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The Washington Redskins controversy is being taken to a new level as US States named for Native American tribes are now under fire. Massachusetts is likely one of the first dominoes to fall as the liberal bastion that it is. 
If the Kennedy family wasn’t almost all dead (see: curse) I’m sure that simply naming the state “KENNEDY” would be on the table. Nobody is mentioning that these days. Is it politically incorrect? I have some difficulty keeping track of what is and what is not politically incorrect.
Utah will go next, possibly reverting to the name DESERET, which was the name given to the state by the first white settlers. USGOV changed it to Utah when it became an official territory and the name stuck when it was admitted to the union. Has racism no bounds?
The most blatantly offensive state is Indiana. I’m not sure what to re-name it, maybe CARDINAL after the state bird, but it’s possible that senior Catholic officials or the City of St. Louis would have something to say about that.
It’s a long list. Connecticut, Delaware, Minnesota, both Dakotas, Wyoming, and so forth. All those names are out. We must find something more politically acceptable. I think that simply using the state bird’s name makes sense except that North Dakota and Wyoming both have the same state bird – the Meadowlark. This could get confusing. Delaware’s state bird, the Blue Hen (chicken) makes perfect sense. Minnesota’s state bird, the Loon — again, makes perfect sense.
I read something really interesting a couple of days ago, it was titled, “The U.S. Military’s Ongoing Slur of Native Americans,” Everyone knows that the US Army is racist for naming their helicopter fleet, weapons systems, and mission code words after indigenous American equipment, tribes, and individual chieftains. One Boston University Professor has already started the charge to get rid of every Native American name in the Department of Defense. If he wins his PC war, the US Army will rename its helicopters (all of which have Indian names) from Blackhawk to Transporter, Kiowa to Whirlybird, and Apache to Insane Platform of Hovering Death.

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  1. California gave up its name and is MexiFornia. That needs to be changed back to California because Mexico is named for an Indian tribe and is therefore politically soooo wrong.

  2. Maybe it will be politically correct if we rename the ships after afro-American community organizers and reverends?

  3. What about Aircraft Carriers? They're named after poor defenseless white guys. Maybe we should name them after cute little furry creatures like Chipmunks. OR, would PETA be pissed about that.

    I, for one, intend on insulting one PC person a day. That's how to keep an old man young.

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