The Quiet Crisis

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USAF in Decline

This year (2016), the US Air Force has had 723 empty fighter pilot billets.

The Air Force is smaller today than it was in 1947 when it was established, so that combined with a huge number of empty existing billets is alarming.

The Air Force’s growing shortage of fighter pilots is a “quiet crisis that will almost certainly get worse before it gets better,” the service’s new chief and its top civilian leader said in an opinion piece published Thursday. But how bad is it? According to data obtained by The Washington Post, the number of fighter pilots in the service has fallen five years straight, and plummeted in the last two despite increasing need.

A decade of human resource malfeasance combined with implementation of ‘racial theory’ and intellectual cowardice has created a situation where quotas that include gender diversity (all 31 or so genders), racial balance and other harebrained schemes have manifest themselves in serious retention issues. Race and gender quotas when selecting people for key roles in the military create severe morale issues across the spectrum. A conspiracy theorist might think that it was done by design, but progs do things that they think make sense and it always looks – insane.

The first new initiative mandates that at least one diverse candidate will have to be in the running for important developmental positions like aide-de camp, senior enlisted advisor, executive officer,  and commanding officer, among other roles. This prompted some straight Air Force Officers to suggest that they were homosexuals/queer/male lesbians, etc. in order to qualify for advancement – a scandal that was quietly and ruthlessly crushed. Your career can end if you falsely represent yourself as queer for the purpose of career benefit.

Development Teams (DTs) and Command Selection Boards (CSBs), both intimately involved in the selection process, must have a certain number of diverse candidates sitting on them. More dramatically, the CSB or DT president must “assess the diversity of both the selectees and those not selected for command following the board’s decision.” In other words, the heads of these boards will have to provide clear justification if they decide to make decisions that run-up against diversity goals.

But even as diversity increases, there are still numerous key positions that don’t seem to attract diverse candidates, namely pilots, cyber operations, intelligence operations and space and missile operations, which is very upsetting to Air Force officials. In career fields where there isn’t a lot of diversity, commanders will have to come up with plans explaining why airmen in those positions are mostly white, male heterosexuals and how commanders can work towards changing that representation.

I find it fascinating that now selection boards must intuit the sexual kinks of those being considered for positions of increasing responsibility to insure that the most extreme of peccadilloes are given preference. We live in an epoch where sexual freaks are being exalted. That’s not a strange policy when you consider Barack and spouse and Hillary and partner.

However if a senior white male officer has a heterosexual affair while married, he will lose his command status and will be cashiered from the service. The examples of that are legion. Exceptions are made when the people involved are homosexual, or are of a race other than white.

This brings us to the next topic, where the battle has been extended to “unconscious bias”, which states that if you are white and male, you’re a bigot no matter what you do or say. Thus you are technically a sort of ‘enemy’ of the state when it comes to selection for advancement.

“Diversity and inclusion are national security imperatives,” Air Force Director of Diversity and Inclusion Chevalier Cleaves said in 2015. “So we must succeed. There is no second place for us. In order to do that, we need to make sure that we leverage the talent of all Americans, not just some.”

Is anyone surprised that qualified Air Force personnel leave the service irrespective of a retention bonus structure?

Retention Issues

It’s not just the US Air Force. All services are experiencing retention problems as political correctness limits career opportunities for those qualified candidates who do not have the appropriate sexual kinks or who have been born with the ‘wrong skin color’. Cynics suggest that a war would lead to killing off of certain protected classes within the services who were selected for political reasons rather than because of qualifications.
I served as an officer in the US Navy (NOBC 1130/1135) and was decorated for my service and for valor, in one case, in an obscure place, doing obscure, undisclosed things. In another situation recognized by an allied power for doing important things that they were not able to do. There was a pride that came with a job well done. 
Frankly, my friends, I can’t imagine jumping into the cess pit that the services have become, simply because I would not fit in anymore – some would say that I’m “despicable and unredeemable”.
The Republican-controlled Congress watched it all happen and did nothing (spineless curs). I have not been a “Republican” for some time now, though that’s how I vote out of expedient necessity.

16 thoughts on “The Quiet Crisis

  1. It has been this way for at least 30 years. Checking the boxes for caucasion, male and heterosexual almost guarantees you will be passed over as unqualified. For any position, civilian or military.

    Welcome to the Democrat States of America.

  2. As a "usedtawannabe" fighter pilot… this makes me very sad. I wouldn't fit in either.

  3. The USAF would rather leave 723 fighter pilot billets open than fill them with racial/gender undesirable personnel.

    They've been working to get to that in the SPECWAR community as well but it hasn't worked out for them as well since they continually want to have operators do things. They still need the odd heterosexual male to go to hard places and do hard things.

  4. LL, you've got it all wrong. Sure, there won't be any pilots in tomorrow's airforce, but the enemy will lie laughing at the Pride Parade.

  5. They have pride gatherings at USAF and diversity celebrations. No kidding. Even in Afghanistan in a war zone. We've sunk that far.

  6. This is the progs way of giving adults a "participation trophy" like they do the fat kids in grade school for warming the bench.

  7. Consider- The US military is the most powerful in the world.
    Barak wants "a civilian security force as strong as the military."
    This goal can be achieved by either addition AND/OR subtraction.

    The end goal, obvious to any with two or more brain cells to rub together, is the elimination of a strong traditional, conservative, constitution supporting military with an emasculated "diverse" force with no ties to the former qualities. A force that will be loyal to el commandant, and not the country.
    This ensures there is no chance of a military coup dispossessing the crime syndicate we call "the government" from office, and eliminates the threat of said military from dominating baraks new civilian force.

    They seek a totalitarian one party state, period.

  8. This is especially sad to read.
    I am proud of my service when it WAS an Air Force to be reckoned with. But hard to be proud now.

    You all be safe and God bless.

  9. Except it's worse. If you're a pervert, you qualify for a military command. In some cases it's become almost mandatory.

  10. There was a time when it was second to none. Now those things that made the Air Force great are being taken away and people are leaving – unless they're incompetent or sexually perverse.

  11. The rot extends to all branches and ranks. My medically retired son, a 68W, maintains contact with his friends still on active duty. Some of the things he hears about are plainly daft.

  12. Combat medics are unsung heroes. Your son has my unbounded respect. And yes, things that are going on pass beyond the limit of what should be normal and regular.

  13. A young lady of my acquaintance just got out of the Army as a combat medic. I sure do wish that they had had them when I was running around the jungles of SEA. I would certainly have made room on my team for one of them.

  14. My son's remarks were not gender specific. He accepts anyone who's dedication to duty matches his regardless of sex, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. Far excels his father in that regard. He was referring to things like male Caucasian soldiers, and Caucasians only, attending mandatory monthly lectures on "white privilege". On being told not to wear his "brick" because it made people fresh out of AIT "uncomfortable". Not stated was making the REMFs feel inadequate.

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