The Orthodox Church was rocked by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and it trying to come to terms with what it means. Orthodox priests stand on both sides of the conflict praying for victory…

The French pray for victory with their national anthem…

La Marseillaise, sung by Mireille Mathieu

(For my good friend, John Martin Derva)


Leopard 2A5

Is it the world’s best all-around tank?



Idolizing a politician is just like believing that the stripper likes you.



A Political Circle Jerk

(Air Force Times)  Everyone is accusing everyone of peddling misinformation. The Chinese, the Russians, Joe Brandon,  and nobody knows where this will end up with the neocons and neolibs calling for “nuclear combat, toe to toe with the Ruskies.”

Meanwhile, I think that Vlad is none too happy with his generals, who promised to take Kiev in a week.


The China Card

Commander Salamander writes of it on his blog and as usual, it’s worth reading.

I have a slightly different take based on experiences over the last couple of weeks. When the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine there were about six hundred Chinese nationals spread between Kharkiv and Kiev. Shot callers from the PRC contacted me and asked if I could get their people out – at a discounted rate. These are people I’ve known for some time who moved up in the pecking order. We spoke again on Friday and they were still trying to make up their minds. Kharkiv is encircled and Kiev is close to encircled and from what I know from PRC sources, their people are still there. It’s interesting that they didn’t go to the Russians to solve that problem, isn’t it?


Free State vs Slave State

Yesterday, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signed a bill that allows people in the state to carry a concealed handgun without a permit.

Senate Bill 215 allows anyone aged 21 or older to carry a concealed firearm unless they are prohibited from possessing a gun under state or federal law.

The decision by DeWine makes Ohio the 23rd constitutional carry state.


  1. “Shot callers from the PRC contacted me and asked if I could get their people out – at a discounted rate.”

    Hah! How very Chinese. If I had come here for the first time just now, knowing nothing else about you, that addendum is what would convince me it’s all true.

      • There are a lot of fixed costs involved, and with the rush to flee those costs rise and things become dearer. The encirclement of Kiev took place early in the war as Russian recon elements circumnavigated the city. In some cases, they were wiped out by superior Ukrainian army numbers, but they did it. Their activities didn’t make the news. Their heavy forces have arrived and its made extraction from within Kiev perilous. Getting people out now requires that they leave the city on their own. It’s safer for them to do it that way. You pick them up outside.

        Very high value VIPs are an exception to that rule, but it’s VERY expensive to do that at this point.

  2. LEOPARD 2A5: What a question?! Of course it is the best all-around tank in the world, followed closely by the Israeli MERKAVA Mk.4.
    Ask the man who drives one. 😉

    • The Merkava MK4 is an exceptionally heavy tank, suited to the use that the IDF uses them for, but it ends there in my humble opinion. It is not an open country tank the way that the Leopard 2 series, Le Clerc, Abrams, Challenger 3 are. Yes, I know that the Brits are just now updating the Challenger 2 to 3 but they’ll be good tanks when they’re finished with the few that they have. Going up against a Merkava, hull down, in the Israeli desert, protected by its defensive measures and air defense is not advised, even for a Leopard 2.

      • Meh. The Leopard II series are good tanks, but IDK if the later versions can claim to be “best in the world” with zero combat record to judge by.

        I’ll stick with the home team’s machine.


    • Now is the time to simply sit back with what you have and wait. FedGov will become increasingly aggressive with the end to disarming Americans at any cost. Pushback from states and 10th Amendment issues will match that. Unless things change in the mid terms and beyond, USGOV is pushing for a civil war and looks to enlist BLM, Antifa and other thugs for enforcement, coupled with denying banking to firearms owners.

      • Too much like a Kelly Turnbull novel, then. The author is quite dismayed that his books seem to have been taken as a how-to guide by too many people, not as warnings.

        • Science Fiction has been ruined. The whole future dystopian thing isn’t interesting in the least now we’re here. “I told you so” may be cathartic, but it’s not satisfying when you’re paying $7/gallon for gasoline and knowing it will be $10 by summer.

  3. Interesting how the church is praying for victory instead of a peaceful outcome…God is not a vending machine where we get to make our desired selection. But He can and does intervene when asked with a humble heart.

