Congressional Hearings: Benghazi

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Was it an attack on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or a fact-finding mission? The Democratic Party circles the wagons to preserve Secretary Clinton’s political viability.

Krauthammer: Democrats Were ‘Frankly Embarrassing’ at the Benghazi Hearing

Gregory Hicks: Higher-ups at State told me not to talk to GOP congressman about Benghazi; Update: “Effectively demoted”

2 thoughts on “Congressional Hearings: Benghazi

  1. As the hearings unfolded Wednesday it was apparent to anyone who chose to open their minds that this administration from the President down lied to their teeth! Some call it political. Some call it moronic stupidity. Some call it miscommunication. Bulls…! The President of the United States, The Secretary of State, The Press Secretary and more all lied! And apparently the then Secretary of Defense had his head so far up the President’s ass that he also came out with some bulls… line as to “we couldn’t just send our people in there without knowing the situation”. We know they had real time video! We know they were told that the consulate was under attack. And we damned well know the “video” excuse was complete balderdash.

    I want to make one point as to the above that I have not really seen any one expound upon much and if I am wrong on this assertion I would ask someone to please show me that. It is my understanding that for hours, one of the hero Seals reported he had the mortar position that was shelling the consulate “lit up” while they were begging for help. I understand that this means he had a laser aimed at the position which in turn a fighter could have homed a missile or whatever in on. It is also my understanding that as the battle lasted for some hours, there was in fact plenty of time to get an F16 over there which could have blown the sorry Muslim Al-Quida whatever they are called bastards directly to hell! Yet our Secretary of Defense said we couldn’t do that?! And what about our Commander in Chief, you know, the one who was informed and went to bed because he had to be up early for a trip to Vegas! He couldn’t have ordered a strike?!

    My disgust for this administration is something everyone on this site knows of. Four people died! This administration lied! It doesn’t get any simpler than that! The lies have to stop!!!

  2. I don't think that they had laser illuminators at the CIA Base. Based on some experience with the flash you can see from a heavy mortar round as it departs upward from the tube, I expect that he knew where it was. Yes, he could have directed overhead assets to strike the tube — if we'd had overhead assets. Sadly, they were never sent.

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