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Starbucks is a national and international success story. The recent ‘scandal’, if you can call it that, simply underscores the “progressive” mindset.
I don’t go to Starbucks, primarily because they are the lode stones that lure progressives in. The coffee they sell in California causes cancer. Don’t believe me, look at the signs.
Should negros boycott Starbucks? Sure, why not? Ok, unless they plan to rob the place. That would tend to clarify things for Starbucks employees, and other progressives who frequent the place.


I don’t like to receive robot calls, or calls from people from India, peddling this or that. The calls from India are annoying and persistent. I receive at least five nuisance calls a day from India, and the originating numbers vary, so they can’t be blocked. One thing I can assure you of is if the calls originated from a closer number, I’d travel there and open a serious can of whoop-ass.

However since it’s India – not worth the trip and once there? Why bother.

I’d change my number, but I don’t think that would help.

I also hate to receive calls from political organizations dragging the sack for cash. The same thing goes for “charities”. How do I know they’re charitable organizations and not just some self-serving jerk on the other end trying to rip me off.

This sort of thing is very high on my pet-peeve-o-meter.

Hate Speech

We can certainly be judgmental about what people do, or say, or think, and we as private citizens may respond to those sentiments we find abhorrant or with which we disagree. But we should always be mindful of the fact that one of the founding principles of this nation was the right to freedom of expression, which essentially is the right to voice contrary opinions and views. 
There is no exception for “hate speech” in our Constitution, nor should there be. To allow such a concept into our legal system would endanger the fundamental freedoms of this nation and would be used as a cudgel to suppress opposing views deemed offensive by whoever. We live in a “free society”, however you wish to define it. Embrace that ideal, champion the rights of all citizens, even the ones you despise, or find another place to call home. You don’t have to take my word for it. The United States Supreme Court agrees. 
There is no “hate speech” exception to the First Amendment: LINK

16 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. Starbucks. Vile swill. Not long after they started, I was running a project near Bremerton and riding the Washington State Ferry. An hour sanity restorer, no telephones. Starbucks got the coffee concession. Gah! One more complication, finding coffee before getting on the ferry.

  2. If you order it with half a pound of sugar, it's better – though it still causes cancer in California. (The natural answer to the dilemma is to avoid CA.)

  3. I prefer gas station coffee – in particular those clever little cappuccino machines that spit out something resembling a sweet coffee drink. If you cut it half in two with regular coffee it's really good. And on certain days you can get a giant one for 89 cents.

    Robocalls? In the lead up to an election we get at least 10 per day. A robocall or a sign stuck in someone's yard never induced me to vote for an individual.

    Hate speech? It's anything the libtards don't agree with.

  4. I tried Starbucks twice and that was enough to convince me not to bother again. And that was a long time ago.

    Libs don't worry about the First Amendment, they just violate your civil rights if you don't agree with them. The art of discussion and debate is lost on them.

  5. I still get somewhere between five and ten rob-calls a day. Some are not robots. Usually people from call centers in India, sometimes charities from closer call centers because I've given money in the past. It makes me NOT want to ever give to a charity or to politicians ever again. I haven't broached the subject of junk e-mail here (yet), but that's another problem.

  6. LindaG, I'm getting too old and wicked to have civil discussions with progs. Fortunately all of my family including extended family is as conservative as I am or even more so. You're right, Progs all want to end the Bill of Rights without giving any thought to the monstrosity that it would be replaced with or the civil war that would result. Unarmed progs would be unlikely to prevail in a civil war. They'd find a safe space, get some warm coco, a security blanket, suck their thumb, contemplate unicorns and rainbows and wait for the war to end.

  7. The best thing about Starbucks is all the free black coffee coupons.

    The Confederate War memorial isn't considered hate speech in my town.

    I like that.

  8. Yes, but Texans are overwhelmed by toxic masculinity since you slaughtered all of the unicorns, and we know that leads to hate speech – words such as "man", "rifle", "ammunition", "fishing" and "I'm going to drink a beer while I work on my car" indicate white patriarchy, hatred and show your disdain for rainbows.

  9. Texas. Yes, all true. Just love it here.

    Robo-calls. I pick up the phone, but I do not speak. At some point, a human will usually say "Hello?". A machine, not hearing a voice, will just hang up.

    My favorites are the ones from "Peter" or "Fred" with the thick India accent (real name Maha Rushi Sahib Skyhook).

    Them: "We are detecting a problem on your windows

    Me: Windows? Our new windows are in? Hey, that's great!".

    Them: Yes sir, We are seeing your Windows 10…"

    Me: (cutting them off) "10 windows?! Bulls–t! We ordered 7 Windows for our house. Don't tell my you people screwed up the order again!".

    …aaand, we're off.

  10. I can get all the coffee I want for a buck-ten at the Waffle House – and it's good coffee, too. As for telemarketing, the caller has two seconds to say hello, then I hang up. Or if they come on and say, Hi, this is whomever, I hang up.

  11. I hang up on robocalls immediately. With fundraisers I interrupt their spiel immediately informing them that I never give to organizations who solicit me over the phone. I generally hang up on the Indians as well, but sometimes a little fun is called for.
    Hindoo feller: I am calling from Microsoft.
    Me: Really? Me too! What office do you work out of?
    Hindoo: (click)

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