Sorry for the interruption. Everything is back in battery.


Bullet Points:

** If we don’t need border security, why do we need airport security?

** Understanding Uranus.

** Slow Horses (British TV Series) – I watched three seasons, and a fourth is in production. I loved it.

** A Plug – I’m not compensated; I’m just dragging the sack for Tucker.

Something big is coming. You can feel it. Everybody can. The next twelve months will be wild – like nothing we have ever seen. How are you going to respond to the chaos? The first step is knowing what’s happening.

Big media companies won’t help. Their job is to manipulate you. The government? Come on.

We’ve decided we need something new, something relentlessly honest that the corporate gatekeepers can’t touch. That’s why we’ve built a company called Tucker Carlson Network to provide facts and honesty to you daily. You can head to to learn more. It’s a pay site. Maybe worth it?

** More on the Wobbling Earth from Popular Mechanics.

** NASA’s Perseverance Rover Comes Across a Thermal Blanket on Mars…

Has it been preserved for millions of years, proof positive of one of the extrasolar craft that visited us in an LL or Old NFO novel?

No such luck.

** “I have fought against the people of the North because I believed they were seeking to wrest from the South its dearest rights. But I have never cherished bitter or vindictive feelings toward them and have never seen the day when I did not pray for them.” Robert E. Lee

** Pharmaceutical drugs are the number three killer in the U.S. behind cancer and heart attacks.


Navajo Tacos

You don’t have to be a Navajo to make and enjoy them even though you would be culturally appropriating.



From Jim (Old NFO) Curtis


Revenge is a dish best-served cold… but vengeance isn’t the only thing that comes to he who waits.

Colin Graham and Lisbet Sarnov were kids when they witnessed their mining colony habitat’s destruction and his father’s murder while checking for survivors. Eighteen years later, his little payback list is almost finished when his command catches wind of unsanctioned justice and sends him to a backwater a hundred light seconds from command HQ.

If only they’d known the coldest reaches of space held not only the last ‘prize,’ he was looking for but also a long-lost treasure he’d almost forgotten…


Identify the Tank





Identify the Weapon



  1. Woot! Glad you’re back, LL!

    (1) Maybe a Chieftain?
    (2) SU-85
    (3) Merkava. Maybe a II ?
    (4) North American X-10.

    – Kle.

    • The Merkva is a prototype on a T-55 chassis. The turret is recognizable, the actual tank that they used is a bit more difficult to peg.

  2. washington- several times i’ve read that quote wasn’t his. seems more jeffersonian in light of george’s action in the whisky rebellion. still, kudos to ol george who somehow managed to wrest the colonies away from the worlds most powerful military at the time. …some of the left are losing it over tucker chatting w/ putin, calling for his arrest when he comes back or even banning him from the country. “our democracy” indeed.

    • still, kudos to ol george who somehow managed to wrest the colonies away from the worlds most powerful military at the time

      Credit should go to the Atlantic ocean more than GW, it was too expensive to project power across. Costs more to collect taxes than you receive in taxes. That’s why not only the British colonialism failed but all the other competing colonialisms, too.

      Oceans are why America isn’t in the UK, mountains are why Switzerland has remained a federation for 800 years. What new forms of expensive ground can man invent? Cryptography to keep commerce and banking private? Your children “vote” to hire people to exercise power over you, how are you going to rebuff them?

  3. Love the Robert E Lee quote and picture. If only we had generals like him leading our military today. That’s one of my favorite quotes from him. But I’ve never seen the picture. Matthew 18:20 comes to mind.


  4. LL, welcome back. Thanks for keeping his little corner of the world somewhat sane.

    Old NFO’s novella is quite good, very much recommended.

    Uranus. Interesting but I always bear in mind it is just a computer model. Glad they used one that reflects observational reality as opposed to the ones that are used for global warming research, cough, cough.

  5. Carlson is a running his own path, and we need his courage to report accurately the news whereas the MSM is wholly owned subsidiary of The Government Machine that has forgotten its charter that they work for We The People, not the other way around. But as Peter @ BRM reminded us, always follow the money. Money corrupts absolutely. Carlson needs to watch his back (not that he doesn’t already know that).

    Lee, Washington, and a host of others…men of courage, principles, and faith. Trump may the modern version – fearless and cuts through the crap, and knows what he believes…all learned traits of a life dealing with backstabbers (those ID’d anyway), grifters, thieves, ninny’s, and cheats while developing properties (vision coupled to opportunity). The “Takers” always seem to find themselves in positions of rule, often overstepping their authority with impunity…Trump upsets their hold on the apple cart.

    Does NASA get a ticket for littering on Mars?

      • The Mars Environmental Activist Ninnys (MEAN)…a new Democratic Socialist arm fighting space colonizers (send in your donation today…just click on the little Martian head at the website upper right hand corner). They’ve seen the absolute disregard by white men for Mars’ pristine environment and will demand reparations. They, however, will allow rainbow flags, but tinfoil is egregious.

          • The Romans held Mars (Ares) and Antares (red but not Mars) sacred. Are there any genuine Romans remaining to be offended?

          • The way I look at it, if you can’t grow anything on the place then the NASA geeks can do whatever they want to it. Altho, we could launch some our politicians and their minions up there since they hate America so much while spouting Gaia is dying because of you and me. Lighten the load here a bit.


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