Is the Second Amendment Valid in 2022?

Think about it. We went from “two weeks to slow the spread” to democrats and progs openly discussing putting the unvaxed into camps or executing them in two years.

Who wants to be in Australia?  (with apologies to Bluey and MikeW)


Stock Prices

(Forbes) The sam unravels and the value of Big Pharma is re-evaluated after scrutiny of plague vaccines. Moderna is highlighted in the referenced link. The sell-off is brutal but justified as nations are coming to a realization of what has been discussed on this blog since it started.  The plague vaccinations do not work as advertised and may be harmful. Nobody knows how effective they are, but endless boosters as presently prescribed, are not the solution.

Battered by a steep broad-market selloff this week, Moderna shares fell for a sixth straight day Friday as experts questioned whether Covid-19 vaccine sales alone will help justify the firm’s meteoric valuation, intensifying a crash that’s wiped out more than 60% of the value in one of last year’s top stocks and turned it into this year’s worst performer.

It would be interesting to know how much politicians have invested in Big Pharma stocks, wouldn’t it? Disclosure should be mandatory. 



What would the next Trump administration look like? The last one was packed with traitors. I’m not sure that President Trump is the best possible candidate to lead the nation in 2024. We’re still some distance out. He seems to want to run. Will the media savage him daily as they during his last term in office or could they be fair?  The question he will ask of the electorate is whether they’ve been better off during the Brandon years.

I think that Mike Pence’s political career is on the scrap heap. What about Trump/DeSantis? President Trump will win Florida,  so would he be better off picking a running mate from a different state where the contest would likely be closer?

Will the Trump Rallies attendance be 1/2 FBI Agents?  Will they become patriots? (don’t hold your breath)


For Pilots – you know who you are…




          • Thank you my good friend. Gentlemen, thank you for your interest and kind comments. As Larry says I am working on them as time permits. It is somewhat difficult to take oneself back fifty something years, to a country that no longer exists, to be with people mostly long dead, with all the latent emotions that awakens, whilst being the fulltime Entertainment Manager to a very energetic, inquisitive, always wanting to play, four year old grandson. Still, I will keep persevering.

  1. Pilots – I’m reminded of another meme that said that, without mechanics, a pilot is just a pedestrian wearing a spiffy jacket.

  2. The stores are starting to show the slow decline of stock over the past few months, found myself muttering, “Welcome to shopping in the USSR.”. The guy down aisle heard me and started laughing. This entire debacle is on purpose, now we have Ukraine to distract/deflect, with the spin-masters working overtime, especially the angry red-headed one:

    – So-Called Presser (with notes and fixing his earpiece, and getting more Dementia unfiltered)- “I expect a small incursion by Russia…”
    – Next day- “If Russia does anything to Ukraine there will be consequences…neener, neener.”
    – Sunday- “Americans abandoned in Ukraine need to find their own way out…tough darts, sucks to be you, oh, and might try flying commercial.”
    – Later Sunday- “The _Resident is pondering sending 5000 American troops to Ukraine.”
    – Yesterday – [The double-masked face-shielded moron] “I have put 8500 troops on heightened alert status.”

    Listen closely, the cretins will always tell you what they are going to do. If they are floating “camps” over a cold virus (as of now), believe them.Trump/Desantis would be excellent, except the R’s are flaccid and would need to stand on top of the urinal to reach.

    Our approach here at the homestead is to keep the fray away and be selective about what places we go out and about. Best to avoid the crazies who don’t see their cell door is unlocked, they like their oppression.

    • The Republican National Caucus would have to be content on wee-ing on the floor and laying in the puddle. How can you stand without a spine?

    • Wandering around a local Safeway yesterday the prepared foods frozen section had noticeable gaps (pizza, “TV dinners”, ice cream, etc.). Maybe 1/2 full. I cook about 90% from scratch so no impact on me., for now.

      • Hadn’t thought about that but you are correct. It really would give them a new lease on life.

        Got a question that has nothing to do with your post. You’ve got your tentacles all over the place 😊. Would you have a ball park idea as to when Asia and more specifically Japan are open for tourism? Thanks.

        • Yes, I do have an idea and I’ll explain how the sausage is made from my perspective. Facebook – US Naval Support Activity Yokosuka – become a friend – they have a very good, updated covid map of Japan. I think that things will become more normal by April Fool’s Day – ironically.

  3. The group that hacked the Belarus secret police site is now claiming they hacked the Belarus railroad.
    If true, this could slow down Russian troop movements in the area until the ransom is paid.

    • Maybe. The Russians have the entire Siberian Army on the Ukraine Front now. They may want more troops, but they don’t need them.

