There have been a lot of Space Operas

I liked the Vorlons in Babylon 5 because they didn’t say much. I also liked the actress, Mira Furlan, best known for her roles as Delenn on “Babylon 5” and Danielle Rousseau on “Lost.” She died in January of this year at age 65. She died from West Nile Virus, not from the more popular COVID plague.



For Michigan’s governor, the 645-mile pipeline jeopardizes the Great Lakes. For Canada’s natural resources minister, its continued operation is “nonnegotiable.”


Why are Masks Mandatory?

From the American Thinker

From the article…In this fictional example, you can begin to see what the ramifications of this policy would be.  Within weeks, the majority of Americans would stop wearing masks.  (Along with social distancing, and lockdowns, and getting the vaccine).  People would actually begin to associate non-masking people with safety, while mask-wearing people would signal danger.  The danger of the unvaccinated.

The government has just lost all control.  Do you really think these people will give up their newfound power so easily?  I’m afraid not.  I imagine that their Big Tech partners are working furiously building a mandatory vaccine passport system as you read this.  Until that is up and running, you can expect the regime to continue requiring all people to wear masks, especially those who have been “vaccinated.”


Future San Francisco Pizza Delivery


The Left Satirizes Itself

But they don’t think that they are stupid — they think that they are uber cool. It’s like the nerd that emerges from the restroom, trailing toilet paper from a shoe… every day. People tape “STUPID” on their backs and they wear it all day, basking in their wokeness.


Pushing the trend

From the people I’ve spoken to, the police have heard what the American people are saying through their mouthpieces in the media.


It’s time for some Maps

South America is home to the Andes mountain range where one of the highest mountains in the world are located. There is Acongagua – the tallest mountain outside Asia, Ojos del Salado – the tallest volcano in the world and Chimborazo – technically the closest place to space on Earth because it is located on the equatorial bulge.






  1. Ah, Babylon 5. Who knew it would be so prophetic as to our future?

    Easily, to my mind, the best of the Space Operas. And the only one that hasn’t turned stupid or started stupid.

    Lanier and Vir are my favorite characters. Though Lando, ah, Lando, so uselessy corrupt in a Captain Renault (from Casablanca) way, who stumbled and crawled his way into heroism…

    Actually, can’t really think that any character sucked who wasn’t supposed to suck. They are, even the evil ones, fantastic. I mean, even Bester was a potentially ‘good’ character (wickedly played by Walter Koenig.)

    And the first major tv show filmed in wide format. J. Michael Strazynski was a friggin genius.

    The theme music changed every season to reflect the overall emotional feel of the season. One season it’s full of hope, one season is heartwrenchingly full of despair and horror…

    Damn. Gonna have to force myself to watch it again. Darned.

    • B5 was great!

      JMS… well, I’ve met him. Judging by his other work and that, Harlan Ellison was a genius.


      • I would loved to have visited the set while they filmed it. Not to be a “fan” or anything like that, but to have watched the cast work.

  2. I have the entire series on DVD.
    It has been far too long since I last watched it, time to change that.

  3. One of my Ham Radio buddies back in SoCal knew J. Michael Straczynski quite well. Definitely enjoyed Babylon 5.

    Michigan’s governor is a moron.

    Looks like the pizza gets there in well under “Thirty Minutes Or Less…”.

    As usual, Ramirez nails it.

    The population density map is misleading, as maps can be.

    • There is a LOT of California that is not populated. I’ve driven over most of those parts of the state, and it is a very interesting place. Redwoods, deserts and Gold Country, and so forth. My youngest daughter, Emilie, was my trail buddy for a lot of it – then she grew up on me. Alas.

  4. I guess the US Gov will make a vaccine passport mandatory for every single individual and Pfizer will also make it mandatory with an annual vaccine. Without the vaccine passport individuals will be denied access to whatever the Government decide.

    But it will not be mandatory with an ID to vote, you or anyone can mail it without any requirements. This is important to secure Democrats to win the election.

    Maybe it is time to buy shares in Pfizer.

