Cowboy Breakfast

Why does it always taste so good?


Not a bad set-up

Scooter Camping


Meanwhile, at the White Wolf Mine

My granddaughters visited and wanted to walk near the Whirly-gig Forest near the house.

Life can be very normal and very fun at a simple level. Sometimes all it takes is a walk through the woods on the road less traveled.

Then there is the rope swing, that entertains for hours, until the afternoon monsoon drives them inside for ice cream.


  1. That bike camper would have been great during one of the fit periods of my youth!


  2. Earl: “No breakfast?”
    Val: “I did it yesterday. It was bologna and beans, remember?”
    Earl: “No, it was eggs, I did eggs, over easy.”
    Val: “The hell you did, it was bologna and beans!”
    —plays rock, paper, scissors, Val looses —
    Val: “Well, I guess when I’m your age I’ll forget what I eat too.”

  3. The eternal legacy of a man, his grand children and great grandchildren… You are truly blessed!

      • Sadly, not all. My wife had massive ovarian cysts that ended with her getting spayed right after our 1st anniversary — two emergency surgeries 3 days before her insurance became active. Between that and a couple of other financial hits, we were in no position to adopt until we were too old. I think I have more regrets about that than my wife now (I don’t know that I’d have made an especially good father 25 years ago, but I’d be a lot better now, though I guess one must rise to the occasion when it happens), but we make up for it by doting on nieces and nephews to the extent possible. One does what one can, and hopes for the best.

        • I am sorry, spayed? I have been a nurse too long to not correct you, the proper term is radical hysterectomy. I am not being a grammar or spelling, or even a word usage nazi, but female dogs and cats get spayed, not humans. I feel for you and your wife not being able to conceive. Children truly are a blessing and a joy.

  4. I never thought I’d have a grandchild.

    And I never knew it could be so rewarding watching him grow and teaching him things.

    I keep asking myself “What Did I Do To Warrant Such Blessings?”…….

  5. More shots of the grandkids. Saw four of mine yesterday and will see the other two this weekend. I need this to mellow me out.

  6. Childrens heaven, sort of. That is what you have created LL. That makes them always remember you.

  7. That breakfast…Saturday for sure.

    Your [same] elevation looks a lot more lush than ours does…might need to do the Speedo rain dance.

    Such a good Grandad…memories they will carry with them. h/t

  8. Food always seems to taste better over an open fire.
    Grandkids are for teaching and loving on, and getting hugs in return.
    Blessed be…

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