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Things to Consider

* The Russian military mobilization of 300,000 conscripts and reserve troops was not well received by the population.  The national appetite for a war of conquest in Ukraine that Vlad and the boys are trying to sell as an effort at national defense is something that the general populace isn’t buying.

Areas in Russia where Russians are a minority.

* Baltimore neighborhoods and their etymology – I’m not a Baltimore guy, but it’s always interesting to learn about how things came to be.

* Every Democrat in America tried to suspend your Constitutional rights until you took a poison shot not approved by the FDA just 12 months ago.

* You can call me crazy if you’d like to. BUT if President Trump handed billions of taxpayer dollars to a country that paid his family millions in illegal cash, I’ll bet that the media would be covering the story differently.

* Why did they tell anyone?


Historical Interlude

The Naumachia was a show sea battle that would take place as a form of entertainment for ancient Romans. Originating from the ancient Greek language, the word Naumachia also meant the theatre grounds for the show.

It is believed that the first sea show – or Naumachia – was hosted by Julius Caesar, sometime around 46BC. A grand show to celebrate his military victories, Caesar had a massive basin dug on the banks of the Tiber River. Then, he got a whole bunch of prisoners to emulate a battle at sea. Naval gladiators, known at the time, are not given due consideration in the modern world.

Over 2000 men took part, plus the 4000 rowers that were needed to power the boats. Later on, Amphitheaters were thought to have been used instead of the basins. The shows are thought to have remained popular until around 250AD.


  1. To all the people who have moved here recently …. welcome to Florida Initiation Week! (Disclaimer: not mine but it’s funny)

    • It’s sort of “normal” for Florida. I hope that the tidal surge, the flooding from rain, and the reptiles who come out to play all leave you alone.

      • My take as well, it’s Florida and those who have lived there for more than 6 months know the drill and prepare accordingly. The MSM has moved onto “storm surge” as their talking point. Sure, it’s real, especially with high tide. But minute by minute updates, and charts, and predictions…Ian has already started tracking further south than “expected”.

        Looking at DiamondHead Beach resort webcam in Fort Meyers, intermittent strong gusts and some driving rain and a little rough surf, but nothing we haven’t seen at our place every Winter (except for the surf part). St. Pete Beach (Tradewinds Resort), rainy and breezy thus far.

        Praying it settles down and dissipates more quickly than “predicted”.

        • There have been some serious hurricanes that have struck the Florida and Gulf Coast and historically, it’s just about as predictable as the weather can be despite the hoo-rah about how global warming creates hurricanes. I’m with you in hoping and praying that it passes without causing crazy damage.

          • To add further tone deafness insult, Vacuous mop-head KJP (yeah, I’m being mean, she’s a fool) stated they were working closely with the Governor yet had not called DeSantis until pressure got too great..just prior to this Binder Session, whereas they had only called all the Dem’s. Then yesterday The _Resident stated that getting the Covid Not-A-Vax was critical to surviving the hurricane (or words to that effect).

            What a total moron.

          • Yeah, the tumor shot will help you survive a storm caused by global warming. It’s the sort of applesauce one would expect from KJP. It plays well with the typical CNN viewer.

          • Just the fact we have this type of conversation speaks to the insanity we face with elected/cheater leadership. Look at the past 21 months, everything went from pretty decent to a trainwreck with idiots speaking to us like we’re 6 year olds…yet they are 2 year olds.

          • They broadcast their stupid lies as if any but the most woke will think they’re true. The hope that telling a lie often enough that people will believe it isn’t working.

          • Back when normal things mattered. I think we’ll do the same.

            Southernmost Point and parts of Key West were a little flooded last night, now folks are walking around the marker.

  2. Congratulations to the groups attached to USS Kearsarge for their recent operations. Disavowed ops of course. Now if only someone in the administration could save us from ‘misinformation’ we wouldn’t know to discuss this non-event, telegraphed in advance. I wonder what Morning Joe’s brothers-in-law have to say about the former? Then there’s the press:

    “Radek Sikorski was the Foreign Minister of Poland from 2007-2014 in Donald Tusk’s center-right government. His wife is journalist Anne Applebaum.” No gloating please.
    Other bad thinkers:

    • It’s not as if Slow Joe didn’t promise to blow up the pipeline (as your links demonstrate).

      Pres. Biden: “If Russia invades…then there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.”

      Reporter: “But how will you do that, exactly, since…the project is in Germany’s control?”

      Biden: “I promise you, we will be able to do that.”

      • Means: A lot of players.
        Motive: Far fewer
        Brains involved: even less.

        I can imaginve Lavrov’s phone conversation with his Polish counterpart: “I’d like to talk to you about your new pipeline’s extended warranty plan.” I’m sure that will be recieved well.

