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Murder Rates

Yes, there’s a lot in the news about how London’s Murder Rate has exceeded New York City’s. I don’t know whether or not London is proud of the distinction or not. It’s illegal to carry knives in the UK (unless you have diplomatic immunity – then you can carry whatever you want to). 
I’m surprised that the “knife bin” program where progressive Brits encourage turning in their illegal knives hasn’t worked better. The sad truth is that local thugs break open the knife bins and steal what few knives that fools turned in.
Beware of Vegan Women
This woman (a vegan Muslim) shot up YouTube headquarters and wounded 3 before turning her firearm on herself. Fox News reported that she went to a gun range right before going on her rampage. 
My sense is that the suicide had more to do with her shame (after practicing) of failing to do more damage with her weapon. 
Will YouTube (progressive child of Google) now post armed guards on the premises? It remains to be seen.
Numbers, figures, charts and graphs are of limited value. However, I’m going to throw some numbers out anyway. The Coconino National Forest (where the White Wolf Mine is located) is 1.856-million acres. The last census showed that the population of the zip code, which is where the mine is located is 522 people in 94 households. 
Some of that is Indian land on the northeast fringe of the National Forest, which is more heavily populated, and where almost all of the crime takes place. If that’s racist, so be it. Crime spikes in the first week of the month after the welfare allotments are handed out on the rez. Since it’s 50 miles from the mine, we don’t see much of that cyclical alcohol/narco related rape, robbery and auto theft which is endemic on the reservation.
What’s my point? Excluding the fifty or so Indians who live on the curtilage of the zip code, there’s almost no people and no crime. What non-Indian crime is seen has more to do with pilgrims who come up to the area in the summer and recreate, hunt and fish — and then head back to their fetid cities.
A burglar was shot in the general area (about 20 miles from the mine) as a matter of self-defense when he broke into a home he thought to be unoccupied about two months ago. You hear of that from time to time.

12 thoughts on “Aimless Observations

  1. I can't believe the "No firearms allowed" signs didn't work. My company has those because the HQ is in deep blue New England and they have no common sense.

  2. Would the vegan Muslim have lived to be arrested if all the YouTubers had fallen down and played dead?

    She would've shot more of them and been less inclined to feel shame.

    Food for thought.

  3. 1. I'd be in double trouble in London since I have an Kershaw clipped to a pocket and a CZ in a holster. I view both as articles of clothing.
    2. Going vegan makes you mean. PETA has proven that.

  4. Clearly, the "No Firearms Allowed" works for honest people. It's a lot like registering firearms. In Mexico, possession of firearms is a felony and it's seriously enforced – but it has had very little impact on the slaughter that we see there.

  5. She didn't shoot straight…she may not have been able to have hit people playing dead.

  6. It's a CRIME to mention Muslims and Crime in the same sentence in the UK – seriously. Use that combination, go to jail (do not pass GO or collect $200). So no, there's no telling, but I'll bet LSP's fighting monkey that at least 75-85% of the murderers are members of the 'religion of peace'.

  7. I like eating peta pockets stuffed with meat – so I'm pro peta in that regard.

    The Brits are gripped with insanity where Mohammedans are concerned. I don't know how else to characterize it.

    I'm with you regarding articles of clothing. I have a couple Kershaws and love them. I have a knife that I've carried overseas that I prefer, but it's apples/apples.

    BUT I prefer a heavier caliber handgun, unless I'm carrying a CZ Skorpion in .380 (with 6 reload mags). I'm fond of the CZ Skorpion because I'm a wicked old man. OR an H&K MP7A1 (chambered for 4.6×30mm). The MP7 for personal defense is a better weapon than the Skorpion (sorry/not sorry really – I still love the Skorpion)

    There are all sorts of considerations as to which tools one prefers and a lot of them have to do with the environment. Muslim ghetto in UK – I'd want magazine reloads because of the number of potential threats/targets. Maybe the Glock 21 with three magazine reloads? Dinner on the beach in a stabilized community with a minimal threat, Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan (.454 Casull) – a five shot option with five certain one-shot kills without the necessity of re-load. The ghetto = 53 shots with .45 ACP +P+. I like the Glock 21 because MY weapon is tuned specifically for +P+ ammo. Realistically it's 25 double taps and the odd head shot (failure drill).

    MP7A1 – is not a legal carry option for most people and neither is the CZ Skorpion.

  8. It's selective fire. You can shoot it semi-auto but it's designed for fully automatic burst fire and most people don't have the FFL or legal sanction to carry it.

  9. Ed. I believe the Skorpion LL is referring to is the old Czech VZ 61 rather than the CZ Scorpion Evo 3. Two different firearms.

  10. "forgotten weapons" — I'm old…but just because a weapon is no longer fashionable doesn't mean that it's not desirable or effective….sort of like me.

    The Evo 3, semi-auto makes no sense to me. I didn't know that it was called a "Scorpion". The VZ61 was intended to be used at close range or very close range and to dump the magazine into the target(s) quickly. The MP7A1 has a similar operational profile. Yes, there are folding stocks, but you don't need one. Not really. The VZ61 in .380ACP had a cuts compensator that most people took off. It was another couple inches that you didn't need. They triple/quad tapped quite nicely with the barrel rise providing the sort of would channel cascade that resulted in a kill even if medical attention was close at hand. In that they were a lot like an Ingram Model 11 (Mac11), but I didn't like the Mac11. The Mac had a tether handle that was supposed to help with the barrel climb and it worked. I've fired more than a few rounds through them. Still prefer the Skorpion. Like the Swedish K, it required a taste for the weapon.

    And while I'm on a rant, I STILL liked firing the M-1 Thompson better than either of them because of the low cyclic rate. It didn't have the close range assassination benefit of the much smaller and faster firing Skorpion but I just like shooting the Thompson (particularly with .45 ACP tracer ammo because it was a big trace).

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