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“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” – Pres.  Thomas Jefferson


In the Days of Fighting Sail (Great Britain)

A Surgeon in regular service was not called up by the Admiralty like commissioned officers (from Lieutenant up). Surgeons were commissioned by the Sick and Hurts Boards, a subdivision of the Admiralty.

He had to have served as Surgeon Mate (from 1805 the Assistant Surgeon) before he could be promoted to Surgeon. His status was that of a warrant officer, with annual pay of £ 200. 15s.  That allowed him to have a private cabin and dine in the wardroom with the other warrant officers and lieutenants.


Dr. William Warden, 1777 – 1849 and an unknown surgeon both in their Uniforms (x) (x)

Onboard, the Surgeon was the only truly independent man, as his duties had nothing to do with the daily duties of the crew. He received all of his medicines and equipment from the Sick and Hurt Board but had to purchase his medicine chest and instruments first by himself. As with the lieutenants and the captain, he had to keep a logbook. In it, he had to list his patients and their treatments and had to send it to the Sick and Hurt Board at regular intervals. His duties included not only treating the sick and injured and doing surgeries but also monitoring hygiene on board and advising the captain on crew illnesses and making recommendations.


Report on the amputation of the arm of Admiral Nelson in 1797 ( he is the fifth from above) 


Triple Canopy

You can parachute into/onto this successfully. You land on top and work your way down, watching out for poisonous tree snakes. Normally you land in series if you can – wind willing. A military Hi5 Ram Air Parachute has the capacity for precise landing (5:1 glide ratio) and you drop onto the previous canopy, and so forth.



Tiger 131 is led by a Kettenkrad during an open house at Bovington Tank Museum.


A Visit

This 1935 photo records “Giraffe women”, off the pages of National Geographic and onto the streets of London, looking at a guard, posted at St. James’ Palace 16th century main gate.

Our planet is composed of different worlds.


Australians serving Under Arms in the American Confederacy

During the American Civil War/War of the Rebellion/War of Northern Aggression, the CSS Shenandoah served as a Confederate warship that was infamous for being a commerce raider, attacking Union merchant ships around the globe.  Throughout her 12 month voyage, the Shenandoah raided the North and South Atlantic, the Indian Ocean, the South Pacific, the Far East, and the Bering Sea, sinking or capturing 38 Union merchant ships.

On January 25th, 1865 the Shenandoah made harbor in Williamstown near Melbourne to make repairs, stock up on supplies.  The Australians welcomed the Confederates with open arms, hosting various parties and gala balls for the officers and crew.  Thousands of Australian tourists toured the Shenandoah while docked in the harbor.  The kind treatment of the Confederates by the Australians led to several protests by the US consulate, which had an embassy in Williamstown, and was home to a number of pro-Union ex-pats.  A few minor Civil War battles occurred in Australia in the form of fistfights and bar brawls between Unionists and Confederate sailors.

The other purpose of the Shenandoah making port was to enlist new recruits.  Due to death and desertion, the Shenandoah’s crew had been diminished.  While in port at Williamstown, the CSS Shenandoah enlisted 36 Australians as sailors and another 6 as marines.  In order to avoid international legal troubles, the CSS Shenandoah’s skipper, Capt. James Waddell drew up a report on February 18th claiming that they had discovered 42 stowaways on board, and with nothing else to do, he had them enlisted in the Confederate Navy.  No one questioned how 42 Australian “stowaways”, over 1/3rd of the ship’s crew, somehow managed to hide almost a month onboard without being noticed.

After the stop in Australia, the CSS Shenandoah sailed past Japan, then traveled the Bering sea, raiding Union whaling ships off the coast of Russia and Alaska.  In May of 1865 Capt. James Waddell ordered the Shenandoah to sail to California in order to shell the vulnerable city of San Francisco.  However, she was intercepted by a British ship which informed Waddell that the war had ended over a month previously.  The Shenandoah then sailed past South America, through the Straits of Magellan, making port in England and being granted asylum by the British Government.  Most of the 42 Australian crewmen were repatriated back home.



Once everyone digs in, it doesn’t look this orderly. Truth be told, it looks like wolves descended on it.

26 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Hmmm, after looking at that feast now I am going to have to grill for dinner.

    Any idea what the loop attached to the neck rings of the two taller (older) women are. It looks permanent as best I can tell from magnifying the picture. If so sleeping lying down would be a problem.

    1. I’m guessing that if you took the rings off, their necks would fold. I don’t know much about it beyond what I’ve read. Culture thing, I guess, but it looks uncomfortable.

    2. I think it’s just threaded through perpendicular, and you can slide it around to different locations. It might even have a threaded barrel clasp and be removable.


    1. Certainly not as knowledgeable as our host but I could see them attacking Taiwan to see how (if?) the US would react before they attacked US soil.

      To attack the US with any chance of winning they will have to come up with a better bio-weapon than the Wuhan flu to take the country down a few pegs first.