    • Anne Applebaum:
      She graduated from the Sidwell Friends School (1982). Applebaum earned a Bachelor of Arts, summa cum laude, in history and literature from Yale University,[12] where she attended the Soviet history course taught by Wolfgang Leonhard in fall 1982.[13] As a student, Applebaum spent the summer of 1985 in Leningrad, Soviet Union (now Saint Petersburg, Russia), which, she has written, helped to shape her opinions.[14] She was also elected to Phi Beta Kappa. As a Marshall Scholar at the London School of Economics, she earned a master’s degree in international relations (1987).[15] She studied at St Antony’s College, Oxford, before becoming a correspondent for The Economist and moving to Warsaw, Poland, in 1988,

      Wow. I don’t know if it’s possible to check off more boxes than that:
      Sidwell, Yale, LSE, Marshall Scholar, Oxford.
      I’m increasingly of the opinion that it ALL needs to be burned to the ground, salted (with NaCl, just because I’m a traditionalist), and then salted with cobalt-60 for good measure. And this is coming from a guy who has a few similarly establishment (i.e. name-brand Globohomo) boxes checked himself.

      • When I look at that bitter Soviet face, I can only wonder if it’s that chronic yeast infection that drove her all those years. What I’m suggesting is that there may be a medical or pharmaceutical cure.

  3. all the cases i ever bought were empty, sadly…. nordsteam blown, ww3 here we come. germany et al, been nice to know ya. i just hope pootie targets d.c. first, and his missiles have good aim. i want to see the bastards incinerated before i die….good luck to all those in the path of ian. appears it’s getting stronger and hitting further south. desantis will shine, the press will be sad. here its entirely too cool for this time of year. turned on the heat this morning, usually late october before that happens. now i’m off to rake ten tons of gravel. happy hump day.

  4. How about something trivial today? Headlights. People spend a lot of money lifting their vehicles, putting on monster tires, etc. It is their money and I have no problem with that. My message to them is simple. After your modifications re-aim you damned headlights!

  5. I had to look up “etymologies”- the study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history.

    Turns out it’s “the word” for something I often do, lookup to see the history of a word or saying.

  6. The dems are salivating over Hurricane Ian, not only is it going to cause problems in Florida, this will give them yet another shot at ‘F-ing’ with DeSantis.

  7. Hoping all our friends in Florida will be safe, and get through this one.

    SiG posted a sitrep earlier today, and I’ll have to go read it. Been flat on my back for 24 hours with some kind of stomach bug. Clobbered me but good, it did.

    So, another mystery….Who Blew The Pipeline? Both of them, no less. Definitely going to be a cold, dark, hungry winter in Europe.

    What’s everybody’s take on how fast it gets repaired?

  8. Pedo Joe promised to trash Russia’s pipeline if they invaded Ukraine. That’s an act of war against Russia.
    The pipeline was blown. Tell me why Russia wouldn’t view that as a reason to pop off some canned sunshine.
    The idiots holding Pedo Joe’s puppet strings are treading awfully close to WW III. Are they that stupid? Do they really believe they can precipitate nuclear war and survive?

    • yes, they are that stupid. i believe the only reason we’re not glowing l ready is putin is still getting his forces in position and such to his advantage. patience, he has plenty. the idiots mistake it for weakness. we are toast when he’s ready.

    • I will field that one.

      “The dumber people are, the more surprised they’ll be when they kill you.” – Attributed to Billy-the-Kid

      Given that quote, the FJB regime is confident that whatever happens, they’ll survive personally.

      FJB said that he’d order the pipeline destroyed and he did it, knowing that it would plunge Germany and Europe into the dark. Now, we don’t know that the US is behind the underwater demolition of the pipeline, which could have been handled by any two (remaining) Seawolf Class submarines that have that advertised capacity now that the USS Parche has been decommissioned. OR the US or some other nation could have deployed a mini-sub. Or less likely, it was handled personally by combat swimmers (SEALs or 1 PSK — Polish UDT, etc.)

        • ll, i’m outside of the 100 megaton czar bomba radius, if their aim is good. i’m just outside of the nuclear fallout prediction of a 20 meg on oak ridge providing the wind speed is normal. unfortunately i have a babcox and wilcox site ten miles south that recycles nuclear missile payloads. about 50% of the time winds from the south. hoping that’s not a primary target, understanding that hope is not a plan. as a graduate of nbc officer/nco course, i like my odds.

      • So the Leadership are really made up of anarchists, employing tyranny and subterfuge to wreck peoples ability to heat and power their homes. Hell hath no fury…

      • Noticing is Hate Think. Saying it out loud is Hate Crime. (Good thing you typed it! Hah! They are not the only high-IQ persons who can play the game of loopholes and logic chopping rather than respecting the spirit and intent of Law.)

        “Are they that stupid?”
        Back to the main topic. Stupidity isn’t exactly the issue here. It’s more one of perspective and worldview. The persons who are most responsible for this lunacy may not be motivated by the same things that you or I are, nor have the same risk-gain calculus. I doubt they want to die prematurely in terms of their own personal bodies, but war that trashes parts of Russia, Ukraine, and Poland is a Good Thing. All those peoples have sinned grievously in the past, and deserve to be punished. And Germany freezing this winter is similarly a good thing. If misfortune happens to the beastly Russians and Germans and Poles, well, they had it coming. Never mind that it would be punishing the grandchildren (or more distant descendants) of any actual offenders.

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