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The water levels will drop and there will be more beachfront property.




Bullet Points:

** It’s not good when somebody says, “shut up!” and you thought that they said, “stand up!”

** Does kissing a mermaid taste fishy?

** The best way to stop the next pandemic is to arrest and adjudicate the people who started the last one.

**Today is international women’s day. The International Women Of Courage Award went to Alba Rueda of Argentina, a biological male.

Women just can’t beat out men at anything these days.

** Put on your glasses…


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  1. Every Congressional person should have their bank accounts audited….by an independent CPA hired by We the People. (totally emoting, but exposure to sunlight is half the battle to killing the cockroaches in dark corners)

    Dad – a developer – used to say, “They aren’t making anymore land”. Yet, you’d think the Global Warming-Reduced Sea Levels Crisis Religion Cultist’s WOULD WANT more land…unless…of course…your beachfront “$15 million getaway cottage” loses it’s private beach to the new guy and you lose your ocean view. Not THAT’S something to whine about.

    I guess IWD being co-opted by a XY-type is lost on Feminists, maybe they’ve thrown in the towel and have conceded.

    Cheney et al need to see the inside of a prison cell. (yup, emote-age #2)

  2. Regarding chicken feed and non-production of eggs. Do you know what the #1 reason hens stop laying during winter? The answer is in the question. Yes, indeed, it’s winter.

    Not feed. Damned stupid people. It’s not the feed. It’s the amount of daylight time and temperature that determine when fertile Myrtle lays eggs or not. Which is why commercial egg producers use 24 hour lights and heat to ‘force’ the chickens to lay when biologically they are supposed to not lay.

    Guess what else causes chickens to not lay? It’s when they molt. Guess when chickens molt? If you say during the winter time, you are also correct. Why does that stop the chickens from laying? The metabolic energy to grow new feathers. Duh.

    Winter. With colder temperatures, less daylight and molting chickens.

    This is one stupid conspiracy theory that is just that, a whackadoodle conspiracy theory, right up there with ‘Ancient Aliens’.

    • Minimally, every one of these industries trying to control the populace has become so incestuous it does give rise to “theories” such as this. 20% calving losses from last year is not due to feed, it’s the nasty Winter. Regardless of daily weight gains needed for Fall sale barn best return, MrsPaulM can’t get them to calve out two months later which is easier on the little ones, let alone the rancher. Hard to break ranks with tradition.

  3. Ah, the B-36. If they only had used tractor instead of pusher prop engines, then the planes could have been retrofitted with turboprops. The pusher props contributed to a lot of engine fires because there was no forced cooling by the prop wash when not actually flying, like when warming up and taxiing.

    Regarding Hersheys, screw them. Buy Jeremy’s Chocolates.

    • That guy is great! 300k sold in no time flat. Besides, Hershey’s, while a staple for S’mores, hasn’t been good chocolate for half a century, and mow they’ve shot themselves in the other foot.

  4. The water levels will drop and there will be more beachfront property.

    Image says sea level was down 125 meters at 20,000 years ago. Priceless Florida by Whitney, Means, Rudloe, pages 370-371 says: At 18,000 years before the present, when the Wisconsinan ice age was most intensely cold and Florida was dry, the sea level was 300 feet lower, and the peninsula’s area was twice as broad as it is today. The whole continental shelf lay exposed.

    Mermaids are probably external fertilizers.

  5. Does kissing a mermaid taste fishy??
    ( NO, don’t say it, just walk away…)
    Gaaah. Answer: it depends on where….

  6. Mermaids – wasn’t there a post recently with some gal at the beach with a fish in her mouth? Is that what she was trying for…fishy at both ends?
    Chickens – another site I visit regularly is run by a guy who raises chickens. When the feed thing first came up he immediately pointed to two things – low temperatures and moulting. He said wait till the weather warms up again, and they’ll start laying.


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