  4. what are 8500 on standby going to do against an entire siberian army corp? “die in a loud and grotesque military manner.” i hope somebody remembers the 165 national guard troops there in ukraine. i warned them, have their own way out, trust no one, but i got the feeling they thought i was crazy. same for my friends going to africa/kosovo as we speak. i told them carry cash and make escape plans the minute they set boots on ground. my best friend, holding out for “one more deployment” looked at me like an escaped nut. he could have retired a year ago. i fear i have seen him for the last time.
    trump has screwed the pooch, time to pass the baton to someone younger. desantis would be my pick but cruz, rubio etal will stop at nothing to bring him down. the dakota lady govna is promising but every once in a while she goes off to the left a bit. anyway, i don’t see an election happening at all. the dims are up against the wall staring down the barrel desperate, and don’t care how many million they have to kill to stay in power. the politicians are parroting the press when it comes to putin and his goals. they can’t grasp the dif between the soviet union and greater russia. putin wants to mrga, not rebuild the ussr. it was counter productive to mrga. besides, its made him mega rich. he doesn’t want ukraine as a whole, he’ll stop at the dneiper river, unless nato forces the issue. then he may just run for the atlantic to show them he can. and the potato in chief calls a reporter “a stupid son of a bitch”.

    • > i got the feeling they thought i was crazy

      The question isn’t whether you’re crazy (paranoid). The question is are you crazy ENOUGH?
      Early 2020 I had conversations with several close friends about what I thought was coming down the pike, COVID-wise. Not about the medical parts, the sociopolitical parts. “Look for mandatory vaccinations, and vaxx IDs without which you will not be able to travel, or go into a theater or a restaurant.” Oh, that’s crazy talk they all said. Uh huh. Here in East Massholia cities and towns are mostly back to the mandatory masking, after a brief period of relative sanity. Boston requires proof of vaxx to eat in a restaurant. Yesterday I found out that Brookline, MA now requires the same. There are probably others but I haven’t researched it in detail.

      This prior weekend I drove through New York state W to E. Had breakfast at a diner in Utica. A commercial for some new facemask came on TV. I looked around at my fellow counter-sitters. They were sneering. Good. Then a older man in a leather jacket said to the 50-ish guy with the Desert Storm Vet cap, “This mask bullshit began in the 40’s with Uncle Adolf.” WTF? Very few people were masked in Central NY. The few political signs that were up were all pro-Trump. But it’s Heil Hochul in NYC and parts of Albany, I’m sure.

      Re: Ukraine. Apart from two major drivers (1. War is a racket; 2. Wag the dog), the Ukranians can not be forgiven for having survived the Holodomor despite the efforts of Molotov and Kaganovich. Also, Russia is the eternal bad guy for Reasons. So a fight with the Russians ostensibly over Ukraine is just the ticket to redress historical insults and slights and mistreatment by those grunting subhuman Slavs. The history of Europe in the 20th century has been one of “let’s you and him fight.” It’s worked well, so why not stick with the plan of more brother wars for the 21st century.

  5. oh yeah, forgot… anybody heard about the monkeys getting loose in pennsylvania on the way to cdc quarantine? check details over at irish’s blog. bringing monkeys from africa, driving them across the most populated part of the country to quarantine. they told a lady that got spit on to look out for flu-like symptoms. started meds already…..i think i’ve seen this movie b4.

    • Your take is correct, Outbreak all over again to scare the easily fooled. Over at Legal Insurrection they headlined this:

      ” All Monkeys Accounted for Following Escape After Truck Crash in Pennsylvania; An eyewitness to the event, who tried to pet a monkey, was told by the CDC to monitor herself for any cold-like symptoms.”

      Any question whether she is a 3-4x vaxer and double masker? Deserves what she gets, sad to say.

  6. I like both Trump and DeSantis. However, they cannot run together for President/Vice-president as they are from the same state which seemingly prohibited by the U.S. Constitution (Article II, Section 1, Paragraph 3).

  7. The Constitution has been abolished in most of the US for 2 years now, and aside from us and our ilk, nobody in the US appears to care.

    So, my answer to your first question is: “2nd Amendment to the what, now? ” .

    If they make us all criminals, we will eventually behave that way.

  8. Of note, and you caught it, the SIBERIAN troops are on the border, which presages a winter war with well trained AND equipped soldiers who are probably happy to be somewhere warmer than Siberia… Just sayin… And I’m watching to see if they deploy troops to Cuba and Venezuela. Biden is in so far over his head it’s not funny. We surged 25 ships in the last two weeks, including a full ARG… Interesting, as that is a LOT more that 7500 troops on alert. DeSantis would be preferable to Trump. Trump and Pence are done for as far as I can see.

    • Who is watching the border with China?
      Smacks of a coordinated effort.
      Does anybody (with a fully functioning brain) believe we can handle a war in Europe and WESTPAC at the same time?
      Has a deal been done?

      • putin has a face to face w/xi feb 4th i hear. he’ll get the green light then. i think our assets in the south china sea can handle the chinese with the island nations handling the land. we can put xi whole navy in davy jones’ locker in about twenty minutes. w/o a navy a billion troops are just fish on the beach.

    • he’s having issues with the karens in court over the mask freedom order. even my county which is all new this year is fighting the same karens wanting to stay masked and vaxxed. wait til they find out the military recorded 300% increase in miscarriages, post vax.

  9. germany balked. france wants to “negotiate” (surrender). sweden even refused overflight. screw em, let putin have them all.

    • America should not be responsible in blood and treasure for the worlds woes. East Germany didn’t do well under Russian rule. Maybe a united Germany would fare better?

      We have our own problems.

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