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I’ve been traveling this week and will continue the sojourn. If the blogging looks spotty, you’re perceptive.


In Two Hundred and Five Years from Now:


Mike_C find in New England

Men clothes for women and women clothes for men? How woke. I hope they carry + women’s sizes because some of those guys are large. Do they carry “supporters” for women identifying as men to sling their junk in? So many questions.


Bullet Points:

** Communist China has its priorities, but so do Biden and Del Toro. You wouldn’t think that global warming should be job one in the US Navy — but it is.

“As the Secretary of the Navy, I can tell you that I have made climate one of my top priorities since the first day I came into office,” Del Tore declared a week after admitting that China had taken the naval lead and would hold on to it for the conceivable future.

** Gun control will not cure mental illness.

** COVID lockdowns turned fear into a virtue.

** MAiD in Canada – The Canadian government killed 10 thousand people in 2021 and they are planning to expand that even further. That’s 3.3% of all deaths in Canada that year.

** Is “The Proud Boys” run by the FBI?  “There’s nothing wrong with law enforcement using paid informers to gather information. Those informants are supposed to be reporting the presumed illegal actions of others. They are not supposed to be the ones planning illegal activity and they are most certainly not supposed to be spying on defense teams as they prepare to go to trial.”

** (ZeroHedge) A new report estimates that 26.6 million people were injured, 1.36 million were disabled, and 300,000 excess deaths can be attributed to COVID-19 vaccine damages in 2022 alone, which cost the economy nearly $150 billion.

** This Day in History – Today in 1854, Great Britain and France declare war on Russia over the conflict in Crimea. Artwork by Peter Dennis from Osprey’s “The Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle” showing British snipers operating outside Sevastopol.


Identify the Aircraft




28 thoughts on “Travel Day

  1. (1) SM-79 (bis, I think) Sparviero.

    (2) I’ve seen it before, but I can;t remember what it is. Also looks Italian, though.


      1. The Bleirot 125 looked good, but it failed to ever achieve even air certification status.

      1. Thx for the H/T, Surly.

        Actually when I miss these posts early, it’s because it’s time to get in the shower and go to work. My weekday schedule is in bed at 7PM, up at 3AM Eastern. I am not a morning person, and I need a couple hours to get functional before I go off to drive the bus.


  2. That is a great header picture! Maybe it’s just one of those mornings but seeing the Beverly Hillbillies arriving put a smile on my face.

  3. Mike_C, did you go in? Do they just switch the Men/Woman rack tags or are these “fashion forward” clothes more like fancy potato sacks to hide form? Is it sales-she/her or he/him or no/none? These are the things inquiring minds need to know before venturing out.

    Then again, “Men are from Mars, Woman are from Venus”…never read the book, the title was pretty clear.

    With everything going on to subvert the human race that Iowa town will be lucky to see Capt’n Kirk even born.

      1. “What not to wear”….05% of the population pushing their brand of mental anguish.

        My fix is to go to a rancher gathering; Wranglers, Boots, hats, and opens with the Pledge and a prayer to God.

    1. It’s misleading: the sign is for a translation (languages) company in the building. (I just looked it up.) Not sure who/what the retail shop on the ground floor is.

      Oh, I didn’t go in. I was a man on a mission. The photo is from Koreatown (NYC) and I was headed for this Korean takeout place to get some food before rushing to Penn Station to catch my train.

      1. “misleading”…Huh.

        See, few things can be trusted anymore. Who would intuitively know this was a translation business in today’s “push narrative” parlance? Looks like a retail shop to me, but maybe that’s the city boys getting their mitts on how the storefront is required to appear.

        More importantly, how was the take-out?

        1. Excellent. Place is called WooRiJip. Home-style cooking, all packaged for takeout and stacked up on tables or on those wire racks (like you can buy at Home Despot (sic) for about a hundred bucks). You can eat there if you want, but certainly it wouldn’t be for the ambience. Bottled or canned soft drinks, beer, and soju are also available, and at low mark up.

          No, I have no financial or other interest in the place. 🙂 I was just tickled to find a place serving good food at reasonable prices in NYC.

  4. That linked story on Hot Air, “The FBI had more people in the Proud Boys than the Proud Boys” sounds like a Babylon Bee headline.

    This week, there was a story on Bee headlines that came true, like that BLM would be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Nothing on headlines that should have been restricted to only the Bee.

  5. Correction, the colonists had better than military grade weapons. The British had the Brown Bess which was a smoothbore one inch musket. The Colonist had 50 and 54 caliber rifled muskets. The Brown Bess was accurate to about 30 yards. The 50 and 54 caliber rifles were accurate at out to 200 with the 50 cal and about 150 yards with the 54. American ingenuity in its infancy.

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