    Me, I’m praying for America’s ship to get righted by those tapped for the task, the Democrat’s and subversives need to be ousted and held to account for their destructive actions, trying to force us back into the Dark Ages as serf’s. 23 states basically wresting 2A from the lunatics, re-ratifying what our Founder’s drafted. It is another toothpick in the rebuild. On the heels of Montana’s well drillers, the Keystone XL boys are making noise, proving through their statements what despicable cheats and liars we have in DC. Will they make a move to re-start? Hope so.

    Pie in the sky? Maybe. But gotta start somewhere. The world needs us back on top, not groveling. We are the world’s Wolverine, time to “reintroduce” ourselves.

    • God is not a vending machine where we get to make our desired selection

      No, but those in the Church biz like to promise that.

      Usually, they completely forget the example set by Jesus Christ. But he wasn’t in the Church biz and the Sanhedrin hated him for it. His behavior broke their ricebowl…

      • History does repeat and people fail to heed or understand it…the only difference is the clothes they’re wearing.

        To clarify my initial sentiment: When faced with evil and having to go to war, praying for God to give one victory in that type of instance is certainly Biblical; we do not have to be chumps in Christ and always take it on the chin.

        • PS125 They that trust in the Lord shall be as mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abideth for ever.
          2 As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the Lord is round about his people from henceforth even for ever.
          3 For the rod of the wicked shall not rest upon the lot of the righteous; lest the righteous put forth their hands unto iniquity.
          4 Do good, O Lord, unto those that be good, and to them that are upright in their hearts.
          5 As for such as turn aside unto their crooked ways, the Lord shall lead them forth with the workers of iniquity: but peace shall be upon Israel.

  4. Watching Ohio today and Alabama yesterday enact constitutional carry infuriates me. Governor DeSantis said, “give me a bill and I’ll sign it” but the Republican who chairs the senate won’t do it. For at least the last decade they all run for office saying, “I’ll support the second amendment” and then sell us out once they’re in office.

    For the state that “started the concealed carry wave,” we haven’t done anything major since then. 1987.

  5. I won’t see constitutional carry here in Washington state during my lifetime but it is good to see it expand across the country. WA is trending in the opposite direction with 10 round magazine limits etc.

    II would like to see LSP’s take on the Orthodox Church praying for victory.

  6. Reference 10 rd magazine restricted states, the AR 30 rd mag will hold exactly 10 rds of 458 SOCOM.
    A barrel and a bolt change and you are good to go with 10 325gr 45 cal slugs and all your mags are legal.Here in NH we are practically the last holdouts on the east coast north of SC.

    • William, I have found P-mags to be a bit problematic unless you take a dremel to the interior center stiffening ridge. Not all P-mags have the ridge but those that do will not accept my .458 SOCOM rounds. I did grind the ridge off a few mags then just decided to go with Troy Defense mags. I may have to revisit that since I am a current resident of WA.

  7. What pisses me off are all the anti-gun office holders wasting time on what, to most citizens, is trivial matters. There are serious problems requiring serious study and solutions. Seems to me they lack the guts, maybe the brains, to do anything constructive.

    • There is a lot of money for anyone who wants to disarm Americans. Follow the money. Criminals don’t register firearms. If it’s criminality that you’re fighting…

    • WSF, in their mind they are not wasting time. As LL says there is money to be made pursuing the anti-gun agenda. Also, making good laws (or rescinding bad ones) is hard. Following a set agenda is easy. Since the income stream for the easier course of action is greater, since most pols don’t have morals, it just makes sense to them to pursue the easier, better paying gig. All the best to you and Banner.

  8. It’s interesting that they didn’t go to the Russians to solve that problem, isn’t it?

    Judging by the Russian Army’s apparent performance, I wouldn’t go to them for a safe extraction from a Ukrainian city, either. I wouldn’t be asking for discounts though, if I had the cash.


  9. What a good thread!

    The Ukrainian schism is, I think, the most serious rift Orthodoxy’s experienced in centuries. It’d be interesting to know what kind of pressure the US put on the Ecumenical Patriarch…

    In the meanwhile, both sides pray for victory. Let’s see how that plays out. Will Putin’s Constantinian project rise or fall?

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