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I would like to see Congress debate use of force scenarios and options to give “the people” a voice in the situation. We have a new administration, a new Commander-in-Chief, and a new focus internationally. If Congress does nothing, the Administration will act within its prerogative under Article 2 of the Constitution**

**Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the U.S. Constitution grants Congress the power to declare war. The President, meanwhile, derives the powerto direct the military after a Congressional declaration of war from Article II, Section 2, which names the President Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces.

If we envision more military action against ISIS (currently underway), further action against the Taliban (currently underway), against Syria (one strike done – more pending?), against North Korea (being discussed – USS Carl Vinson currently used as bait) or anywhere else, it would be useful for Congress to authorize it – or not.  
Whether or not the Syrians bombed the rebel arsenal and GB (Sarin) was accidentally released or whether they used chemical gravity bombs (somewhat ineffectively) is moot at this point because we acted on the information available at the time. The cruise missile attack against a known Syrian chemical weapons storage area was popular. Congress always follows the popular path…we know that don’t we?
A specific authorization to use force under specific conditions that comes from Congress is preferable from a Constitutional/legal perspective. To date, Congress hasn’t shown much inclination to see to its Constitutional duties. As an institution it prefers to wait until something has happened, and praise or condemn based on polling.
          Drone Attacks
MQ – 9 Reaper
For some reason, Congress has a tin ear when it comes to responding to the vast number of drone attacks that were made during the Obama regime. 
Attacks on somebody else’s sovereign soil are acts of war. I’d like to see Congress take that up as well. Authorize them or don’t, but do something. Yes, that may be asking too much of them.
As with the recent cruise missile attack in Syria, I don’t lament the results, but would prefer that we follow the Constitution more correctly. Naturally, that opens up elected legislators for criticism if their actions are revealed by historians and the voting public to be incorrect.
I also find the death toll of 87 from the gas attack in Syria is lamentable — how many were murdered to date in Chicago – double? Do I hear outrage, or are those numbers merely business as usual?
          Regime Change
The US has a dismal track record in promoting responsible regime change. Saddam Hussein, Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi, and going back in time to Diem in Vietnam, the results were less than perfect. Maybe Congress can debate cause and effect more clearly this next time?

12 thoughts on “Congressional Duties

  1. Isn't it odd, they have ceded their power and influence while the other two branches have almost claimed divine right. Maybe if we made them wear powdered wigs? I'm just spit ballin' here…

  2. Yes, they've neutered themselves. Powdered wigs would be a nice touch. I think that seeing Al Franken and Elizabeth (Fake Indian) Warren wearing powdered wigs would be something that I'd pay money (not much but a little) to watch.

  3. Good point, there seems to be an awful lot of undeclared, unauthorized war at the moment and perhaps we're gearing up for more. So let's add some clarity to the mix.

    Note too that the world yawns as a church full of Christians was blown up — where's the 60 missile strike against ISIS?

  4. With Assad culling the herd and ISIS giving him the "right back at ya", leave them alone and the problem will eventually solve itself. Otherwise, why not Boko Haram? North Korea? China when they have their next Tiannamen Square?
    Are those folks all less important than a few Syrians?
    Or are the Syrian refugees (soon to be democrat voters) more important?

  5. They were Christians, LSP. It's politically incorrect to follow Jesus Christ these days, thus, I expect no outrage from the followers of Baal who flourish in Hollywood, in the Democrat Party and in the corrupt, elite, filthy, lying, curs in the mainstream media.

  6. It's about oil.

    There isn't oil in North Korea, nor is there oil in the northwestern portion of Nigeria where Boko Haram flourishes and the Chinese can shoot back.

    There will soon be more Syrians in Germany than Germans. I'm sitting back and eating popcorn on that one. Maybe the Germans will tire of the human lice and depose their government and will ship the Syrians home. Or not.

  7. Then I'd need to suck up to belching civilian feather merchants for ads. There are no ads on Virtual Mirage. People read it or they don't. As a (failed) writer and novelist (based on dismal sales), I can exorcize my demons in this way while avoiding profound disappointment.

  8. What the hell, LL. Are you trying to put polling companies and their subsidiary focus group organizers out on the street? Expecting politicians to take a stand and defend their principals (if any) isn't in their DNA. Exceptions, of course, like Trey Gowdy. Too few IMO.

  9. Rep. Gowdy has a huge set and he stands by principles. Not many others. Some are old and senile, others are just craven (the basic nature of the politician).

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