The B-oneski White Swan

(captioned photo)

The Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack is a supersonic, variable-sweep wing heavy strategic bomber designed by the Tupolev Design Bureau in the Soviet Union in the 1970s. Russia is making upgrades…more here. 16 remain in service, Tu-160M, and Russia wants to build 50 more of the unstealthy bombers to meet the standards of 1980.


Another Green Comet

A comet known as C/2022 E3, marked by its bright green nucleus and long faint ion tail, will be on display in the Earth sky later this month — possibly for the first time ever or at least for thousands of years.

“If C/2022 E3 has ever passed through the solar system before, it would have last been seen in the sky more than 10,000 years ago,” says Jon Giorgini, a senior analyst at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.


An Interesting Binary System

( The star Gaia17bpp began brightening again after a 7-year eclipse by a strange companion star drew to a close, indicating it exists in a rare binary system.

The dimming of a distant star wasn’t caused by internal changes, but rather by it being eclipsed by a cloud of dust surrounding a companion star. The discovery implies the star, Gaia17bpp, is part of a rare type of binary system and its recently observed sudden brightening was the result of the eclipse by a white dwarf companion ending.

Astronomers made the discovery as they searched data from the Gaia survey for unusual and oddball stars. They found that Gaia17bpp had gradually brightened over a two-and-a-half-year period with follow-up investigations revealing it had been dimmed for seven years as a result of being obscured by dust surrounding its odd companion.


Stabilizing Braces and Short Barreled Rifles (SBRs)

The ATF is expected to publish a Final Rule based on the Stabilizing Brace Proposed Rule. That could be forthcoming any day. The proposed rule included a four-part test the determine whether a pistol firearm equipped with a pistol brace is defined as a pistol or a short-barreled rifle. Short-barreled rifles (SBRs) are regulated under the 1934 National Firearms Act, like “machineguns,” and individuals possessing one must pass additional (and redundant) background checks, submit photos, and fingerprints, notify their chief law enforcement officer and pay a $200 tax to obtain a stamp from the ATF. Individuals owning them must also notify the ATF any time that a short-barrel rifle is moved from their residence, including submission of travel plans and when the SBR will be returned to the residence to which it is listed. Like with bump stocks, ATF had long ruled that stabilizing pistol braces when affixed to an AR-style pistol did not convert the pistol into a short-barreled rifle or shotgun. The parallels to the bump stock rule are self-evident.

Has ATF again impermissibly redefined firearm definitions and exceeded its authority? The courts will certainly be asked to decide this important question.

The Fifth Circuit’s ruling is more than a question over a firearm accessory. It gets to the heart of the matter. Can the ATF – working on behalf of a president – rewrite the law on its own? The court says it can’t. That is the responsibility, and the role, of Congress.


Bullet Points:

* So where are the FBI SWAT teams? Will they be raiding Joe Biden’s private office at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy & Global Engagement as they raided Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s Palm Beach home? Of course not. Sure, it turns out that there were classified documents in Biden’s office dating from his time as vice president. But only Trump and Trump-friendly people get the full klieg treatment from the Deep State’s Geheime Staatspolizei…The Spectator

* Until we can develop more viable storage technology, battery-operated vehicles are a boondoggle everywhere except the golf course or warehouse.

* The End User Certificate Issue & Provenance – Poland wants to gift some of its Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine to kill Russians. Germany donated the Leopard 2 tanks, which were previously used by the Bundeswehr, to Poland, initiating deliveries in 2002. The Polish Armed Forces currently operate some 247 Leopard 2s in different variants. These include Leopard 2A4 and 2A5 tanks, as well as Leopard 2PL tanks upgraded by the Polish defense industry in cooperation with Germany’s Rheinmetall. Poland plans to buy M-1A2 Abrams and Korean K-2 tanks as an upgrade.

Berlin must approve all weapon transfers of German-made weaponry even long after giving the equipment to partners. As of Jan. 9, the German government had yet to receive a Leopard 2 transfer request from Poland, spokesman Steffen Hebestreit told journalists in Berlin.


When you see Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), in private.


I feel sorry for Brandon’s kids.

What a horrible hell they were born into.


    • As with so many in Congress, taxpayer funds have been used to pay off allegations that he has had sexual congress with little boys.

      I’m sure that a few demons live in the shell.

  1. Since we can be sure the classified docs were known to be there, could the reporting on them be the opening stages of residential removal?

  2. If the eyes truly are the windows to the soul one only need a straight-on look at Schiff to determine where he sits. The guy is a creep and a coward.

    LL, don’t you know that “Joe’s lawyers handled EVERYTHING correctly and this is completely different than PDJT so no comparison can be made”…according to KJP and the media propagandists. Translation: It IS different because only one of them was President ans could auto-declassify AND Biden’s lawyers had their Hand Dandy Popeil Pocket Shredder (only $19.95 plus S&H, and they throw in a Pocket Fisherman for FREE) when going through said boxes of “I had no idea any of that was there”.

    • The Attorney General, who almost became a SuperCourt Justice, proceeds apace to prosecute President Trump, but I suspect that Brandon’s mishandling of classified documents will throw a wet blanket over it. Hypocrisy is something that Garland is not in short supply of, but the optics at this point may not be worth the Swamp’s effort. They tried to impeach President Trump for things that FJB did, and it’s possible they’ll do the same thing here, but I think it less likely.

  3. It is long past time for the ATF to be put in its place.
    Unfortunately I don’t see it happening soon or all at once.

    A note on ATF regs – you only have to notify them of permanent changes of address or temporary transfers out of state; you can take it anywhere in state without notifying them. An out of state form is good for a year and multiple trips to that state.


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