World War I British 1916/17 Matchless-Vickers machine gun motorcycle.

It would still work for me today. I’d need to stock up on .303 ammo, though.


    • You’d need to get one of those old leather flying helmets, goggles, and maybe fly a TRUMP 2020 flag from the back.

    • Where could you park it such that it would not be stolen? Sure, we could booby trap it with ten pounds of C-4, and it would vaporize inner city people, but the bike would vaporize as well.

  1. Meh. Looks cool, but give me a WWII Jeep with a .30 cal mounted on the passenger’s side firing forward and either another .30 or a .50 in a pintle mount.

    Or an M8 Greyhound or it’s M20 scout-car version.

    Though a Cadillac-Gage Commando in any of it’s iterations would allow me to carry people and stuff and still shoot the snot out of people.

    I’ve never been fond of less-than-4 wheeled vehicles. But then again, I like vans and trucks much more than just a car.

      • Yes. I was very satisfied with my Ford E-150 ‘Serial Killer’ van. And my GMC Safari van. And now my Ram ProMaster City van. All allow me to get me and mine wherever I want, with what I want (and I don’t travel light.) with good a/c (well, the Ford didn’t have a/c, but I was younger so I could deal with it better) and heat and protection from rain, snow, sleet, hail, blood-splatter from targets and other liquid threats. Can’t do that on a motorscooter, now, can you?

        And… I knew a guy who was into selling Class III weaponry to various police forces. His van, subtly up-armored, had a pintle mount inside of the side door and the rear door and depending on where he was travelling (Miami-Dade area in the 70’s) he’d have one of his demo weapons mounted on each spot with ‘interested parties’ manning the guns while his shotgun rider was carrying a Thompson with a drum mag. Now that sounds like a fun way to go camping…

        • That sounds like a man after my own heart.

          We took down a van once in Muscoy (suburb of San Bernardino, CA), in a rather ethnic area. Cartel rig. Having been warned, it was a front approach. They had a loaded M-2 loaded with linked ball on a pintle mount set to fire through the rear doors. That sort of thing always made me consider (thereafter) what sort of folks drove vans…Beans…yeah.

  2. I think I’d rather have the WW2 Beemer version, but that convertible AA mount for the gun is a hoot and a half.


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