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I’m not going on a rant of how much I hate shopping as Ikea, or how Swedish meatballs are inferior to Italian meatballs, but the Swedes are a strange bunch.
Swedish women are known to be some of the friendliest in Europe but will they remain so since they are under siege? Time will tell. 
What happened to the viking blood? Has it all washed away?
Following the US Democrat playbook, they are now blaming Russia rather than accepting responsibility for allowing savage, unemployable, military age Muslim men into their country where they prey on Swedes. There is a much larger threat to Sweden coming from the lawless wolves that they’ve let in than there is from a Russia. But you wouldn’t know it by reading the dishonest, elite, lying Swedish Mainstream Media.
Have at the Russians, Sweden, let us all know what you find. The invasion is upon you (by your own hand) but not the one that you envision.

Electronic Surveillance

Now we know that members of the Trump Transition Team did end up being collected against under a FISA warrant ‘incidentally’.  We also know that whichever agency did the collection (FBI), leaked the incidental collection to the corrupt, elite, lying, smug, nasty, untrustworthy, mainstream media.

Somebody needs to go to prison.

My trust level for the integrity of FBI Director James Comey is roughly equal to my trust for the integrity of Whoopie Goldberg and the women of “The View”. Maybe Comey could go to work for The View after his term at FBI ends?

Witness if you will how the evil, corrupt, elite, smug, lying, filthy mainstream media spin “wiretapping” into “monitoring”. Tonight, MSNBC will focus on the difference between the two words while trying to parse completely different meanings out of them. By the end of the program (if you’re a prog), you may believe that a FISA warrant, followed by felonious, unauthorized disclosure is a good thing – so long as it didn’t happen to YOU. There will be a bevy of talking heads who nod and agree with this. They will come to the conclusion that President Trump must be impeached. They may even praise the FBI for the leak.

Mohammedan Rampage in London

Nothing new here, folks, move along. The Home Secretary calls for tolerance for savages. More senseless police violence perpetrated against the Religion of Peace. 
If the UK would submit to Islam, if the women stopped driving automobiles and going to school and served only as breeders (who had been subject to genital mutilation) and wore black tents over their bodies with a slit to see through, everything would be perfect. Will British women accept their role as chattel? Additionally, the British homosexuals need to come out of the closet in support for Islam. It will help that they can be more readily identified…
There are a lot of potential causes for the slaughter people going about their daily business. Islam has so many complaints. Is the UK bringing enough human lice from Syria and Sudan, settling them in nice, quiet, respectable British neighborhoods and putting them on welfare? Time to re-evaluate those programs and increase the immigration quotas. Maybe that will pacify the savages. Time for MORE tolerance and political correctness! Only then will the jihadis join hands with the Brits and dance around the May pole in a celebration of Spring.


  1. Growing up in Minn-eee-SO-tah, I'm well acquainted with the Swedes. That's all I'll say about that.

    The pattern seems to be that if there is any sort of problem, it's the fault of the Russians. Those Russkies sure do get around.

    I notice that all my ex-commie relatives who celebrate diversity and tolerance are deadly (pun unintended) silent when it comes to a terrorist attack.

    I knew in my heart of hearts that when Trump brought up the "wire-tapping" he knew something we didn't. Even Newt on Hannity radio yesterday wondered how Trump always seemed to know stuff.

  2. And……..never been to an Ikea store, but I've seen enough pictures to know that it would be a nightmare of epic proportions. Who in hell would want a house full of flat pack furniture anyway?

  3. The Ikea shopping experience forces you to follow a two-hour trek through the pre-planned path. Nothing about it appeals to me.

    I'd think that your commie relatives would celebrate the terrorist attack as an act of self-expression. Under Obama, nobody in government was allowed to mention that all of that sort of thing was conducted by Muslims. Now we have a president who doesn't fear calling it what it is.

  4. Can no one own the problems of their own making.
    Haven't any Swedish friends so I can't rightly comment on them. I sure as shoot'n like Ikea. When you are a very tight budget & can furnish the bunkhouse and assemble it all by yourself. Haul it in the back of your beat to heck Explorer, and still have enough money for food, I have no problem with that. The lingonberry jam isn't half bad either, but you're right about the swedish meatballs.

  5. Ah the media. Running away from the criminal content of the "leaked" emails may delude the general public, maybe not. Blaming the Russians avoids any introspection of the foulness of Shillary and the DNC by the media maggots (h/t BZ).

  6. Everyone knows that the Russians did it, especially in Sweden, which used to be nice until tbe Russians wrecked it.

    There'll be a candlelight vigil in London. Will the Russians ruin it? Probably.

    Trump should be impeached for being a RUSSIAN SPY!


  7. Asking me to walk through that path in Ikea is like asking me to chew ground glass. I really don't like to shop, and that may be the problem – unless I'm shopping for a new firearm, archery or fishing lures. I can take hours doing that.

  8. There's a way to get around that "two hour pre-planned path".

    Go in through the exit doors, find one of the little kiosks, locate your item, grab it, and check-out.

    Works for me!

  9. Ummm…let's see here…

    The Swedes import these people to prop up their socialist system, which is failing to produce the number of Swedish babies it needs to sustain their Ponzi scheme.

    Only the people they import are unemployable, will NOT join the Swedish culture, and get put on welfare immediately, thus further burdening the system.

    Gee….what could possibly go wrong?

  10. Are you bad mouthing my Aunt Sally's cooking again? In our family, we actually don't call it bad mouthing. We call it conversation.

  11. Scandinavians in general have lost all of their Viking blood, diluted through generations of U.S. tax payer dollars subsidizing their lavish lifestyles.

    Scandinavians don't spend a dime on air craft carrier maintenance. Not a penny on gassing up their tank divisions. Nary a kroner on cases of MRE's to feed their standing armies.

    Sure they have a 33' Chris Kraft or two with an AR-15 mounted on the deck (they call those battleships in Sweden). And they have a dacha or two on a scenic fiord or two where a few hundred part time soldiers play poker all day (they call those guys 'armies' in their 'barracks').

    For the most part, however, the Scandanavians live the life of Riley, ignorant to the perils swirling around them owing to the largess of the American tax payer.

    Your welcome, Lars.

  12. Poor Aunt Sally. All she has been trying to do is to thin the ranks of rivals to the Fredd family fortune. The Byzantines raised it to an art form.

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