Most people don’t know what a SMART City is.  SMART stands for surveillance,  monitoring, analysis, reporting technology.

Wikipedia has a slightly different spin: A smart city is a technologically modern urban area that uses different types of electronic methods and sensors to collect specific data. Information gained from that data is used to manage assets, resources and services efficiently; in return, that data is used to improve operations across the city. This includes data collected from citizens, devices, buildings and assets that is processed and analyzed to monitor and manage traffic and transportation systems, power plants, utilities, water supply networks, waste, Criminal investigations, information systems, schools, libraries, hospitals, and other community services. Smart cities are defined as smart both in the ways in which their governments harness technology as well as in how they monitor, analyze, plan, and govern the city. In smart cities, the sharing of data is not limited to the city itself but also includes businesses, citizens and other third parties that can benefit from various uses of that data. Sharing data from different systems and sectors creates opportunities for increased understanding and economic benefits.

A number of tech companies and the Federal government have created partnerships to make your city smarter. In a smart city,  a general lockdown because of a plague or some other official need could be handled with the push of a button. Everyone would be safe.


Ukrainian Postage Stamp


The Declaration of North America (DNA)

(H/T PaulM) The DNA is a declaration centered around six pillars: 1) diversity, equity, and inclusion; 2) climate change and the environment; 3) competitiveness; 4) migration and development; 5) health; and 6) regional security. The action-oriented outline provides the roadmap for the ideological intentions of the three governments.

I would strongly urge everyone to review the declaration [READ HERE], because just like a 5-year financial plan, every family should first know the scale of the chaos they are going to encounter in order to make plans to secure their life.

I was just getting ready to quote Shakespeare’s Richard III by proclaiming that, “Now is the winter of our discontent,” and that happier times are ahead us.  But it seems not.


The Gas Stove Police

They’re coming for you,  and your little stove too!






  1. DNA, Double entendre to fundamentally change America from a Constitutional Republic to a Socialist nirvana…for them, the rest of us get royally screwed.

    With the additional “boxes” at yet another Biden Crime Family “office”, likely also funded by China or Ukraine, The Liar in Chief is a short timer, kept him around to get the DNA Cancer signed. The destruction is nearly complete.

    We have an Electrolux range, second gas one we’ve had (too many lightening hits took out the original more bargain one). We get a knock on the door by the Gas Clown Squad, two things are going to happen:

    1) They will be reminded they ignored the no trespassing signage and are therefore blatantly trespassing on private roads and private property and will be instructed to leave immediately.

    2) If they refuse my polite request I will put them on hold at the doorstep then go back and retrieve my Legally Obtained and Owned Castle Law protection device, then once again request they leave.

    Beyond that it’s up to them. Moronic Fascist regimes need to be treated accordingly.

    I need a beer…

    • Amen, Paul. “I’m beginning to think the only way to talk to you people is drunk.” Stephen Becker, in his novel Dog Tags.

      • Certainly would take the edge off.

        I no longer beat my head against the wall or talk to the windshield for each of these insane moves by a bunch of anarchists in suits and their mouthpieces, not worth the brain damage. I just take a minute here and there to maintain intel in small amounts between actual work around the homestead so I’m not totally blindsided by the idiocy. Despite my contemptuous tone for the willfully clueless and liars and cheats, the majority of the time is Operation Life is Good.

        But if I do get a visit for speaking truth and contempt for morons, all bets are off because…and God forgive me…I may launch on the Brood of Vipers from all the pent up Bravo Sierra real American’s have had to endure from governmental virtual waterboarding.

        Thing is (saw this elsewhere) “the FBI won’t ever breach the Delaware compound wall because no one wants to go through Jill’s underwear drawer.”

    • In the olden days, castles had devices for pouring interesting liquids down onto the barbarians at the gate. It’s almost like people are going to need something similar for the new age luddites gearing up to drag us down to the dark ages.
      Would the goon squad outdoors be a bit cautious about opening fire if they just got doused with gasoline?

      • Unlike the movies, it was just usually hot water or, worse, hot sand. Hot, flammable oil next to your castle is a no bueno. Hot lead? Geeze, use a 3rd of the energy and heat sand or water.

