My 23 year old girl told me yesterday that she is moving back home. She worked for me, but I had to lay her off because of economic considerations at my company. It’s tough to lay your kids off.
My 26 year old girl girl told me today that she is moving back home with her husband, who lost his job and their two little girls 2 and 5 years. He was working in the oil industry and while cheap gasoline is good for most of us, it doesn’t work that way for everyone.

I’m in a position to house an army because I live in a relatively open concept design home on 1/4 acre in the Los Angeles area with 6 large bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms and a 3 car garage. I’d been casting about to sell the place and relocate and it’s good that I held off because the children need a hand.

It was quiet. Not so much going forward. But noise isn’t a bad thing and my granddaughters are my little buddies. 
In all truth, I’m pleased to be able to put a roof over their heads in times of difficulty. While the economy is improving in small ways, the Democratic Party’s strident brays (their totem is an ass) are hollow.
I heard on the news today that Mitt Romney is now considering a run for the presidency. Of all the contenders for the office of President, the one best qualified to tackle the economy is Mitt Romney. He is not as conservative as Rand Paul, who I also like, but he’s not Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and that ilk. And I think that Mitt would stand up well to Hillary. 
I realize that many of you who read this blog don’t like Mitt Romney because he’s far more liberal than you’d prefer. I’d prefer a more conservative Romney too, but when you think about what he said when he ran against Obama (and the Democrats mocked him), everything that he warned about from a resurgent Islamic State and the Russian invasion of Ukraine to an emboldened China — came true.

Some of you don’t like him because he’s a Mormon. But the guy irons his own shirts, goes shopping for himself, makes his wife breakfast every day and is a good dad and granddad. How does that stack up against Hillary?

I’m not ranting about Mitt, but the economy needs to dig itself out for real and I’d ask you else who can lead that charge.


  1. Agreed. I can't stand to hear "Republicans" knock Mitt, or blame him for losing. The election of a President is an ugly thing. I would prefer a Rand Paul who would try to dismantle the leviathan…but nobody in congress or the press would support him. Romney is head and shoulders above Christie (though, being a Cowboys fan DOES make him a contender, and great American – he's just a shitty Governor) and Jeb Bush (I like him too, but enough is enough…)

  2. The thought of four years – or eight more miserable years under the Democratic Party's yoke is almost too much to take.

  3. Its great that you get to be around your family more often.
    Happy new year, wishing you get all that you ever want.
    Take care. 🙂

  4. Glad you could provide for your family! We didn't have any and it worked out better I guess since my career trajectory went into free-fall… I'm not real keen on Mitt but not a hater, just because of Romneycare and his waffley 2A position – but the Democrats are seriously hell-bent on sending us into a full economic decline and using their full Socialist weight to warp America into something unrecognizable – and that's not good for anyone OR for World Peace.

  5. Sorry to hear that, but kudos for stepping up and providing for them. Romney is better than ANY democrat… Just sayin…

  6. I had to fall back on the homestead a few years back and was very glad it was there… So, well done!

    And please, let's see someone who can beat the demoncratz.

  7. +1 LSP.
    That's the position I'm in soon, too. God gave us our families for a reason. Well done, LL. (and I hope you've stored up LOTS of that lovely silence in your soul!!) 🙂

  8. And for what it's worth: I lived in the LA area for about 5 years, and sat on the 101 parking lot for untold hours during my daily commute from North Hollywood to Gardena. And back. Thank God back in those days for my functional radio and the Mark and Bryan program.

    During all my hours stuck in traffic, I would look around at my fellow commuters. Never once did I see a smiling face. Only scowls. Some eating Slim Jims, some apply make up, others simply staring at the bumper in front of them. All were scowling.

    Don't go through the rest of your life with a scowl on your face. Sell the hacienda, take your equity and move to a place where a lot more smiling is goin' on.

    You'll live longer.

  9. We're also thinking about selling the homestead for something a lot smaller, but the same thing is on my mind … what if the kids/grand kids need somewhere to crash?

    Anyway, goodonya for being there. If we can get rid of the thieves and incompetents in government maybe there'll be less chance of the wheels coming off the economic bikes of our children.

  10. I think that I'll keep the house for a while longer.

    If the Dems get their way, I'll be here until I die running a hostel for the kids and grandkids, but that's how life rolls.

  11. Things keep going as they are, even the Dems will be ashamed to vote Democrat. They'll be looking for someone honest and stand up – like Nixon.

  12. Good on ya, Larry! I think you'll find it fun 🙂 Can I move in?

    Any bloke who irons his own shirts and makes you breakfast gets a ten from Len in my book.

  13. Sure you can move in. It seems as it the place will be turning into a frat house and even more estrogen in the structure will tip the balance. The burning question is whether or not you're able to make beans on toast? (It's a trick question in the USA because we toast the bread on BOTH sides)

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