happened in the 1960s. It could happen again.


The B-17 Didn’t have a Glass Jaw


It’s Possible


The Nemisis

Didn’t turn out to be threat that it was purported to be.

12 thoughts on “Musing

  1. I’m offended by all those colored sox. let’s call them dirty sox and clean sox. surely people wouldn’t be offended by that, now would they?

    1. Two baseball teams, battling it out in one epic series to determine the future of the sport? One the clean sox and the other the dirty sox? I think that it’s a great idea. If the clean sox win, no more BS. If the dirty sox win, no more baseball.

    2. In 1919 the White Sox became known as the Black Sox after members threw the World Series. I imagine they’ll want to rewrite that one as well.

    3. Nah, you’re using your false white patriarchal western narrative to unjustly oppress dirty people as inferior to clean people. The righteousness of their beautiful, natural, superior, filth-embracing culture must be promoted.


  2. I wonder when the progressives are going to start screeching for the USN to get rid of their dress WHITES?

    1. The black USN winter uniform was referred to by members of the Navy as “Gestapo Blacks”. Now they have the peanut butter cup uniforms. I find it all so odd. Let the Navy be the Navy. Tropical whites can be black if black uniforms matter, I guess.

  3. Ah, Soviet and Russian super-weapons. Have they ever lived up to even half their hype?

    As to Baseball? Who cares. Go woke, go broke.

    You can tell the guy in the leather jacket is a pilot as he is struggling against gravity to hold his left arm up due to the weight of his watch.

    B-17s may not have had the bomb-load of the B-24s, but they could survive with damage that would have brought several -24s down.

    Space aliens vs the Navy? Maybe space aliens have taken over the Navy brass. Would explain so much.

    1. What happened to my Navy, Beans? There are some talented guys there, but on the whole, it takes a lot to be world beating.

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