    • There are also State’s rights to be considered. 10th Amendment stuff. It is ILLEGAL to require a vaccine passport to do anything in Arizona. Other states are following. Not the woke states, but maybe enough.

      • It’s also illegal to require vaccinations with these because they’re not FDA-approved; they’re a special authorization. I’m not sure what the difference between that and a purely experimental drug is.

        Nobody believed that we could have a vaccine in a year is because they ordinarily do a long test to look for complications out to three (pretty sure) years. Those tests were skipped because of the rush. It takes five years to know what complications show up in five years.

        If a company decides you have to show proof of vaccination that’s hazier. I think they can.

        • I think that a private company can require that you take a physical before you go to work (pass/fail), so the shot — sure.

        • It’s also illegal to forbid assembly, close churches by government order, tell people how many guests they can have on their own fucking private property, circumvent State Constitutions by emergency order to change election rules…

          Lotsa stuff is illegal.

          Doesn’t seem to matter a rat’s ass, any more.


          • Laws only apply to conservatives, and their applications change on a whim. As the carcass said, “Constitutional amendments are not absolute.”

          • I’m thinking none of what these cretins have dictated is actually illegal, just stated and/or signed into EO’s that are technically only good under emergency powers for a couple of weeks max. 14 months is more than overreach, it’s tyranny.

            Good comment, pretty sure we all agree they can go pound sand.

  5. I wanna be the pizza delivery chick. If that’s the future, then that’s my new job! I watched someone on YouTube the other day surfing on a drone and thought that was pretty awesome. There’s a guy over here who’s invented a jet pack to get up to people stranded on mountains and he’s basically turned himself into Iron Man. This machine is so cool I’m seriously close to hunting him down to see if I can have a go.
    Check it out:

  6. The real question about the Straits of Mackinac is why people refuse to spell it and say it that same way.

    Acongagua is reputed to be a real bitch to climb.


  7. Jules – If you were the pizza delivery chick, one of the wolves would howl from the back of the flying cart as you delivered. I don’t think that they’d allow you to do a solo run.

    That Gravity jet pack is just too cool. BUT it rains a lot where you are. Flying that over the desert southwest in the USA would tend to set the place on fire…he doesn’t go that high.

    All the same – you’re right, too cool.

  8. The concept of hardening Line 5 at Enbridge’s expense is a no-brainer.
    Obviously, not hardening Line 5 at Enbridge’s expense is the response of a no-brainer, Whitmer.

    I called Miss Dig to check for the location of a gas line in my front yard.
    Enbridge reported that Line 5 did not run there.
    I kinda knew that.

  9. I watched an episode of B5 first season and found it wooden and passed.
    I caught a second season episode and was hooked.
    I was not alone. Glad they reran first season that summer.

    • It did take a little getting used to as do most space operas. Even the iconic Star Trek (the original series) had to grow into itself.

    • They had to create a lot of backstory and explain just why Sinclair was spared and the Mimbari were freaking out every time they encountered him.

      Started slow… built up to a fast pace and just stayed there.

  10. colleges are on the vax bandwagon, requiring it for next semester. faculty n staff also, so i’ll be out of a job soon. life is looking like many futuristic movies made in the 80’s….my stepfather stroked out a couple days after taking jab2. he was going in for a minor procedure and the hospital requested he vax out. ..did you hear they refused a permit for rolling thunder this year? that worked out real well in 2010 at the ww2 memorial. hmmmm..

      • Colleges are failing left and right as people realize taking on huge debt for useless educations (outside of STEM, altho those aren’t immune anymore), is dumb. Most of them should go out of business, they’re the ones needing the Big Reset.

  11. Passports. Just this morning an email came in from Medicare. It was all about vaccine cards and keeping your personal data safe. The underlying assumption was, of course you got vaccinated, like the obedient serf you should be. How soon will it be before being vaccinated will be a requirement to receive Social Security and Medicare?

    The last paragraph was a stern warning that scammers might try to sell you a vaccination card. What was missing was a link to the scammers; that would be useful.

