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** Art – Since secularism has taken God out of art, too many modern artists rely on gross sensuality, and shock value, or view the subject with the same emotionless detachment of a coroner autopsying a dead body. In my opinion, artists who say their art has no meaning but what the viewer interprets reveal they themselves have no meaning inside and are lost. It’s a cheat and an excuse to put all the burden on the viewer to interpret the work, because the artist has no clue either, having lost their eye for beauty that hints of greater things than the thing itself.

** WASHINGTON — The Brandon regime is poised to approve sending M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, U.S. officials said Tuesday, as international reluctance toward sending tanks to the battlefront against Russian forces begins to erode. The decision could be announced as soon as Wednesday/today.

** Widen the Search! NY Post – Sen. Ted Cruz has demanded authorities go through President Biden’s papers held at the University of Delaware after more classified material dating back to Biden’s time in the Senate was discovered at his Wilmington residence last week. Cruz said the university, Biden’s alma mater, has more than 1,800 boxes from his 36 years in the Senate.

** Californication – California lawmakers are pushing legislation that would impose a new tax on the state’s wealthiest residents — even if they’ve already moved to another part of the country. I doubt that it will survive the legal challenge.

** Splash the Black Sharks – Ukraine destroyed three Russian helicopters in just half an hour. Last night three Ka-52 helicopters (above) became the latest casualties of Vladimir Putin‘s botched invasion, with an estimated 281 of the Kremlin’s helicopters downed since the outbreak of war 11 months ago.  The £12 million aircraft is nicknamed the Black Shark and has been described as Russia‘s ‘deadliest helicopter’. They lost several Ka-52 gunships early in the war and then withdrew them. They’re really only effective if nobody shoots back.

**. There was fury today after a transgender rapist attacked two women as a man and then changed its gender before the trial.

** From American Thinker – So load up a bus with some priests and drop them off at the VP’s home.  Let’s have a little exorcising and let’s drive away those evil spirits.   Maybe the VP can call the former Speaker for suggestions.

** There is only one Party – The U.S. Senate confirmed Brendan Owens to the position of assistant secretary for energy, installations, and environment in the Defense Department on Monday night.


The Bum-boat

A bum boat is a small vessel that brought goods of various kinds, such as food, alcohol (but only for the officers), fresh fruit, meat, etc. mercantile items, and also whores to the ships as soon as they entered the harbor.



The owners of these ships were not professional traders or were commissioned by the navy. The Navy had its own ships that brought their necessary goods to the ships. The bumboat traders tried to make an extra profit from what they sold. And so in the 17th Century, it was mainly women who rowed out to sell their goods. In the course of the 18th Century, more and more men joined in and started to bring the local prostitutes to the ships for a fee.


Exporting Cattle not Insurance – the bum-boats swarm, by William E., early 19th century

This continued into the 20th Century and was not limited to English ports. The word bum boat seems to be derived from the Dutch boomschuit (tree boat) and means canoe. These small merchant boats are thought to have evolved from the scavengers’ boats of the 16th and 17th Centuries, which collected rubbish (any kind of rubbish) and brought it ashore.


  1. Huh. Experts elsewhere were saying they would never send M1’s because of their top secret Chobham armour, and not wanting that to fall into the hands of the Soviets, er, Russians. Maybe that’s dated information now.

  2. Who knew? I reached a “certain age” a few years ago.

    DOD, guess we will be paying for solar cells on the tops of buildings and windmills on military installations. Wouldn’t it be great if there was actually someone in the job that knew what they were doing and could champion solutions to actual problems. As it stands there won’t be new building just expensive albatrosses paying homage to the green god/goddess/what ever gender is popular.

  3. Splash the Black Sharks
    They’re really only effective if nobody shoots back.

    Isn’t that the case with any helicopter? Lots of moving parts that are difficult to protect.

  4. It may be the tactics used rather than the helicopter.

    Remember the 11th Attack Helicopter Regiment attack on the Iraqi Republican Guard Medina Division in 2003. Of the 31 helicopters in the regiment, one crashed right after takeoff, one was shot down and all but one of the remaining Apaches suffered serious damage. There were coordination issues with the SEAD aircraft, inadequate reconnaissance as well as the attack evidently flying into an Iraqi flak trap.

    The Apache is rightly considered an excellent attack helicopter but is still vulnerable to improper usage. The same may also be true of the Hokum. As is often noted, the enemy also has a vote.

  5. Helicopters require constant maintenance, well trained pilots, and as much stealth as possible to be effective in battle. Remove one of the requirements, and disaster soon follows.

  6. Larry, why do you think these helos are so darn vulnerable? They have raw non-cooled exhaust through pipes. Yuge heat signature that heat seekers drool over. Our stuff is baffle cooled to 70 degrees F so they are almost…almost invisible to MANPADS. The reds never learned this.

  7. As a Warrior Princess, Jules is spot on. Pretty sure her sentiment is shared by all who enter this electron8c billboard.

    Great Art requires a soul. Many modern artists are lacking in this. Prager often speaks on modern art and classical music falling to the Left, promoting symbolic garbage over anything substantive and moving at the same time decrying the classic artists and musicians for being white. Nothing different, we get stuck with junk at the hands of the Libs. I’d hang a huge Leroy Neiman in my house over any modern artists not art.

  8. Even the first generation of the Abrams tank is a complex tank to operate and maintain. That fist gen tank is also more technically advanced than anything else out there. Sending Abrams to Ukraine is stupid.

    • So, with today’s announcement about supplying Abrams, Ukraine is being supplied with 31 Abrams, 14 German Leopard 2, 14 Challenger 2 plus another 100 Leopard 2 from twelve other countries totaling perhaps 160 tanks, i.e. slightly less than two American armored brigades. These will possibly be using two different type of fuel (JP for Abrams and diesel for Leopard and Challenger). The Abrams can run on diesel but not as well as on JP. They will also be using two different types of ammo as while Abrams and Leopard have the same smoothbore gun, the Challenger has a rifled gun.

      It might be better logistically to ever so politely refuse the Challengers. Having separate ammo for just 14 tanks is not worth the problem. There is also the issue of operating multiple variants of Leopard 2 coming from many countries.

      In any case, with comments from the US and Germany concerning the time to supply these vehicles and even assuming training is done concurrently with delivery preparations, I would expect the Russians to move up the timetable for their purported offensive to forestall any impact of these deliveries.

      Abrams, Challenger and Leopards are very good tanks but as was found by the Germans in World War 2, one very good tank can be taken out by three merely good tanks especially when the merely good tanks are operated by crew familiar with them and the very good tank’s crew is getting used to it.

      • Appreciate the insight…very interesting. Risk management and logistics doesn’t seem to be their strong suit, “just give them more of everything and anything” isn’t a good plan.

        War by proxy is also a very dangerous slippery slope.

    • “Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative package”

      Doncha just love government marble-mouth obfuscation titles…

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