        Why sand? Because when it’s hot, like 300 degrees hot, it burns and sticks and is impossible to remove from all the cracks and crevasses it falls into. When it burns the skin, it burns into the skin, so to heal you have to remove the sand which is painful or have sand under your skin for years or more.

        Same with boiling water. Scald someone in armor and they’re dead or severely wounded. Bonus points in that the hot water does nothing negative against your pretty stone walls.

        Seriously, one of the ways of breaching castle walls or town walls or stone walls in general is to pile a lot of wood against it and set it on fire. Stone gets hot, expands, steam pockets form and blow out and the once strong wall loses strength.

        Admittedly it’s a slower way of pulling a wall down than undermining it or using a friggin bombard, but it works, bonus points in that all the smoke and burning sparks is a hazard to those inside the castle, negative points in that smoke and embers can fall on the sieging troops, too. Careful placement of the fire, with knowledge of wind patterns is a must when using this slow but working method.

        Mostly the murder holes were for dropping things like, well, droppings (horse, human, whatever) or rocks or shooting someone with a quarrel, bolt or arrow.

        Dang Hollywierd has screwed everything up. As usual. But it does make it look neat. I mean, who wants to watch a movie about someone besieging a castle and it taking friggin 7-8 years? Even the Illiad (and movies based on the Illiad) only deal with the last month or two of a TEN YEAR SIEGE. Remember that. Mostly the action on besieging Troy was stopping shipments into Troy and sitting around on one’s ass waiting for something to happen and going around to all the local areas and taking stuff but mostly just sitting around and occupying space while denying said space to the Trojans. Whooooooooo….. So interesting…. NOT!.

  2. The cartels will bring in gas appliances from maquiladoras factories.

    Drug dealers will make illegal bulk propane deliveries.

    It’ll be like Prohibition all over again.

  3. Anyone know anyone who got one of those rotary dial cell phone kits?
    I was wondering if the software for it could exclude some of the commercial data gathering.
    The connections would still have the hoovering software, but at least the phone itself would be less junked up.

  4. Why confiscate gas appliances (which also include gas refrigerators, gas dryers, gas furnaces…) when all you, as Evil Regulatory Asshat, has to do is just shut the gas off.

    No gas? Oh, look, your pretty gas appliance no longer works. What? Try to use a propane adaptor? We’ll just shut off the propane and ban its sale also.

    Seriously, it’s like all the survivalists and preppers who crow about stashing gold and silver for troubled times. What? Nobody remembers FDR and his evil band of flying monkeys banning the private ownership of gold and silver in any other form than jewelry?

    Don’t think that the government can’t shut down the gas? Ahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa, yeah… so how are the Jan6 political prisoners doing now? Because America never does political prisoners…

    How’s your Christian bake shop doing? How’s your ability to make fully automatic guns at home and attach a homemade suppressor and sell said guns and suppressors without pissing off the Feds? How’s your ability to drill for natural gas for your own use? What about collecting rainwater? Or clearing brush and debris from your house? And your stock pond is now a navigatable water according to the Fed Gov. How about those lifelong grazing rights or water rights? How about having to pay taxes on your property that you supposedly own but really just rent from local, state and federal governments? Or you have to curtail your CO2 emissions in order to save the world while commercial grow houses pump CO2 (the very same evil CO2) into their plants to make them grow while your local supermarket sprays their raw fruit with CO2 to make them ripen after they’ve been shipped green?

    Trust Government? Any of it? Seriously? Has anyone paid attention to the last 14 or so years?

    What makes this screed of mine worse is that it’s not Tinfoil Hat Conspiracy. It’s what the .govs actually do. Buy an EV and then get told not to charge it? Switch from gas appliances to electric and then rolling blackouts? This is already happening. Gaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh (strips naked, runs down the street waving arms like a crazy person while pulling out what little hair remains…. (even worse, it’s like watching slow motion because it’s been proven scientifically that Beans runs almost as fast as he can walk. Really. Proven. Can walk faster than running. All my life. And nobody wants to see a naked screaming frothing at the mouth Beans trying to run down the street, not even Beans…)

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