  12. Anyone else have the ‘What In Tarnation’ reaction when the Membari struck their unarmed combat poses. They always looked like broken finger specials.

    • That’s why I liked the Vorlons. They could zap what they wanted without the Kung Fu. And of course you realized as the series went forward that they were winged “angels” – beings of light.

  13. Nerf guns! That one hit home. I live near the back of a cul-de-sec as the last house before the two in the circle. At dusk my wife and I were alerted by the high rpm of a high performance engine an screeching tires followed by three other set of rumbling high performance engines. The first car was a BMW Z4 coupe at the bottom of the cul-de-sac with the next two cars blocking the exit in a v pattern and the last one had turned parallel in the road with my driveway between the two cars and last car. I could see a couple of figures jump out of cars 2 and 3 with what looked like pistols and one hollered, ” we are going to get you”.

    I told the wife to call 911 and I grabbed my plain jane 10/22 out of the closet. I cradled it in my arms as I racked the slide to load it and turned off the safety. As I walked out of the door I turned on all outside lighting which lights up the street. In a loud voice I told them they needed to leave, Right NOW! I was 35 yards from the closest one and 50 from the furthest one. They tried to say something where I cut them off and repeated myself.

    They jumped in their cars and quickly left. Two of the cars spun their tires leaving black marks. A half hour later the cops show up. I gave them my side of the story where they asked me three different times if I pointed my gun at the guys in the cars. They then went out and talked to a neighbor down the street. The cops came back and explained the HS senior down the street was playing nerf tag in one of the cars. He was inside one of the blocker cars. I has a 20 something cop lecture me about calling 911 and waiting inside. He said the HS Senior went home with a story of being run off with a gun and his dad called 911 on me. The cops dispatched for our earlier 911 call show up and I knew one of them. He caught the last 2 minutes of me being lectured. I look over at him where I said, “Charlie, get the rundown of this officers perception of what happened, where we stand so we can hash this out”.

    It was 10 minutes later when Charlie told me the other side. They painted me as a raving lunatic, I pointed out the burnouts and rubber left turning into the cul-de-sac. I gave Charlie my story where he told me I was crazy to go out with a 10/22 with the possibility of heavy caliber pistols. My reply was 25 rounds that can penetrate car glass with a red dot scope that work great in low light situations. I reminded him when seconds count he was 45 minutes away. He laughed and told me to be safe. I told him my neighbor needs step down and apologize and so does his son. I later found out that he did pass that along.

    That was a month ago. I haven’t heard anything from my shitbag neighbor. BTW: Charlie and I use the same range and we used to be on the same schedule shooting.

    • That reminded me of some kids playing in our not-fenced-in back yard. I saw a big kid starting to pick on a small one and went out to stop it. Just before I reached them, the big kid was about to throw a hard object at little kid so I reached out real quick and grabbed big kid by the shoulder to stop him, then told he to get off my yard.
      Big kid went running home and said the big bad man choked him, so mommy called the cops and then came over to yell and me and tell me I was going to jail.
      When the cops arrived I told my side of the story, and the quick-grab mark on the kid’s should bore out my side of the story – no choking marks around his neck.
      So the cop went back to big kid’s house to tell the parents a thing or two.
      After that they both seemed to avoid looking at me, for some strange reason.

  14. Might be a little late to comment on this but the nerf gun thing isn’t really a left vs. right thing here in Aus. Both side are as bad as each other.

    Supposedly nerf guns can shoot the same gel balls as gel blasters. Gel blasters are a prohibited firearm (I know, I know. Laugh all you want), therefore nerf guns (some anyway) get ruled by the registry as a prohibited firearm.

    Depending on the state you might have appearance laws too, like if it maybe sorta looks like a firearm, you can be charged and convicted as having one without a license. There was a guy going to a star wars convention a few years back who fell afoul of that. Also a case a couple of years ago of a soldier in QLD (?) carrying a bit of welded pipe as a training aid who had the police called on him.

    Aussie gun laws are not world standard like some like to claim. Could go on and on.

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