Does the path of the Oreo lead to the Holy Grail? 


Secrets of the Oreo Cookie

Now you know.


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  1. That line in National Treasure (adjusted), “A cookie of that importance will guarantee the maps survival.”

    Like a decoder ring when you spin them apart. And survival food to boot.

  2. The Templar flag, the Beauseant, was black and white. Ahhh, just like the Oreo. Is it appropriate to say, “À moi, beau sire ! Beauséant à la rescousse!” before biting into an Oreo? Why not?

  3. A well-kept secret revealed. The editor of Virtual Mirage can already make space on the fireplace mantel for the Pulitzer Prize.

  4. Gave up Oreos in the 90s when I learned the center was whipped lard and corn syrup. I think it’s canola or something now, it’s vegan and halal these days.

    • That would mean more for the rest of us, wouldn’t it?

      Not finding a down side here…….

      • The supply of Oreos is seemingly inexhaustible.

        My grandsons are experts at the drill: Twist, gnaw the filling, and eat the hard cookie.

      • If you identify as a Templar, particularly if you’re on a quest for the Holy Grail, you might just smack a liberal with a mace, or flay them with a sword if they dishonor the cookie.

    • Unless you’re some wackjob fool on the Left who thinks Sen. Tim Scott hasn’t embraced his “blackness”.

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