      1. I’m not privy to the secret plans of the People’s Liberation Army. I’m sure that USGOV is.

        It’s summer and they’re doing military exercises including amphibious exercise with the People’s Army’s Navy, etc. We do the same thing. I have read clickbait that indicates an imminent invasion.

        USGOV is currently sending legislators to Taiwan, and it’s selling military equipment to Taiwan (Nationalist Chinese Govt.) so there is a high interest in the welfare of the place. I think that some of it is a push-back to PRC bullying, but there is a focus on the place. We have all of our SSGN’s in the area and they can put a LOT of cruise missiles in the air. We also have significant (other) submarines in the area. The British CVBG is headed there to fly the flag. This would NOT be a great time for the Middle Kingdom to invade. Japan and South Korea would weigh in as well and Bejing would be caught with their yank in their hand, trying to figure out whether to fight or f*ck. It’s not an enviable position to be in.

        In essence, they’d be foolish to invade and the PRC isn’t foolish. What they do not want is an invasion of Taiwan to result in a nuclear exchange that could result in a larger nuclear war.

        Yes, the Chinese have war plans. So do we, so do those nations who have a concern with their expansion into the Pacific including France, UK, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan and South Korea.

        And what if the war meant that all of their merchant shipping went to Davey Jones? They have a LOT to lose at the moment.

        For what it’s worth, I still think that the Plague was an accidental release and sloppy handling. They should be eternally grateful that President Trump wasn’t re-elected. They got their man in the White House, but nobody thinks that Joe calls the shots – or the Ho. We’re messed up, but we can still thwart an invasion and sink every merchant ship they have floating. It would be a horrible loss for China, and the end of their imperial goals even if it didn’t go nuclear.

        1. It sounds like both China and Russia are telling non-essential personnel to come back home. Makes you wonder if they are expecting something?

          1. Maybe.

            It’s a risky war. A very risky war, unless China has the fix in.

        2. I pray God the Chinese are not foolish. But traditionally, at least until the Bushes came along, the Donk party is the one that gets us into wars, or at least doesn’t keep us out……

          1. All the PRC has to do is wait, we just keep getting weaker. They can worry about attacking us once we start to rebuild the military, as it’ll take a decade or more.

            Unless there is something going on internally that we don’t know, I would not expect them to start anything soon.

  2. ““When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” – Pres. Thomas Jefferson”
    I wish I had had that when doing my show today.
    Resistance. I’m waiting for “Jean has a long moustache.”

    1. Yes. Like a halftrack used the front tires to steer. But I don’t think that it steered well.

      Let’s see what the mid-term elections look like. Will they be stolen? If so, I don’t think that things will be easily restrained.

      In preparation for Operation Overlord, the BBC’s Radio Londres had signaled to the French Resistance with the opening lines of the 1866 Verlaine poem “Chanson d’Automne” were to indicate the start of D-Day operations. The first three lines of the poem, “Les sanglots longs / des violons / de l’automne” (“Long sobs of autumn violins”), would mean that Operation Overlord was to start within two weeks. These lines were broadcast on 1 June 1944. The next set of lines, “Blessent mon coeur / d’une langueur / monotone” (“wound my heart with a monotonous languor”), meant that it would start within 48 hours and that the resistance should begin sabotage operations, especially on the French railroad system; these lines were broadcast on 5 June at 23:15

      1. It used the front wheel for low speed steering and then was tread-steered, with a linkage from the front handlebars to the treads.

        From what I’ve heard, they steer about as well as a 4-wheel ATV, but with much more pulling power.

          1. I’ve always thought the Kettenkrad to be way cool, but I’ve never figured out if they were actually useful.


      1. Army days my guard mount boots looked like mirrors. Only failed once to make supernumerary (the man). Back to the barracks and change into mere spit shined boots. I bought my polish at a German boot/shoe store. Far superior to PX Kiwi brand.
        Still walked guard about 1/4th of the time. One of the pukes would get sick or piss of the NCOs. We got a three day pass for every three times we were the supernumerary.

  3. Where have the likes of the Thomas Jefferson’s gone? Society has advanced in some areas, regressed in others. Far too many have reverted to base behavior with the attitude they are entitled. And this transcends all levels of society (Epstein’s flight log proves Satan worshipers are prevalent.)

    As a [much] younger man I could eat half that and be good the next day. Now, not so much, but often the basics are best, and besides, it is Summer and that spread looks epic.

    I think the mini tank bike thing is cool, but my ATV likely handles a lot better and I can mount a gun on it, or tow one.

        1. not only that, but the ones that do think are suppressed and kept like mushrooms and even when they manage to get their message out it falls on deaf ears. …thank you so much for your perspective on the china video, and for all that you do.

      1. …and purposely done so. As LL says, “not taught to think” started in the late 60’s as the Left infiltrated public schools. “Give me your children…” was and is their motto.

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